Letter to the Editor: Grass versus stone and more

I’m seasonal here in Marco Island, so I have no vested interest. I have no ax to grind. My dad used to say that I was free at giving advice, but didn’t take much. He was right, and there I go again.

Those swales on Marco – we call them ditches back home – they seem to serve the same purpose, and this catching the road runoff, keeping it safe to drive on. Some day those swales will need to be dug out because they always fill up eventually. That’s OK because the catch basis system is worthless anyway. The basis that holds the water is low in the water table and full.

During the daytime, when it rains, the basin sends the water to the swales – like an overflowing tub. A safe road is far more important than a grass versus stone argument. What is there now is life-threatening.

Then there are openings directly into some basis that a child could crawl into and drown. Also a small child could access the pipes in countless areas around the Island leading to the basins. There are no screens over the pipe entrances. Even if you knew a small child was in the long pipe, it would be next to impossible to get them to crawl backwards 80 feet.

Do you remember the small child who fell in the well years back? There are countless traps here. How many pets have disappeared into these pipes and open basins?

Here’s the solution: Fill the basins with wash-stone to the bottom of the incoming pipes. During hard rains, the water will run to the swales, which it probably does now. Dig out the swale to a uniform depth and width. Install the full swale with a concrete pipe with holes, dressed in cloth to drain. Dump wash stone around pipe and fill the swale. Put drain cloth over stone and dress with pea gravel. The dangerous basins and opening will be gone, along with all rainy season problems.

The best part is this will solve another major problem – all the delivery and work trucks left out in the road forcing traffic to go around them, from 9 a.m. To 5 p.m., can have a place to park. This will make the roads safe to drive again. Parking should be limited to working hours.

What is not impressive the tourists is the excessive amount of yellow noise strips on the road. One row in the center would give each side more driving room. It is now forcing the driver to the right toward the bike lanes. Bald Eagle Drive sounds like a machine gun going off all night.

Hence, another suggestion – all that garbage that is going airborne via the wind while in the dumping process from the container to the truck – have someone pick it up.

How about the guy cutting the grass instead of just running over it, have him pick it up? There is no beauty in litter.

The residents of Marco need to realize the Island is not a gated community; it is public.

The city has to be allowed to run it accordingly.

As I see it, the biggest problem on Marco Island is that there are just too many bosses and not enough workers. It appears to be the place where everyone comes for a job and nobody wants to work.

Well, if the shoe fits, wear it. Don’t shoot the

messenger. When it comes to free advice, you get what you’ve paid for.

My dad is somewhere smiling for sure.

Don Root

Marco Island

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Sparky100 writes:

Your father was right. Stay here during the rainy season and you will see how s----- those ideas sound.

Is_It_True_Partially_True_Or_Not_True (Inactive) writes:

Some free responses to your complaints.

Even during the rainy season the amount of times the swales get filled up with water can be counted on one hand. The rocks look terrible. They get filled with leaves and dirt and begin to look like Detroit streets.

"Bald Eagle sounds like a machine gun going off."
Maybe some of the snow birds should take driving lessons or not drink as much.

If the lawn service does not pick up the dead grass and it is cut correctly it turns to food for the lawn. Notice I say cut correctly.

I have never heard of an animal disappearing in the driveway pipes. They are open on both sides. Not even close to being a well.

Parents should not have their small children on the swales at any time, that area is not a playground. As for getting into the pipe is far, far, less dangerous than getting hit by a car on the road.

How about stop complaining and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the U.S.

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