Letter to the Editor: How insulting

Mitt Romney’s mystery tour. It’s a mystery to me that Romney’s first big foreign trip excludes Iraq and Afghanistan.

He claims the purpose is to meet with our allies and show his support for them. Where is his support for our troops and the struggling democracies that the United States has established in Iraq and Afghanistan?

In the summer of 2008, then-candidate President Barack Obama visited both countries and engaged in two days of peace talks with Jordan, Israel and the Palestinians.

Romney fully supported President George W. Bush in his rhetoric of weapons of mass destruction, the need to invade and create democracies in the Middle East. Yet he has no planned visits to Iraq or Afghanistan before the election.

Instead he is going to Poland. And Israel. And Great Britain.

This is an incredible insult to our troops, our veterans and our allies in this decade-long conflict. And it should be an embarrassment to all Americans.

Is the avoidance of Iraq and Afghanistan due to his own dodging of the draft and the fact that his five strapping sons avoided military service? Or is it because he wants no part of someone else’s war and would prefer to have his own (against Iran)?

Rick Schmitz

Marco Island

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lauralbi1 writes:

You are absolutely correct. Obama did engage in 2 days of Peace Talks as a CANDIDATE. I repeat, a CANDIDATE. Who did he think he was at the time. He had no business engaging in any talks. He was representing nobody, not even Illinois at the time. It was an insult to the American people and to the Administration at the time.
Believe me, if you are a supporter of our troops and our Allies, there can be no bigger insult and embartassment than Barack Obama. We are fortunate that the House of Representatives has a Conservative Majority or our Defense Budget would be Welfare by now.
When Romney becomes President (we can only hope and vote) is when it is APPROPRIATE for him to start a rhetoric with all these Countries. Not like Barack Obama who used those visits and our troops as a Campaign tool and to manipulate short sighted voters.
It looks like it worked on you !!!!
Ed Issler

RayPray writes:

"This is an incredible insult..."

>>> If the insult is incredible, then you don't believe it?

"an embarrassment to all Americans."

>>> In this era of reality TV, Hard to imagine anything that might embarrass even half of all Americans.

"his own dodging of the draft and the fact that his five strapping sons avoided military service?"

>>> All the Romneys are military veterans. In fact, they served in the very same combat unit as the mighty OBAMA & Blood & guts Biden.

>>> But this letter is a total lie!

>>> Robot Romney is planning to tour both Iraq & Afghanistan war zones.

>>> Only he outsourced this job to me, who will be undertaking it for him very soon.

marco826 writes:


Mayor_McCheese writes:


I'm not sure I would say it is insulting to Americans that Romney didn't visit troops in the field. Such a visit might also be distracting to their mission. I don't think it is a good idea to mix politics with the military.

I will say however that it is generally insulting to all of us the way Romney avoids discussing anything substantively for fear of offending one of his donors. He goes from one safe event to another. He takes no risks. He seems to have no confidence in his own message - whatever it is - and seems afraid to articulate anything. What I find offensive as an American is the way this candidate dismisses my legitimate concerns and questions. Why is is improper to show more than a couple of years of tax returns? Why is it offensive for the press to ask questions? Why won't he spend a few minutes and discuss what being a Mormon means to him and how it has helped shape him? Why are we not entitled to straight answers directly from the candidate's mouth? If we like them, then he will win. If we don't then he will loose. I am offended that I am not accorded enough respect from this candidate for him to answer some very basic questions that ALL presidential candidates answer.

It is like the Republican marketing machine is afraid of what their candidates actually believe and don't want them to speak. They did it with Palin. They were afraid if she spoke, most Americans would be horrified by her answers displaying her ignorance of all issues relating to national governance. They are now doing it with Romney, afraid that if he talks he will either seem too liberal for the conservative base (they don't even seem to like to call him Gov. Romney because they don't want to remind people that he was Governor of Massachusetts and what his liberal/moderate record there was) or else he will sound too out of touch with average Americans. Either way, it is offensive that we are not shown the respect to allow us to learn about these people and judge them for what they actually believe and say.

liberator100 writes:

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lauralbi1 writes:

Klaus: Just so you know, it is not funny or amusing anymore. If you d your own blogs, the only thing you tell people is how sick YOU THINK they are. Many times, your blogs get eliminated as they are too personal in nature.
Really, even the people who agree with you don't find your blogs of any value (I have spoken to a few).
Try a new approach and Nationality as you are not German anyway.
Ed Issler

ajm3s writes:

in response to GorchFock:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


In this tit for tat war of pronunciations, the other side will offer Mr. Obama's corpsman.


But to continue on your banner of victory of Obama, I will reach back into history and predict that the breakout will be late in the campaign......

But I will stick to my prediction: Mr. Romney by 9 points or more.

Campaign is getting pretty pathetic, and Obama and associated PACs are reaching into the world of extended cause and effect. Imagine, Romney at Bain was the causative agent resulting in the death of a spouse to cancer due to lack of maintaining a steel plant.


Truly, desperation!!!!!!!!

By October the independent folks that eventually vote, will get it, my only regret, the Romney campaign is pathetic as well. Imagine, the response from an official Romney campaign spokeswoman, was to reference Romney's Massachusetts health plan. Truly pathetic!!!

If anything, this may be why America is loosing he war on competition in the world.....our future leaders cannot even muster a message or response with credibility and boldness. Quality matters and this ad may trigger a turning point because we deserve better!!!!!!

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