Letter to the Editor: Guns do kill

The massacres continue.

Politicians wring their hands, speak and do nothing. Some blame a “loss of values” for the mindless killings.

The National Rifle Association calls for more weapons, and resists the slightest changes to make weapons procurement more rational. Congress is terrified of the NRA. Where’s the courage to face the NRA and do what’s right?

The NRA argues that more guns will decrease violence. Sure. Let’s arm teachers and kindergartners. Let’s have everyone pack heat. Let’s return to the Hollywood version of the old West where gunfights on Main Street pile up bodies.

The public mourns each Columbine, Portland and Newtown. Then the mourning abates until the next massacre of the innocents.

We are rightly enraged by the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. Where is anger about the proliferation of automatic weapons and handguns? At gun shows around the country it is easy to buy a weapon from a private stand without any background check. But the NRA says that we have sufficient controls.

Nonsense. The truth is that guns do kill.

Monte Lazurus

Marco Island

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2themoon writes:

If only there was only one teacher or designated official that had a concealed weapons permit or a firearm available to use in an emergency... well....It is not a gun problem monte, we have a people problem. Do you blame spoons for making you fat monte? ..these cowards who kill do so in places where they know they will not be interupted in their killing sprees.. Shopping malls, movie theatres..schools..etc. all where guns are not permitted -- shoot away.BANG BANG BANG at least 15 minutes of uninterupted killing..just the way the killer planned it! Do you really see an American society with no guns? " outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns" monte your liberal vision of the perfect America is going to get us all killed..monte you really need to go over the other side of the Jolley and see what the real world is like.

Sparky100 writes:

Monty, the guns in Newtown would never have killed anyone if it were not for her deranged son. Solve his problems and the psycho’s that came before him and unfortunatly will come after him BEFORE you tell me my guns kill people. A question to ponder. How many teachers and students would not have lost their lives if there had been an armed "good guy" in that school?

ed34145 writes:

Cars don't kill. People driving cars do. But we have all kinds of regulations regarding cars and the licensing of drivers.

skulljockey writes:

Yep, cars are responsible for drunk drivers, doctors are responsible for drug addicts, banks are responsible for robberies, vaginas cause rape.

Catch a clue, Monte
Here's your sign.

skulljockey writes:

I'm sure you are an intelligent person. Let's take this discussion to a base level: People murder people. It's been happening since the beginning of time. The only things that have changed are the tools of murder.

If somehow the government could confiscate every gun in the country, murder will still be an everyday occurrence. The attack in OKC was done without a firearm. The terrorists on 9/11 didn't have a gun, but they killed 3000 people. Anyone with a basic understanding in chemistry can walk into Publix or any hardware store and create an improvised device to kill numerous people.

I am very disturbed by the attack at Sandy Hook, but the attack proves that a ban on guns doesn't work. Guns are banned on school grounds in that state. The assailant didn't have legal possession of a firearm. Oh, and murder is still illegal. Yet with those laws and others on the books, the incident still happened. Words on paper will never change the intent of a person's heart.

The world will never live in a padded bubble - one where no one can hurt themselves or others. People have to be responsible for themselves and those under their care. If the system had truly worked, the assailant would have been under the care of psycho-medical professionals, but the ACLU won't let anyone be labeled as having issues.

There is plenty of blame to go around on this, but taking away guns would be akin to confiscating a plow because weeds grew in the field. If you read other news sites today, you'll find that the new murder threat is from smart phones. Yeah, that will be fun.

skulljockey writes:


How does defending the right to gun ownership relate to an alcoholic mother who spoiled their kids? Besides, there haven't been any facts to suggest that anyone involved in the Newtown shooting was an alcoholic.

skulljockey writes:

There have been no FACTS reported that the mother was an alcoholic. One media interview with someone "familiar" with the family said she thought the mother might be an alcoholic. There have been no officials investigating this event that have said the mother was chemically dependent in any way.

I'm not ignoring facts, I'm just waiting on them. Why can't you?

skulljockey writes:


Yes, much of the press has quoted the same source that said the mother was an alcoholic. Just because the news says something, doesn't make it a fact. News media have made errors many times by jumping to conclusions before facts are known. By the way, I didn't bring her into the discussion - you did. Whether she was an alcoholic or not is not an issue. There is no law tying alcohol to gun ownership so it is a moot point.

It's been a fun little exchange of diatribe here.

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

Sailor writes:

Couldn't disagree with you more Mr. Lazarus.

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