Letter to the Editor: Not interested in living next to mini-golf complex

Do we have a comprehensive plan addressing recreational activities on private property?

Well, I am probably the only pimple on an otherwise pretty face, but I believe that miniature golf courses on Marco Island near residential property (line of sight) will be an eyesore and nuisance.

How would you like to live next to such a facility? I equate miniature golf and trailer parks as similar in ambiance. Whether one likes it or not, we are predominantly a geriatric population on Marco Island, where retirees have spent considerable funds to live in an “up-market” environment. Miniature golf complexes “lowers the tone” of this environment in my opinion.

Imagine the miniature golf course on the East Trail with the colored waterfalls. Is that what we want here? Today, miniature golf – tomorrow, amusement parks! Now, I agree that miniature golf may be an asset to some patrons, if located in a public park setting; but not in a zoned commercial/mixed use/residential neighborhood. Would you property owners have bought your lot and built your house/business knowing that a miniature golf complex with all the activity and lights involved would be your nearby neighbors? I think not!

So, if it is the consensus that a miniature golf amenity is necessary for Marco Island, I suggest it be included in the Parks and Recreation budget and operated by the city in a public park. Furthermore, our comprehensive plan may be deficient in properly addressing this type of property use.

George Fonda

Marco Island

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Mayor_McCheese writes:

If I bought a property that was adjacent to one that was zoned for commercial/mixed use/residential, then I would anticipate that at some point in the future, someone would build something that had one of those uses - and that includes the possibility of something far more egregious than a mini golf course. You should consider yourself lucky that they are building a tatoo parlor, a biker bar, a massage parlor, adult book store, etc. All things that might be allowed under the commercial portion of the zoning. Maybe mini golf is not so bad after all.

Northerner writes:

I couldn't agree with you more. Mini golf does not belong on the island...nothing but an eye sore. Why can't we enhance mother nature here on the island instead of making it a carnival like atmosphere!!

Throat_Yogurt writes:

We need to make is more like Jimmy Buffett's "Dont Stop the Carnival"

Think of all the hot young strange Marco would attract for you old farts to gawk at.

(you know who you are)

Johnnymarco49 writes:

Mini golf on the Island, yes, that would be fun, but lets not stop there, we should add some go-cart racing and a food court. Early Bird specials of course. LOL

seasonala writes:

I agree we do not need mini golf on Marco. And, the plan is for two courses. I do not understand the paving of paradise direction this island is taking. Is there any reason why those interested in mini golf cannot drive to play at the already developed course in Naples. Those who own property, businesses etc. on Marco need to research where properties are not loosing value and it is in areas of less development especially tacky development.

captnjimbo writes:

I'm with George...we have the parks, lease them some of that space.

lauralbi1 writes:

The process of free market enterprise will sort this out over a very short time (a season and summer or two). This concept will fold up soon enough, guaranteed. I only hope that the City requires a deposit or some PERSONAL guarantees (due to Bankruptcy potential) from the
owners to clean up the property after they go out of business !!
In the event that these businesses survive, more power to them. We just need to make certain that the lighting, appearance and noise are minimized for the neighborhood.
Ed Issler

MrBreeze writes:

Klaus you need another stein of beer and a shot of applejack if you think the economy is growng.

The simple fact that this could even be considered outside of a park setting is crazy. Let the city lease the project sponser park land so as said we can control it in a proper zoning and manage it when it fails if needed. I think it would be ok if incorpated inside a city park or the so called new Mackel Park. It is a park thing we have all played it some time in our lives and it is fun and harmless if constructed and managed correctly.

MrBreeze writes:

Klaus, I understand all to well. The numbers do not take in the fact that "Inflation" is here and growing rapidly. Average costs of goods and services have risen 20% or better on most items of raw materials.

I bet you have seen an increase in the cost of booz at your local vendor.

And plaease do not insult my level of education when you yourself do not even write correctly as your post states "because you not understand" I think it is you sir that "do not understand".

Please do not insult Mr. Breeze we can have conversation but do not have to agree on everthing.

lauralbi1 writes:

Yes, maybe President Obama will come to Marco and play a round of putt-putt, according to Klaus. The real issue, irrespective of the economy, is how many other people will and will it be enough to keep a business like this open. My opinion is no, but others, including the people putting up the money obviously disagree.
We will see. I just hope that those in power do what they must to protect us, in the event that I am right.
Ed Issler

mahiman writes:

No Mini-Golf unless its at the park! They want it open till 11pm at night? The course planned for Winterberry is right next to the neighborhood. Thanks for more noise! Is council brave enough to say NO? We don't want it!

MrBreeze writes:

Klaus I apoligze for any insult about the applejack comment. Lets keep it to good postings and not to insult each other.

Mr. Breeze is about getting along with everyone.

I am a big enough person to say that.

liberator100 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

tathiede writes:

The Marriott used to have a miniature golf course on it's property. Anyone could play it - not just guests. Maybe it would be a good idea for them to build a new one on their property!

mahiman writes:

and they probably got rid of it because even the tourists didn't want to play it.

Ian_Curtis writes:

Actually, it was very popular and lucrative financially. It was removed because they put a large building in its place.

liberator100 writes:

So, the staff of this piece of garbage rag removed my blog? Why? Was the Obama comment too much for you? Let me repeat it again. Obama is the worst President ever, surpassing the otherwise un-surpassable Jimmy Carter. Or was it the fact that your staff members are just like Obama, loving those who hate America?
This paper is good for one thing; garbage liner.

liberator100 writes:

For once you are correct. This paper is good for you!

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