State suspends license of Marco Island doctor jailed since Thanksgiving

Andrew Guidry

Andrew Guidry

— A Marco Island doctor charged with violating probation after his estranged wife came to his house twice has been behind bars for two weeks and this week had his license suspended by the state.

Dr. Andrew Guidry was denied release on bond for Thanksgiving. Although his lawyer hopes to get him released next week to enable him to care for his two young girls and work at his office, Marco Medical Group, the 49-year-old doctor can't see patients.

This week, the state Board of Osteopathic Medicine indefinitely suspended his license after more than 17 years, finding he'd engaged in sexual misconduct with a 24-year-old former patient and exercised influence over her to obtain sex.

The suspension involves her allegations that he offered to perform a medical procedure in exchange for sex in 2009, inappropriately touched her during a prior exam, told her he loved her, and engaged in a sexual conversation recorded by police that prompted his arrest on a misdemeanor soliciting prostitution charge in July 2009. He completed a pretrial diversion program and wasn't convicted.

The state board fined Guidry $10,000 and ordered him to be evaluated by the state's Impaired Practitioner's Program. Once the suspension is lifted, he will be on probation and must follow terms and conditions that will be set when his license is reinstated.

The attorney who represented him before the board, Frank Recker of Marco Island, couldn't be reached for comment. Records show Guidry didn't dispute the allegations or the suspension order.

It's the latest chapter in the saga of a doctor known for his charity work and service in the military. The retired Army lieutenant colonel has been in the National Guard for 27 years, served in Iraq as a battalion surgeon in 2003 and as a corpsman in Beirut in 1984.

This month marks the seventh time Guidry was arrested, mostly for situations involving his estranged wife, Catherine Atkinson Guidry, and allegations of violating domestic violence restraining orders. He landed in jail Nov. 14, accused of violating probation in three misdemeanor cases after his wife walked into his home on Oct. 29 and Nov. 7, although she knew there was a restraining order prohibiting him from being near her.

"She went in his house to get the children," said Guidry's defense attorney, James Karl of Marco Island. "If nothing else, this tells you to think before you get a restraining order. It starts a legal machinery and if you don't watch it, it has unanticipated, unintended consequences that you sometimes can't avoid.

"Because it's a third violation, it's a very, very serious matter," he said, adding that prior restraining orders allowed the estranged couple to see each other to exchange custody of their children, but a more recent plea deal requires them to go through their nanny — and that led to his troubles.

Except for four misdemeanor convictions for violating restraining orders this year, the State Attorney's Office dropped other charges after his estranged wife wouldn't cooperate, saying she didn't want him prosecuted.

On Nov. 21, Collier County Judge Vince Murphy denied a motion to release Guidry on bond, but lifted the restraining order after his wife testified on his behalf.

"She was very clear she has no fear of the man. She never has," Karl said of the 5-foot 5-inch doctor, adding that their divorce is finally heading toward an amicable resolution, with him as the children's primary caregiver.

Court records show she now suffers from a medical condition that weakens her, making her unable to drive at times, climb stairs or lift objects and children. She asked the judge to lift the restraining order, saying she needs Guidry's assistance with their children, she lost her job due to her condition and wants to work for her husband.

She wrote that she tried to get the restraining order lifted Oct. 3, but left court because her medication caused painful migraines and confusion.

The warrant for Guidry's arrest shows he is $525 behind in paying monthly probation supervision fees and also must pay $345 in fines, complete the Batterer's Intervention Program, and 40 days of the jail weekend work program by April; he completed other programs required during probation.

Records show he has had three domestic violence restraining orders involving his first wife, current wife and another woman, all dropped at their request. He's still fighting a foreclosure involving his office, arguing that the original lenders negotiated an agreement giving his former medical partner a half-interest in the property; the partner later died.

Guidry's medical office is still open and another doctor is working in his place, Catherine Guidry said this week.

"His staff and myself are working together to assist Dr. Guidry through these difficult times," she said. "He will regain his medical license in late January after appearing in front of the Board of (Osteopathic) Medicine."

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Comments » 11

captnjimbo writes:

If I read this correctly, she is soliciting his support to help care for his kids, he will end up with custody after the divorce, he is considering hiring her into his office, he was in his home and she came into his house to pick up the kids...and he goes to jail. WTF?

kevdiaz69 writes:

Set up by MPD

kevdiaz69 writes:

Officer Hennings GF

captnjimbo writes:

I don't know about any set up...would not go there but my intuition is aroused. I don't think this guy had any problems with anybody until he ran for council. I don't know why he ran for city council but one would suspect an agenda. Then there was a report of a conflict with the city...something about overflow parking in someone's lot.

Then there was the story of an ex-lover, perhaps jilted that moved away for a couple of years and returned with an IUD she needed removed...she went to him with no money and it sounds like they negotiated a trade of services. Next thing you know she is on the phone with the police monitoring the call and he gets arrested for soliciting prostitution. Then there are the episodes with the wife, half his age and it sounds like booze is involved.

There is plenty of reporting but something is missing.

This is unfortunate for us folks because this is a pretty good physician and brings value to Marco Island. He has made some terrible personal choices but this last article makes him appear to be getting his life back together.

Who discovered his wife going into his house? Who was getting hurt by this? Who complained? Why now?
Like I said...something is missing here.

RayPray writes:

"this is a pretty good physician and brings value to Marco Island"

>>> Osteopath? Sex for payment? Failed real estate deals? Partner blows his brains out? What can you be smoking?

Waterdog writes:

Crap where am I going to get my pills??

themessiah writes:

I said it a year ago after his other arrest, this guy is no good. Good riddance. If he had any sense at all he would pack up and get out of SW Florida.. Anyone who would continue to take their friends or loved ones to this joke of a doc deserves anything that happens to them. There has been a long string of negative actions by this guy including gross misdiagnosis....there should be a sign on his front door "enter at your own risk".

captnjimbo writes:

It is hard to defend a guy that keeps having these issues, but after visiting several good doctors on this Island I settled on Guidry. He has provided good analysis of my phisical condition, is judicious in prescribing, he is a quick study, he has never turned me away, if my family is visiting and needs a doctor, he will see them, he has never sent any of us to urgent care to get an antibiotic, he has no problem recomending a specialist when something goes beyond routine medicine, there is a sign in his office that says no one will be refused treatment, I have seen people come into the office and make 10.00 payments on their bill, for most common generic drugs he is a dispensing physician, you walk out of there with your meds, if you ask him a question you get an answer and while I am insured and pay full fees I sense a lot of people he sees are not insured and are on a budget. I don't think I would want to go camping with the doc, put as a practicing country doctor I still give him high marks. And I do think he provides a valuable service to the community. Just my opinion...not aurguing with yours...and PS...I smoke nothing.

August8 writes:

You must be kidding, anyone would want this monster seeing patients in this community? Perhaps he's needed to assist with the war on women which fits in to that mind set.

FreshFace writes:

IT'S ABOUT TIME!! He is the worst doctor out there. He almost killed me!! He fondled my friend. WHY he's been in practice this long is beyond me. In a real city he would have lost his license 12 years ago!!!

FreshFace writes:

in response to themessiah:

I said it a year ago after his other arrest, this guy is no good. Good riddance. If he had any sense at all he would pack up and get out of SW Florida.. Anyone who would continue to take their friends or loved ones to this joke of a doc deserves anything that happens to them. There has been a long string of negative actions by this guy including gross misdiagnosis....there should be a sign on his front door "enter at your own risk".

This is the truth. This is not slander. He almost KILLED ME!!! I had "double pneumonia" at the time and was coughing up large amounts of blood. He gave me antibiotics and said I'd be fine. I was getting sicker and sicker. a week later he said I was fine and that I should return to work (I taught 5th grade). I returned and passed out in class! Turns out the bleeding lungs??? Yeah, not pneumonia. I was dying from a rare vascular/autoimmune disease. It was SHAW that saw me after I passed out and sent me to a critical care pulmonologist. While Shaw was getting me in to see this expert; Guidry was in the hall screaming about me (I was an idiot. He doesn't need me. He will have me ruined...I kid you not he said those things) because I quietly told the nurse I would like to see Shaw instead of Guidry (shaw was always my idea why I got shoved with Guidry a few times). Sooooo, a great doctor????? No way!!! I'm alive today because I knew better than to listen to this moron twice, excellent doctors that knew bleeding lungs was something more than pneumonia and my strength. So, if you are s----- enough to see this guy for any health related reasons you have only yourself to blame when that little cold grows into something much more.
Furthermore, if you're a woman, he will talk to you inappropriately, fondle you when he asks you to disrobe for a sore throat (yep, and then feel your glands down by your groin?????? NEVER did any other doctor do that) and play with your navel rings, ask you out on dates. This is not in reference to the girl and the law suit. These are other incidents that happened to me and some of my female friends. they went there to see Shaw and got stuck with this idiot. Ugh

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