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At first and personally, I objected to Mr. Magel’s letter. Legally, Mr. Magel, he has every right to personally endorse whom he believes will work with his core ideas and conversely has the personal right to oppose those who will not.

It is important that the electorate be informed. When I received numerous emails from citizens and property owners the number one concern was “fair and equitable” water and sewer rates. Any rate to be adopted must also be justifiable, meaning a rate that is defendable and reasonable.

Water and sewer rates should not and must not be a political decision, thus the reason to believe in the rates as suggested by the Independent Consultant, Burton & Associates. The consultant has demonstrated by experience the knowledge, credibility and ability to suggest “Fair, Equitable and Justifiable” Water/Sewer rates. Any change or deviation from the suggested rates at this time, by any candidate or incumbent, would certainly seem political in nature.

Wayne Waldack | Marco Island

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Sparky100 writes:

What is Fair & Equitable about a condo and a single family home paying different rates for a gallon of water?

No_more_cyber_bullying (Inactive) writes:


Historically "Divide and Conquer" has been the "Modus Operandi" of the godfather's puppets. What makes you think it will be any different now?

ajm3s writes:

Mr. Waldack:

As you commented: "Any rate to be adopted must also be justifiable, meaning a rate that is defendable and reasonable."

Please present your best defense for the reuse water rate? And you may consult Mr. Magel. I cannot find any true discussion based on that specific inquiry.

Bear in mind, those pesky assumptions, for characterizing the cost of reuse water.

I like others would have loved to move on but Mr. Magel in his recent letters to Condo managers and some ICC members wishes to continue to misinform for political gain. And interestingly, you have been discarded by a Chairman pretending to act as a sole citizen.


lauralbi1 writes:

Sparky: Please go to City Hall and read the reports by the Consultants and Engineers that are exoerts in the area of Civics.

As a layman and not an expert, I would guess that the first answer to your question would be in the cost of delivery, maybe. Why does a person living in Orlando pay less to move a truckload of furniture that a person living in California for the same truckload ??

Again, maybe we both should read the reports, but I am not questioning the rate structure. It appears that you are
Ed Issler

NobodysFool57 writes:

Has anyone actually looked at the cost of producing re-use water? It certainly isn't free. Looking at my Marco Island Utilities bill, I pay $4.96/1000 gallons for sewer usage. This is the cost of the resource, just like pumping water out of Henderson Creek (North Treatment Plant) or the Floridan Auquifer (South Treatment Plant) The rates for wastewater service need to be adjusted to provide relief to sewer customers who provide this resource.

JohninMarco writes:

Wayne this has been your problem since you were elected. Your ideas are all over the place. A consultant will say what ever you pay him to say and you know this!

captnjimbo writes:

Actually this consultant came with an excellent track record for reporting the facts.

Sparky100 writes:

I am questioning the rate structure. I understand the Orlando/Californina reference. My question is why is the water rate for the condo owner across the street less than my rate. We are equal distance from the water plant. It just makes no sence.

MrBreeze writes:

Mr. Waldack, Do you feel that a base charge of 50.00 for just having the meter in place is a fair charge where most areas are between 5.00 to 15.00 dollars per month for a single family home?

Again, that is just the base charge with zero gallons used. Do you believe that is fair when a condo owner has one master meter per building?

Spin it as you want, it is unfair and I hope change is on the way next Tuesday as the little guy needs to "push back" and "push out". It has been a long time coming.

2themoon writes:

Breeze..please ask more syndicate friendly questions from here on in..thank you!

loscabos writes:

I recall that the consultant issued two options that the council could vote on. The first option was an across the board equal rate per gallon that all property owners would pay. The second option allowed the coucil to vote on the rates for Condo owners verses Single family home owners. This option clearly favored condo owners. The vote was 5 to 1 with Trotter voting against this option. Therefore I voted for A.P., K.H., and L.S. for this election cycle.

MrBreeze writes:

Moon your right. I see Mr. Waldack has not replied nor other syndicate members.

I for one remain a "cavedweller" remember that title that was put on us. I hope the "caves" win big on Tuesday and we can gather caveman style to celebrate.

Remember "it's so simple even a caveman can get it". (Geico commercial)

marcosandflea writes:

Mr. Magel is correct because the City has to make sure that the condo owners pay less on water rates so Mr. Magel, Mr. Issler, Mr. Arceri, Mr. ASyrum, Mr. Joel, Mr. Gibon, Mr. Walduck et. al. get re-elected. As such the house owners must pay more to support the City infrastructure.

26yearsonmarco writes:

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the cost to administer 200 condo's on one meter allot less than the administration of 200 single family homes on 200 meters???

Ian_Curtis writes:

Looked at individually, no. Why would 1 master meter be cheaper to administer than 1 home meter? I would believe it costs the same to administer one master meter and 1 single family meter. It takes the same amount of time for them to read my meter as it would 1 master meter. It takes the same amount of time to create, send and process my 1 bill as it does 1 master meter bill. They should be the same. The city would get 200 units for each individual meter compared to 1 for the master to cover the costs, but each individual cost is the same.

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