Letter to the Editor: Conflicting interests

There are those, including myself, who moved to Southwest Florida to enjoy a slowed-down, relaxed atmosphere. An area less developed, less crowded, less polluted. An area bordered by the Everglades National Park and the Gulf of Mexico. Tranquility, nature, less is more.

There are those who look at Southwest Florida and think, this place is an undeveloped goldmine. We need growth, we need more people, more tourists, more shopping centers and subdivisions. We need to develop and make a profit from what is here regardless of how it impacts those who moved here to get away from the rat race. We need to build, we need to grow.

Unfortunately the latter group has the advantage. Many in public office are not into tranquility and nature. They spend their time wearing suits and ties, sitting in cubicles, staring at computer screens, attending meetings where developers and planners present their dreams of the future of Southwest Florida. Unfortunately they also have the resources to buy influence.

It’s just so hard for our local, state, and federal government leaders to resist taking cash on the down low from people who represent business interests over the good of the people. Gambling casinos are great for mankind right?

For now at least, Marco Island has held the line. The people have spoken and we have made it know that we want to be left alone. That we don’t want to be a tourist trap.

Living near the southern tip of Marco and a frequent beachgoer, I felt an enormous sense of relief when I finally saw the swale parking problem resolved, for now, and the removal of all those ugly sign posts. The absence of cans, pizza boxes, 12 pack boxes littering the grass. The return to what we had. I am proud of all the Marco residents who attended meetings, wrote the newspaper and in other ways let their opinions be known.

For those who disagree with my views, you may want to read a book called "The Population Bomb" written in the ‘60s by Paul and Anne Ehrlich. This book should be read by everyone. If we ignore the subject of overpopulation because it is an unpopular subject and actually causes us to make a sacrifice for the good of the future, then the lifestyle we have on Marco won’t be enjoyed by anyone anywhere.

John Tolliver

Marco Island

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josbergers writes:

Yes I have heard it before...
Now that "I'm" Here, Close the bridge and don't change a thing.

Phil Josberger

PS: as for overpopulation, there are 50 million less Americans since row vs wade.

lauralbi1 writes:

Klaus: I am certain before you bought here some 35-40 years ago, you reviewed, in detail, the development plans for Marco Island. Becuase if you had, you certainly would not have made the comment above because Deltona envisioned development well beyond that which has taken place. As you also know, a 16 story hotel and a 35,000 commercial plaza was scheduled to be built on the Veteran's Park location all in accordance with the zoning and plans from Deltona. But due to thew efforts of Mr. Tucker and the Councils you chastize, we have a Park. Tract K was envisioned as a seven acre school to support the increased number of families that were envisaioned by Deltona to move to Marco Island. We all accept that you would rather drive down Collier Blvd in a heavy rain and have water seep into your car. We all accept that you would rather have septic tanks in the ground that are cracked and leajking sewage(which would happen to all septic tanks after 40 years or so of use). But there are many of us that DO NOT have the same desires and visions that you have. The last 3 elections have proven that and we can only hope that those that want the Island to continue to be "Paradise" vote for Gibson, Honig, Recker in the next election !!!
Ed Issler

MrBreeze writes:

Mr. Issler you never replied to my post about development. I will ask you the question again. Will you be ready to move for development?

The Josbergers, I know for what you stand for Phil. Wait, lets turn this into your "cash" cow. Lets all turn our heads while development makes you more money. Lets have you sell us a piece of the island then we vote to close the bridge.

MrBreeze writes:

Mr. Tolliver, I agree with you 100% I think the tide is changing here on the island and people are ready to push back and preserve the island.

Screen watchers and money grabbers are indeed a big challenge here as they see big money and gains to be had. They have no respect for this island but there are people like yourself and myself who do. It is a pleasure to know that others are having the same mindset. I thank you for your letter and thank you for your opinion.

MrBreeze writes:

Mr. Issler you need to educate yourself on septic tanks. Septic tanks buried in sand in a warm climate would have at least a 100 year life at a min. As far as Deltona will you stop badmouthing them. Can you name me any other development of the size that Deltona took on in 1967 with the tools they had to work with then that turned out to Equal Marco Island? I dare you to give me a comparison.

As far as Track K Did you not support a new high school to be constructed there?

As far as the hotel and commercial 35,000 that would be far ahead of all the current development that has occured on the beech.

Did not Deltona build the South Seas Tower projects?

I understand that San Marco Road was a landing strip for aircraft for Deltona for the "fly and Buy" program. Tell me sir, where have you seen this kind of development that is so sucessfull even today 50 years later?

I think you need to rethink your position and stop the badmouthing once and for all related to Deltona.

I think the Mackel Brothers were far,far ahead of their time. They were brilliant developers who thought out to set aside land in the "MICA" rules and Master plan.

Your group wants to discount them to redevelop the island for profit not lifestyle.

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