Jack Tymann: Al-Qaida — neither decimated nor on the run

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Al-Qaida — neither decimated nor on the run

The State Department has issued global travel alerts and closed 19 U.S. embassies in the Middle East and Africa amid chatter about an impending terrorist attack.

These are unprecedented indications that recent U.S. foreign policy re: Islamic extremism has been naive and flawed.

It’s good that we’re momentarily taking jihadists’ threats seriously — after four and half years of trying to minimize or ignore the dangers of global Islamism. Let’s pray that nothing devastating will happen. But it’s possible that soon, perhaps on next month’s 9/11 anniversary, jihadists might strike again.

Earlier assertions that after Osama bin Laden’s death al-Qaida has been rendered incapable of coordinated attacks against Western interests were simply wrong. Al-Qaida is clearly neither decimated nor on the run.

Al-Qaida is still led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, the original co-founder who has long been the brains of global jihad and far more dangerous than bin Laden. Zawahiri hosted a con-call with al-Qaida leaders in 20 nations just last week.

The killing of bin Laden, while totally isolated in Pakistan, did absolutely zero to stall the devastating worldwide spread of militant Islamism.

Al-Qaida has never been an organization as defined in the developed world. Al-Qaida is ubiquitous, with loose affiliations inside 100 nations, and stronger than ever where Islam dominates.

It’s a metastasizing cancer, a disgusting disease of hatred and intolerance inflicted by radical Islamists who easily lure many thousands of Muslims into their various cells of global terrorism — all united behind a very sick ideology.

Bottom line: Four years after President Barack Obama’s naive outreach to the Muslim world in his June 2009 Cairo speech, al-Qaida is more difficult to locate and confront than it was before 9/11/2001. And their acts and threats of terrorism are more widespread than ever.

This suggests that recent U.S. foreign policy related to global Islamic terrorism has been an absolutely dismal failure — for America and the cause of liberty worldwide.

Throughout the Obama administration, the “leading from behind” and refusal to even acknowledge the spread of the threat — or to even use words like Islamism and jihad — has emboldened the jihadists while leaving the world more vulnerable and America looking weak.

We’ve been more focused on avoiding insulting the vast majority of peaceful Muslims, getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, placating the Muslim Brotherhood, and closing Gitmo than in confronting this metastasizing disease.

Meanwhile Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban and Muslim Brotherhood gain strength. Iran continues to sponsor terrorism as it edges closer toward nuclear weapon capabilities. Israel finds itself increasingly threatened as Islamism and Sharia Law spread throughout the Middle East.

Additionally, political correctness has led to preposterous positions. It’s disgraceful that we call the Fort Hood slaughters by an admitted jihadist, on American soil, an act of “workplace violence.”

One does not effectively confront any cancer by denying its existence.

One year after the false assertion that the Benghazi attacks were spontaneous reactions to an obscure YouTube video, White House, State Department, and CIA stonewalling continues — despite still unanswered questions about what happened before, during, and after last year’s murders in Libya.

Recently we’ve learned that 35 CIA agents were on the ground in Benghazi last Sept. 11. Another report asserts that Valerie Jarrett gave the “stand-down” order on that terrible night. If true, this is a frightening indication of our commander-in-chief’s aloofness.

Neither Jarrett nor these eyewitnesses have been interviewed by Congress.

Reportedly, according to conservative web sites, all living Americans present that night in Benghazi have been made to sign nondisclosure agreements and take repeated polygraph tests to prove they’re not talking to the media or Congress — under threats not only to themselves but to their families. Many are in hiding, we are told, and some have even changed their names.

If these assertions are true they reflect not the America of our Founders — but what one would expect in an oppressive totalitarian regime.

Nonetheless the Obama administration labels Benghazi-gate a “phony scandal.” And the mainstream media ignores their other international debacles involving Fast and Furious, Iran’s march toward nuclear weapons and Edward Snowden’s asylum into Russia, refusing to report mistakes by a team that once promised to restore America’s image worldwide.

Beyond denials and cover-ups, political infighting and sequestration have reduced government funding for the military and Intel programs needed to keep us safe.

Will the real facts ever be revealed publicly about Islamism, Benghazi, gunrunning, Iran, the NSA saga, Russian relations, and the growing Middle East tensions? We don’t know. But we can be certain that the search for truth will be front and center throughout next year’s election cycle.

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