Letter to the Editor: Putting MICA to a test

I’ve read a number of letters regarding the Marco Golf and Garden.

Most have have been criticizing MICA for bringing action against it.

The fault is not MICA’s. If the builders of the mini golf and garden had submitted their plans to MICA this could have been avoided. If MICA disapproved their plans, they then could have taken action to prove MICA could not prevent them from constructing their mini golf and garden.

When a verdict was issued, if it was approved, they could build without fear of having to remove construction after the build out. If they lost, they would not be facing the loss of what they have built and invested in.

It appears they are putting MICA to a test. If they prevail and MICA’s deed restriction authority is dissolved, what will be next? A merry go round to augment the mini golf? A go cart track? A ferris wheel?

I have seen the Golf & Garden sight and agree that it is very attractive. My regret is that the builders elected to circumvent accepted procedure in constructing it. Unfortunately, if they do not win their appeal, they will stand to lose a substantial investment. All is not lost however. If I recall there was another party that was contemplating building a mini golf course in the vicinity of Veterans’ Park. This is a much more central location then the Winterberry site. There is great parking in the area, access to many restaurants, and other businesses. If that party is no longer interested, possibly the Kramers can relocate the Golf & Garden to that site.

Anthony J. Klein Jr.

Marco Island

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czar227 writes:

Yes, the Island does need a mini golf course for families, especially once beach time and supper time is over and too early to call it a day. The course should have been put in the Veteran's Park area; (Kramers should) relocate and use what materials are salvageable in the Veteran's Park area.......common sense.

JohninMarco writes:

But what if the builder does win in his appeal. Maybe MICA should be careful for what its wishing for. Their are many OTHER roads to go down other this one.

LadueVGilleo writes:

Big "If". If the Queen had you-know-what, she'd be the King.

From everything I have read so far, it appears this is the only road MICA could go down.

dwbadger writes:

Agree that this is a case of common sense and the builders should have used common sense and received approval of MICA on the deed restrictions.

A simple issue of the builders ignoring the rules and not using common sense

captnjimbo writes:

Not that it matters but I agree with Klein.

The builder knew the rules. I still think a provisional approval, perhaps with an escrow account to fund removal and a 3-5 year revocation option is an idea worth pursuing. It puts Mica in control, enables owner to recover some investment and gives residents some time to evaluate.

WMissow writes:


When it comes to deed restrictions, you got that right!

RayN writes:

Mr. Adams, from MICA has responded to the great debacle of 2013.

He cited Mr. Kramer as having "ignored" MICA. Speaking of "being ignored" the following email was sent to MICA on July 1, 2013 ... so far, not a peep back.

Hi, I've looked on the website, but can't seem to find the info.

I'd like to see the 2011 and 2012 annual reports (financial statements) for the association.

I'd also like to see the articles of incorporation and/or the by-laws for MICA too.

If the documents are available in PDF format, I'd appreciate getting the copies emailed.


Ray Netherwood

The most important take away from Mr. Adams' comments is that MICA is empowered to make changes when allowed by the deed restrictions. In the case of the property in question, they are permitted to do so.

I have no axe to grind with MICA or Mr. Kramer, and my interest is purely selfish and personal. I want to go, with or without family and friends, and play a round. My wife and I bicycled over once and found the course to be a welcomed joy to what is available to residents on the island. Now we can't.

I don't know about past differences, the need for chest pounding, or anything else hidden from open view. What I do know is that I wish Mr. Kramer and MICA would come to some type of a win-win for them and for the lowly citizens and members of MICA.

WMissow writes:


I would suggest that you first read what you wrote and then comment on what was written.

According to your words: "That means you put MICA power over city power". Yes I do "means" that.

WMissow writes:

Keep happy my friend!

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