Letter to the Editor: Drainage problems can cause disease

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so eliminating standing water reduces risk of disease and infection. Areas like swales and ditches containing stagnant water are breeding sites. Mosquitoes carry serious diseases like West Nile fever and malaria, and these diseases spread quickly.

Despite how we clear our property, we’re subject to the inactions of our public works departments.

I’ve had many discussions with the town about drainage problems on Marco Island. The work along Jamaica, Yellowbird and all around the schools causes more drainage issues downstream. The swales disrupted by the safe roads to school and septic tank replacement program are not graded properly. Construction debris is left in the underground pipes, and most of the installed drainage pipes are not adequately sized, exacerbating the problem.

Public works personnel say they could solve these problems if they had the necessary equipment. As for now, these projects are low on a priority list, and it see me that the tail end of the drainage swales also come at the tail end of resolving the problems.

If we can buy a quick response vehicle, allocate rmergency medical services personnel funds, spend about a million dollars on software and give the Police Benevolent Association raises, both retroactive and future, of 22 percent, then we can surely find funds to effect proper drainage on the island. It could easily be taken from the $8.3 million surplus and uncommitted reserve funds.

Bill Harris

Marco Island

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MIOCENE (Inactive) writes:

This issue is very important.
The threat of disease stemming from mosquitos can never be over estimated.

If you find mosquito larva wriggling in standing water; do something about it, or report it immediately.

ajm3s writes:

"Despite how we clear our property, we’re subject to the inactions of our public works departments."

The public works department cannot even remove a flagpole lying in a swale for almost a year at Plummer Park. The only equipment needed to resolve this issue is the same equipment that transported it there.

Now, Mr. Pinter will tell you it is to be installed, but that was almost a year ago. I suspect, Plummer Park is an offsite inventory site. If so, may need to install caution barrier tape or metal fencing for a more permanent look.

Something tells me, that the city cannot even address the simplest things without the lament we do not have enough equipment.

Even the rank and file of the city understand the lack of management skills at the top level specifically in certain city departments.

Shoutout: Flagpole Committee where are you?

ajm3s writes:


The flagpole has been removed.

naples_rocket writes:

in response to ajm3s:


The flagpole has been removed.

Great news! Will this make you sleep better at night?

marco826 writes:

Lets all stop thinking of ways to spend money needlessly. Sure, a mosquito can cause disease. Bee's can kill too. Should we build a net over Marco? How about snakes? Be practical people. Been living on Marco over 20 years now. Never heard of West Nile fever and malaria cases here. We're not a third world country. Sure, anything is possible, but thinking we can prevent every little cause of potential harm by throwing money at it is crazy.

ajm3s writes:

in response to naples_rocket:

Great news! Will this make you sleep better at night?

I did not know I had a sleeping problem. I did have a problem with a city that hands out code of ordinance violations with a fairly hefty fee to entice compliance to residents and businesses.

I only asked why the city put a flagpole in a swale, in direct violation of code of ordinance under Chapter 19, Article II. "City of Marco Island Nuisance, Litter, Weed, Plant, and Right-of-Way Control Ordinance".

And given lack of response from the city I chose to comment in a public forum that is posted in real time and unedited (unless the posting violates Marco Eagle guidelines). There was a public comment at a Planning Board meeting more than 7 months ago during a public comment segment, after a neighbor of Plummer Park brought it to their attention. More importantly, how does the Planning Board address the City of Marco Island not complying with code meant for the safety and well being of residents of Marco Island? It would be an interesting conversation, for a citizen to call Ms. Carr, of Code Compliance to submit a violation to her employer. the City of Marco Island for direct violation of the nuisance code.

For clarity: Sec. 18-32. Definitions.

"The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

Abandoned property means any wrecked, inoperative, unregistered, derelict or partially dismantled property having little, if any, value other than nominal salvage value, which has been left unattended and unprotected from the elements, which shall include but not be limited to motor vehicles, trailers, boats, machinery, appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, construction materials and/or equipment, plumbing fixtures, furniture, and any other similar article. However, any property which is located on the premises of a lawfully established commercial enterprise that is customary and incidental to the operations and services provided by that establishment shall not be construed as abandoned property."

Now ask yourself, how long should it take to raise a flagpole on Marco Island once it lies in a swale? And the citizens want more services from the city?

Given the recent article by the police chief, in which the citizens demand a high level of service, I say: really?

Captian_Cataracts writes:

You people have nothing better to do then complain about a down flagpole?

Get a life you geezers.

ajm3s writes:

in response to Captian_Cataracts:

You people have nothing better to do then complain about a down flagpole?

Get a life you geezers.

"Get a life you geezers."

Yes Sir, Captian_Cataracts.

I hope you are not complaining? And not to add to my list of issues or complaints, but can I ask if you meant Captain_Cataracts?

Just curious, because I hate when folks are mislabeled or misnamed or misinformed. I can understand your dismay at those without a life like myself, but I would hope you would understand the mindset of a Customer Relations or Quality Control employee making an issue or filing "complaints" of things that are out of place or specification....as was the case of a flagpole placed by the City in violation of its own ordinance.

If a city Code officer comes to your door to file an official complaint, you can tell them to get a life and see how far that gets!

In any event WELCOME.


26yearsonmarco writes:


Please stop focusing on such small issues and start looking at the sure signs of "Things to Come" as illustrated in this article.


26yearsonmarco writes:

The simple solution to the standing water problem is to float kerosene on top of the water to kill the larva.

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