Letter to the Editor: Stand up and be counted

Citizen Bob Olson’s ardent public pleas along with his recent City Council masterful presentation opposing Marriott’s latest expansively garish and ever-so-intrusive convention site deserve every citizen’s immediate and aggressive support.

This includes our all-too-frequently delusional City Council which, today, seems oblivious to Marriott’s latest attempt to destroy Marco Island’s residential exceptionalism on Florida’s platinum coast.

Why are our Councilors and their planning advisors and bureaucrats so casual about this most critical issue facing our community now? Whose values are being served by our mute and befuddled city officials as we citizens witness paid advocates with big bucks beating their patronizing “worldly-Marriott-convention-center” drums and “build-commercial-sites-everywhere” cymbals?

Is the pending Marriot expansion just another done deal modeled after our recent septic tank destruction debacle, potable water distribution fiasco, street paving nonsense, Collier Boulevard’s million-dollar-a-mile transition into a model urban speedway and other costly and notably unnecessary boondoggles of the last 10 years without any public referendums?

Now is the time for all citizens to contact (by phone, U. S. mail and/or email, Twitter, YouTube, et al) each City Council member and our community’s activists to support Olson’s views and/or are unanimously supported by recent community-wide polls.

Sayre Uhler

Marco Island

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MrBreeze writes:

Mr. Uhler, The train left the station when the "new free bridge" was constructed.

It was easy to see as zoning and planning is always looked out in a five or ten year period.

Next will come the teardown of any last residential structures on Collier Blvd. in order assemble commercial properties. I see the areas of Collier and sixth ave as being one of the first to assemble right to Elkam.

Collier Blvd. will be tourist alley. Might as well get ready unless a very large "pushback" by the citizens and taxpayers of Marco Island takes place.

I hate to repeat myself but go back and see what I said during that time I said "the island would change forever" and I am afaid I was right.

WMissow writes:

Thank you Mr. Uhler for your letter.

Yes, MrBreeze you were correct on your assessment. If you do not mind I would like to state my take on this to add to your foresight.

The problem we, as residents on Marco have had in the past and will have in the future is that many, not all, of us may be tired of fighting and wish to enjoy the years we have left in retirement.

We witnessed that when our past City, in my opinion, misManager Moss had the audacity to sit at a council meeting towards the end of the STRP fiasco, claiming that there were few people there to talk against the sewer project. This was after months of wearing down retired people who did not have the energy to fight any longer.

Councilman Tucker was also seen leaning back and appearing that he was dozing off when people talked against that project at a City Council meeting. We know how that behavior was rewarded by his cronies.

Yes, this is another situation in which they will try to wear us down. If that happens, Good Bye Paradise, and more and more commercial units along with additional Parking Lots will be built here.

We have to make, all, of ourselves heard and seen in order to help prevent this from happening to our, "Piece of Paradise"!!!!

Konfuzius writes:

Done deal?



marcofriend writes:

Did I miss something? When did the Marriott present anything to the City Council? I try to follow things closely and I have not seen a presentation nor looking up agenda's on the city website, I didn't see anything. The only thing I found was some sort of informational presentation to the planning board where the general manager stated that this was an idea they had presented to their home base and it wasn't even a funded project.

My point is that folks should hold back and fight for what they believe at the right time, else they be ignored from everyone being tired of listening when there is no issue before them.

MrBreeze writes:

Wmissow, I agree. I also spoke at the City Council meeting asking questions about STRP even though my home was not effected by the project. I thought it was time that they could have made the project more a plus to the community if they were to also provide wastewater for irrigation along with the sewer. Also there was a study that left the septic tanks in place but instead of a septic field a liquid only sewer line could have been installed at lower costs. I was there for those meetings so I am very aware.

The problem is going forward I am going to be the "retired person" and like anything else I hope my investment in my home brings me peace and quiet on the island. Taxpayers should not to fight to have "quality of life" to live in.

STRP was part of the big picture for the rebuild of the island it was plain to see. The teardowns will resume and the new will overcome the old if nothing is done to stop it.

I say all Deltona homes should be protected by historical zoning. That will put the brakes on.

Create the "Deltona Zone"

WMissow writes:


Marriott did not make a presentation at City Council. Your thoughts are well taken, but in this City things seem to get done before the residents know. Such as the ridiculous naming of City Hall at a meeting which the Council did not announce their intentions or ask for public input.

I was giving a history lesson from what had happened at City Council in
years gone by during the not so well vetted STRP project.

I hope, that things are different now that we have most of the "syndicate" in the "has been" column.

lauralbi1 writes:

Yes, it is about time. Referendum is the way to go. Finally the 20 or so bloggers on this site and the 2000 or so naysayers will see how the majority of Marco Island feels. It will be over the 61% that voted for the Park (all the above were against the Park and were convinced it would not pass) that will approve this expansion.
It does not pay to argue, as we will never agree and will not know unless we all vote !!!
Ed Issler

WMissow writes:


I really wish, for once, you really knew what you and who you were talking about.

This issue has nothing at all to do with any public park. It has to do with people such as yourself who only care about your own financial gains.

Not surprisingly those who have posted in favor of the Marriott's previous intentions where in fact business owners who would benefit from or workers at the Marriott.

You do not appear to have a neighborly bone in your body.

MrBreeze writes:

Let us not forget that the island is not occupied by taxpayers that can vote due to it is not yet our permanent home thus the scales are tipped. I think if all "landowners and taxpayers" could vote then it would be fair but I do not see that happening.

Furthermore, this is the job of the City Council to protect all of our Quality of life on the island.

lauralbi1 writes:

Let's vote on the issue. All the school parents will vote for Marriott, all organizations, all charity people, etc. The Marriott is more "neighborly" than anybody posting on this site, all 20 of you.
Ed Issler

WMissow writes:


Once again you truly know who/what you are talking about....NOT!

Give it a break already, those people who you talk about, I know for fact, represent a very small percentage of those available to vote on Marco. The truth is I am very familiar with two of the groups and know a great deal more of which you profess to know.

In fact you had your own major problems with one of them. Some things are so easily forgotten when trying to produce a valid argument.

So please do not attempt to bolster up something which truly does not exist.

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