Letter to the Editor: Wake up and be heard

This is not a done deal. The Mackle Brothers (original developers) sold us all a long term master plan for Marco Island where residents, tourists, and business owners would thrive within a residential island community. I first set foot on Marco in 1967 and witnessing first hand the beauty of our Island. My concern is that if we do not speak up now, in the next threeyears the Mackle Brothers plan, as shared with me 47 years ago, will be for naught. Our quiet residential community will become a tourist convention community like Fort Lauderdale.

One major concern that we as a community need to deal with immediately is the Marriott/Mass Mutual’s expansion request.

Acknowledging that the Marriott is an intricate and contributing member of our community, I propose a simple compromise:

- Agree to west side expansion incorporating hidden parking into their plans.

- Agree to a binding promise that Marriott/Mass Mutual will not exceed 125 feet height.

- Agree to stay true to original promise of not building on the residential East side of Collier.

- Beach access, parking lot light below 12 feet, and to never change this PUD again

Wake up and be heard.

Whether you are a resident, tourist or business owner, Marco Island will forever lose its Paradise atmosphere if all of us don’t speak up and be heard.

Bob Olson

Marco Island

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MrBreeze writes:

Right on Bob! Could not have said it better myself.

mrz333 writes:

I must disagree! When a residential community is dominated by business interests it no longer keeps its' paradise like character. To hear a almost life long resident speak this way is surprising! The facade of 'paradise' the OP would have is merely a manipulated environment- a Las Vegas style illusion of the real thing. Each day residents even consider this project makes this island more 'plastic' in nature and takes us one step closer to a Marriott Island.

What we have now is unbalanced as opposed to the balanced community once conceived and created. It is where a contract promised to homeowners is being broken inch by inch every day! Can we call this what it clearly is?

To hear that a corporation needs to expand beyond original boundaries because its' facilities are underutilized is absurd. To say its' operations 'save' us money is just another story to put a sugar coating on an unpleasant truth.

I blame the current conditions on the Marco leadership, both past and present, that lacks the vision, creativity and resolve to make tough decisions that could restore a balance to our island. The Marriott is only being true to what it is - a huge corporation with profit at the helm! To think it it has residents' interests in mind is an illusion.

The Marriott is nothing more than a profit machine. To them this island is fuel for that machine. It will run this machine until the fuel is consumed. This machine wants to manufacture street signs that say "Marriott Blvd and replace every sign we see today as Collier Blvd. 24/7, it will run its' machine up and down Marriott Blvd. It will dominate our lives and ask for more.

As residents we are living in an unbalanced community. As a full time resident I don't require the services of any business that lives on tourism. With the limited space and resources of this island we can live with a modest tourist trade but we should NEVER cater to it at the sacrifice of our own well being.

It is extremely hard to balance a full time/seasonal community so our community has an inherent flaw in its' structure. Blame our leadership for that flaw and the originators for failing to consider that a flaw would develop over the years.

So the story is that our Island is a beautiful diamond with flaw ripe for cutting. It is the intention of big business to cut and polish this diamond to their interests. What's left over is tiny atom sized bits which we will end up fighting each other over.

ajm3s writes:

I am siding with mrs333, and request the Planning Board and Council hold the Marriott to the terms of the PUD. Period.

I disagree "to a binding promise that Marriott/Mass Mutual will not exceed 125 feet height."

The terms are NOT to exceed 100'!

CopWatch writes:

NEVER EVER give anything to those who can't be trusted. The Marriott/Mass Mutual gang care only about their selfish agenda. Sorry Bob

Konfuzius writes:

"The Marriott is nothing more than a profit machine."

Correct! And the manager take just about one thing care: Their own bonus program! Nothing else. But that is normal. The Marriott/Mass Mutual gang care only about their selfish agenda. Sorry Bob!

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