Obama says he’ll bypass Congress to boost economy

RALEIGH, N.C. — President Barack Obama is embracing a do-it-yourself approach to reviving the nation’s economy, saying Wednesday at North Carolina State University that he will bypass Congress where he can to help accelerate the recovery.

“This has to be a year of action,” Obama told a crowd of hundreds at the tennis center on the Raleigh campus. “Where I can act, on my own without Congress, I’m going to do so. And today I’m here to act.”

Obama announced a $140 million consortium of companies and universities at NCSU that will develop the next generation of energy-efficient electronic chips and devices. The effort — and other technology hubs like it — fulfill a pledge in his State of the Union address a year ago to develop high-tech jobs.

The Next Generation Power Electronics Institute will be headquartered on NCSU’s Centennial Campus. Over the next five years, the U.S. Department of Energy will provide $70 million to the institute, to be matched by at least $70 million in nonfederal money by the businesses and universities and the state of North Carolina.

The institute will serve as a “hub to lift up our communities,” Obama said. “The hub to spark the technology and research that will create the new industries, the good jobs required for folks to punch their tickets in the middle class, and that’s what America’s all about.”

In making the announcement, Obama also urged Congress to pass an extension of the long-term federal unemployment benefits — an effort stalled in the U.S. Senate. And he used North Carolina to make the point.

“Let me just make an aside here,” Obama said. “North Carolina still has a higher than average unemployment rate so this is important to this state. Folks aren’t looking for a handout. They are not looking for special treatment. ... People need support — a little help so they can look after their families while they are looking for a new job.”

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, who met Obama at Raleigh-Durham International Airport and attended the speech, remains uncertain as to whether he would accept the extension if approved by Congress. Republican legislative leaders also are split.

But with the focus on manufacturing, Obama is echoing the McCrory administration’s economic emphasis. In an interview at the event, McCrory said the president’s visit “is nothing about politics for me; this is about jobs.”

McCrory said the state is making announcements about new manufacturing jobs nearly every week. “It’s a great marriage,” the governor said of the initiative announced at NSCU. “We hope it creates jobs in North Carolina.”

“Manufacturing is going to be the revival of our economy,” McCrory continued. “We’ve realized that you cannot live off the service industry or government jobs. You have to have an industry that makes things and builds things.

North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker, who sat in the front row for the president’s address, said the manufacturing sector is a vital part of the state’s rebounding economy as it accounts for 20 percent of North Carolina’s gross domestic product.

“Nine percent of our employment is in this sector and it’s growing,” she said. “Folks are fearful ... they remember the downturn in manufacturing 20 years ago. ... But this is really a new type of (manufacturing) industry coming back again.”

Decker said “an innovation center is a good example of the type of help we need” from the federal government to turn the research at the state’s prestigious universities into commercial products.

In the speech, Obama said the economy is making progress five years after the recession hit, but wants to see more action. “That’s what I mean by saying this could be a breakthrough year for America,” he said. “The pieces are all there.”

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Ruger writes:

Our King has declared he plans to rule by executive authority.

American Government needs no Checks and Balances?

Konfuzius writes:

GREAT President Barack Obama did exactly what a responsible leader has to do. He lead.
Brave GREAT President Barack Obama!

MIOCENE1 writes:

in response to Ruger:

Our King has declared he plans to rule by executive authority.

American Government needs no Checks and Balances?

There should be some "checks and balances" as when a President took it upon himself to invade Iraq and upset the balance of power in the Middle East; which let Iran out of it's cage; so it could develop a nuclear weapon.

RayPray writes:

in response to Konfuzius:

GREAT President Barack Obama did exactly what a responsible leader has to do. He lead.
Brave GREAT President Barack Obama!

So True!

Checks & Balances can really slow things down for a seminal thinker like: "Brave GREAT President Barack Obama!" (who risked life & limb by personally leading the SEAL assault on bin Laden redoubt!!!)

There are better ways:


Oh "Brave GREAT President Barack Obama!" shine a little light over here on us peons....

WMissow writes:

This jerk of a president will lead this country in Socialism.... nothing more nothing less.

1Paradiselost writes:

Ok Folks.. What do you think should be done to improve the economy? Also try not to use Obamas name and I won't call Bush your cousin Gomer.

Maybe we should ask out congressman Tray Radel what he's doing to improve the economy? Beside buying drugs on street corners.

Tom_Massie writes:


What are your suggestions?

I was not elected to prove my inadequacies such as the present administration has managed to show.

They are there now not someone else.

They were elected and are being paid to do the job not you nor I.


Konfuzius writes:

I have no idea what you are talking about. GREAT President Barack Obama is doing an outstanding job. Look at the st stock market under "W." Busch and GREAT President Barack Obama!
Some questions?

1Paradiselost writes:

One suggestion is a jobs bill to repair our nations highways. Did you know this is the only congress in American history who has not sponsored such a program since 1908?

I can understand Republicans trying to make Obama look bad so we never elect another black man again, but at the risk of good American lives like yours and mine.

Obama needs no help looking bad, however putting America lives in the balance to prove a political point is not valid with me! In life we should PICK our battles, not make every issue a battle!

Remember George Bushs transportation plan? In our own back yard he approved the widening of I-75 to three lanes from Naples to Ft. Myers.

Every president has had such a program. It was that great American, President Eisenhower who started the federal highway system.

Not to drive your Cadillac down the street, but to move commerce and goods we use everyday. Modeling our new road system after the German autobahn. Today the autobahn is world class highway. The autobahn needs no repair as the German government cares more for it people than political bickering.

If you ever leave the island and travel 900 miles to the north you would find rusted bridges and pothole filled roads. Drive under one of those bridges and see the decay, you would be embarrassed to say you were against a jobs bill which included road maintenance.

Traffic jams that are over 20 miles long around out nations capital is an embarrassment to taxpayers of this country. This is America!!!! not some 3rd world country. And who's responsible for this... Not Obama! How's that new bridge on Marco doing? This is a nationwide safety issue which needs to be addressed.

I-95 The main road between the north and south is only two lanes wide in South Carolina, Why? Nickey Halley the governor will not accept federal funds to repair the roads. However charges the residents of South Carolina a 10% sales tax. So the tax paying public should suffer to make a political point?

This is not be a political issue. This is America the greatest country in the world, we all need grow up should start acting like good Americans!

Mature people PICK their battles, not make every issue a battle!

Ruger writes:

While "progressive liberals" will try to distract from Obama's failed policies with traffic jams and the color of his skin. His legacy will always be record spending, debt, regulations, taxes on the middle class, lack of transparency, ect..
An astute observer will notice that Obama has done one great service to America. He has shown the terrible consequences of liberal policy and the limits of government. For over 5 years now Obama has run almost the entire liberal playbook. The public can now see how much of that book is a fantasy. Utopian socialist policies don't work in Reality.

1Paradiselost writes:

It's sad, As you sound like Fox Talking points!
Where are your constructive ideas LOOKING TO THE FUTURE?

As Republicans we should all stop driving our cars looking thru the rear view mirror.

Please... think before making an uniformed comment, Know your government...

Congress and the senate make the LAWS, NOT the president.

If you read the article above! The only power presidents has is thru executive order!
BTW.. To become a citizen you have to know that, it's on the test! Let me help you.....

"Congress makes the laws".

"If you only know one thing about the legislative branch, that should be it. (Now, it may or may not be a good idea to know more than one thing, but that's up to you.)

Congress makes the laws, and that makes Congress the heart of America's representative democracy—the place where the democratic representation actually happens, where lawmakers elected directly by the people meet to make laws to (hopefully) serve the public interest"


I googled it for you.... Come on It's people like YOU that help Democrats. Your rage and hate for one man is the reason we will not win another presidential election.

We, you and I are now in the minority in this country. Get off this island and travel, and just look around at America, the country.

As a people we have a choice. We can complain like a child, or present ideas which will move ALL the people of the nation in a positive direction.

I'm not a fan of Obama, However he won a national election twice! According to the constitution can't run again, so get over it!

It's easy to complain, instead let's take our energy and promote candidates who can beat Hillary. Think! let's all use the brains God gave us.

To Hate is easy, Fox News sells it everyday. Sorry to see you have caught its disease.

MrBreeze writes:

Lets build some more windmills, and battery powered cars to make factory jobs for the working middle class. Then when the factory fails we give long term unemployment benefits to give "A little help so they can look after their families while they are looking for a new job"

Then what the new widgit factory opens on the taxpayer dime and the whole process starts over.

The windmill factory in my town went broke six months ago. The auction was held and everything was sold for pennies on the dollar invested.

How can this work????

RayPray writes:

in response to Genuine:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Konfuzius writes:

You have no idea what you are talking about. I just received the NCECSP from the speaker of the house Mr. John Boehner with a personal letter. He called it the (Great President Barack) Obama - care - card. That is BS. It is a Congress card. Like 1Paradise said: "Congress makes the laws, and that makes Congress the heart of America's representative democracy—the place where the democratic representation actually happens, where lawmakers elected directly by the people meet to make laws to (hopefully) serve the public interest"


Short - CECSCPD!!!!!!


SHORT ON MONEY? Use the Congressional Express Collective Spending Card to get your fair share of the American economy. Use it to pay your mortgage, your neighbor's mortgage, buy a new car, bail out your failing enterprise, "make it rain" at the gentleman's club. Purchase anything you like and Congress will add the cost to the national debt. With all the parasites out there, it won't be you who finally kills the host. Why produce when you can sell your Freedom?

I am so thankful that we have a Congress believed they can for their lousy job doing blame GREAT President Barack Obama!!!
GOP is to blame. Nobody else!!!!!
And Germans Autobahnen are the best. No speed limit.

GOP and their right wing Tea-Party destroyer are the political killer of the system America!!!!!!!!

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