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2010 Marco City Council Election

About the 2010 Election

2010 Marco Island City Council Election

A narrow gap between two candidates continued to shrink as a recount of Marco ballots for the City Council election ensued Thursday, Jan. 28. However, after about three hours of manually recounting approximately 2,300 votes, the preliminary results as released Tuesday night will stick.

The winners of the Marco Island City Council election are incumbent Chuck Kiester, Joe Batte and Larry Magel. The council-elects will join Rob Popoff, Frank Recker, Jerry Gibson and Wayne Waldack for their first council meeting on March 15.

Voting was by mail only. Ballots were mailed to voters on Wednesday, Jan. 6. Mail ballots are due back to the Supervisor of Election's Office by 7 p.m. Jan. 26.

The Marco Eagle and covered the election live Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010. Click the links below to read blogs from around Marco:


Joe Batte

Joe Batte is hoping the third time really is a charm. Batte, 68, is kicking-off his third campaign to vie for a seat on the Marco Island City Council. Batte lost the 2008 election by a small margin. He says he is anticipating a "quieter campaign" in 2010. The last election was a referendum on the septic tank replacement program (STRP), he said. "I'll support voters' decision." Batte serves on several city advisory committees, including the audit committee. Click here to read more about Joe Batte »

Ted Forcht

Incumbent Ted Forcht, 49, wasn't able to hold back the forces that brought the sewer project to Marco, but it didn't stop him from trying and won't stop him from taking on his next endeavor as he vies for re-election to City Council. Forcht became the second to file for the 2010 candidacy. The self-described "simple country boy" from Kentucky has served on council for nearly four years. "If they hadn't been digging up my front yard to put in a sewer, I wouldn't be on council. I thought they were strong arming the sewer down our throats." Click here to read more about Ted Forcht »

Chuck Kiester

Marco City Councilman Chuck Kiester eyes a long-term planning initiative for Marco as he vies for reelection. He is best known for opposing the septic tank replacement program (STRP) when he believed upgrades to the then-recently purchased water utility should have been the priority, but now, he is eyeing Marco's future, bringing his background to the forefront. The former city planner from the Midwest says two principles guide his perspective on Marco's future. "As in all ecosystems, community diversity equals stability," Kiester says. Click here to read more about Chuck Kiester »

Larry Magel

Larry Magel, a man who says he's not political, is the first to officially file the paper work with the city and become a Marco Island City Council candidate for the January 2010 election. What's his rush? "Nobody knows me," said the 67-year-old running for his first political office. Magel is a self-proclaimed "bad golfer," who is enjoying retirement, time with his three grandchildren in Estero and Orlando and more than anything-- enjoying going from a hectic career on Wall Street to the calm, beautiful setting of Marco Island. Click here to read more about Larry Magel »


Voters will choose whether to approve seven proposed amendments to the city charter in a mail-in ballot election with ballots due Jan. 26. Click here to read more about the amendments »


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