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See smaller Cory Lee gets a bead on his line before the start of a series of mousetrap car races held recently at the Marco Island Charter Middle School. The 6th Grade students manufactured the cars themselves (with a little help from their parents) as part of a science project under the tutelage of teacher Dr. Vincent Albanese.

Photo by QUENTIN ROUX, Staff

Cory Lee gets a bead on his line before the start of a series of mousetrap car races held recently at the Marco Island Charter Middle School. The 6th Grade students manufactured the cars themselves (with a little help from their parents) as part of a science project under the tutelage of teacher Dr. Vincent Albanese.

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  • BFF: Brianna Brown and Julia Dashia walk arm in arm on the way to the gymnasium at the YMCA.
  • Marco Island is known worldwide for its beautiful sunsets. And here’s one from a favorite vantage point, Tigertail Beach.
  • Immersed in his own rhythmic world, Marco Island drummer T.J. Vollmar, 20, practices by playing along to one of his favorite bands through his headset. A member of a local band called Stench of Redemption, Vollmar says he practices for an hour, four or five times a week to build his stamina, speed and timing. His band plays 'death metal' music, but he says he also enjoys other genres such as blues, jazz and classic rock, particularly music by Lynrd Skynrd.
  • Sophia Shea inspects some unusual birds that appeared overnight at the Dogwood Drive home of her neighbor, Vickie Pershing. The permanently-postured pink flamingos are actually part of a 'You've Been Flocked' fund-raising drive to benefit the American Cancer Society's upcoming Relay for Life on March 14 and 15. People who've been 'flocked' are asked to make a donation, and then nominate someone else to be flocked. Coordinator for the flocking, on behalf of Wesley United Methodist Church, is Bo Booth at 248-4407.
  • Bringing to mind the TV program Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader (except that these are second grade students) Gianna Rose pours colored vinegar through a hole in a coffee filter onto baking soda to simulate a volcanic eruption. Looking on is Mark English. The science experiment, which began with discussions about plate tectonics, took place at Tommie Barfield Elementary School in Ms. Cheryl Reinke's class.
  • A Great Egret uses a slight puff of wind to touch down at Tigertail Beach on Marco Island in anticipation of an early morning snack. The bird, close to extinction around 1900 because its plumes fetched good money, recovered in numbers and is the symbol of the Audubon Society. The Great Egret loves fish, but also settles for crustaceans, frogs, salamanders, snakes, and aquatic insects. It likes to winter, too, in the south.
  • While some people are chained to their office jobs getting fluorescent tans, Robert Lyons prefers these types of chains as he works a recent barge recovery job on Marco Island. Lyons has worked for assorted local outfits that require this type of physical exertion, and most recently joined a pile driving company in Naples.
  • Samuel Hernandez flies high on a 'Euro Bungy' apparatus at a 'Simply Silly Celebration' held recently at Mackle Park on Marco Island. Hundreds of people turned out for a day of fun.
  • Steve Servente puts a little animation into his step as he passes the checkpoint during the recent Tommie Barfield Elementary School PTO fund-raising walkathon held at Mackle Park on Marco Island. With him is his son, Peter.
  • Dressed in their Sunday best, Marco Island brothers Cameron, left, and Ian Campbell ride their scooters along a sidewalk before being whisked to Sunday School at St. Mark's Episcopal Church. The boys are the sons of John and Kathy Campbell, who also have a daughter, Kaitlin.
  • Under the watchful eye of an industrious pelican, John Jefferson, Dave Horton, Mitch Estaphan and Jim Heidergott (from left to right) clean and cut fresh-caught sheepshead fish at Rose's Marco River Marina. The four men fish recreationally together a few times a week off Marco Island. However, the pelican begs professionally seven days a week.
  • Reaffirming that Marco Island is basically more about water than land, this aerial view shows the Marco River leading to the Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge, with Olde Marco in the foreground and the northern part of the city to the rear. The photo was taken on a clear winter morning during a flight courtesy of pilot Scott Pransky.
  • Oblivious of anything but the moment at hand, Judge Jim Lyng and his wife, Gigi, dance at a recent Marco Thursday gathering held at the Esplanade on Marco Island. The monthly Thursday gatherings are sponsored by the Marco Eagle, as well as Vergina and Bayview restaurants.
  • Tim Pegram of Marco Island cruises the streets on his Trikke, a fitness machine he said is similar to skiing in technique. The machine, which he spotted and bought on a Web site, is propelled by shifting the hips and legs as well as turning the front wheel. Pegram, Assistant Manager of the Cozumel high rise building in the Cape Marco stable, said he's using the Trikke to lose a few pounds and have some fun at the same time.
  • When the cold fronts blow through in during winter, local surfers pay close attention because of the promise of rare waves in the Gulf of Mexico. Here, Marco Island surfer Shaun Jacobs trims his board for extra speed on one of the fairly respectable waves that were churned up by Wednesday of this week's cold front.
  • Home to a wide variety of birdlife, Marco Island's Tigertail Beach adds to the beauty of the island scene beyond with its proliferation of bays and waterways.
  • With their seemingly haughty dispositions, burrowing owls are a great photographic favorite on Marco Island. Occasionally, the owls do photographers a favor by perching on the posts that local naturalists provide for them. This bird allowed a close-range shot, but  remained vigilant because of some youngsters in the nest below.
  • Completely engrossed in the task at hand, Carter Smith, 7, plans his strategy during a chess match at Marco Island's Mackle Park. The youngster was among a group of about 15 players who took part in a recent monthly tournament staged by the Marco Island Chess Enthusiast club (MICE). Director of the most recent tournament, Wade Keller, said the club's aim is to cater for all ages, but specifically to kindle interest among children from kindergarten through eighth grade. The next tournament takes place on April 12. Registration is before play, and more information is available on the Web site.
  • Rat race, what rat race? That might be the thoughts of these two beachgoers as they relax on the sand of Marco Island's beach with the Gulfview condominium in the background. With another six weeks of warm spring weather in the offing, maybe it's a good idea to get away from domestic routine and do the same as these two.
  • He may have a wry smile on his face but Sean Fernandes had no qualms getting his head shaved at Cathy O'Clarke's restaurant as part of a fundraising promotion put on by the St. Baldrick's Foundation to benefit research into children's cancers. Six other people agreed to being shaved on the day.
  • In this case, the hug comes from the little ones to the big one. The reason Julie Novembre and her siblings are so delighted is because Kathy Friday had a big hand in securing the Novembre family a home of their own through the ongoing work of Habitat for Humanity. The organization helps poor families secure their own houses, but one of the conditions is that the stronger members of the new household put 'equity sweat' into its construction. That part can be explained to the young Novembres at a later stage - right now they're not expected to do anything at all, just enjoy the pleasure of having their own home.
  • Ann Dilbone walks past what was once a doorway into her great-great-grandfather's vacation home on the island originally named for him, Horr's Island. Now called Key Marco, the small island just to Marco Island's south is an upscale settlement of multi-million dollar homes. In John Horr's day, it was a pineapple plantation, supplying his wholesale grocery business in Key West. The crumbling structure recently got an assessment from Matt Betz, an archaeologist with the Archaeological and Historical Conservancy.
  • He's been doing it to perfection for more than 20 years at the highest of competitive levels, and here John McEnroe executes another serve with the ball frozen at its highest peak before coming down and being launched at an opponent. The occasion was the recent Oliver Group Champions tour, and McEnroe, although pushing 50 was unbeaten until the final match when a much younger Todd Martin proved too much for him.
  • Ken Wiersma stocks his citrus fruit stand at the weekly Farmer's Market held every Wednesday morning at St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Marco Island. The markets continue through April 16. Nearby Publix has slapped parking restrictions on its lot because of clogging, but market organizer Veronique McMillan says there is plenty of parking behind the church on some vacant Bluebird Avenue lots.
  • A young climber tackles a wall during a recent fun day organized by the Marco Island Marriott Resort to accommodate some of its younger guests. Marriott Sales and Marketing Director Bob Pfeffer said the resort arranges fun days whenever it has a 'really high leisure count in-house,' such as on this warm spring day just after Easter.
  • Two-year-old Vance Lindeman opts for a dunk in a bucket rather than in the Gulf during a recent outing on Naples beach. He made a smart decision because Gulf temperatures were in the low 70s.
  • As part of a fun project, Bailey Sparks of Marco Island decided to create a portfolio of herself and a friend dressing in international costumes, using the globe as a prop and a pointer. Her right index finger is on Hawaii, hence the colorful top and flower in her hair.
  • City Public Information Officer Lisa Douglass chats with Thompson after his selection by the council as city manager.
  • Danny Wilmath sports the latest in necktie wear after finding this Burmese python in a vacated house on Marco Island's Dogwood Drive. He said it is likely a former pet because it quickly became used to being handled. He said he would likely hand it over to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, or some similar agency for display.
  • Abdel Roque, left, Monique Evans and Kevin Morrow pose during a rehearsal for the upcoming performances May 9 and 10 at Lely High School auditorium by Southwest Florida Ballet, a non-profit pre-professional youth ballet company based in North Naples. Roque, who is artistic director with the company is also an accomplished principal dancer formerly from Cuba. Evans and Morrow, both teenagers, are soloists in the company. The performances feature contemporary and classical work, and about 40 dancers will perform. Tickets, at $20 for adults and $15 for students are available by calling 261-7559. Performance times are 7 p.m. on May 9, and 6 p.m. on May 10.
  • Heidi Donato, who is with Georgie's & The Shoe Resort on Marco Island, models a Sandra Roberts purse. The store specializes in women's fashions and accessories.
  • The big guy on the light has made a kill, and the little guy on the right isn't at all happy about it, likely because the victim is a relative. This scene played out for about five minutes on Marco Island, with the smaller bird buzzing the predator repeatedly.
  • An eagle takes a pit stop on a boat dock on Marco Island.
  • Jonathan Hurtley shows his relief after catching a water balloon intact at a Fun Day put on by Tommie Barfield Elementary School on Marco Island. The fun days are held annually towards the end of the school year.
  • Perpetuating an annual tradition Rich Pappy pours batter during the Goodland Civic Association's pancake breakfast, held recently  at the association's hall. Pappy and 10 other volunteers served about 200 breakfasts. Money raised goes towards the association's coffers.
  • OK, so she missed her mouth a couple of times, but that didn't lessen the taste of the birthday cake that 18-month-old Janie Cartwright enjoyed recently at a young friend's party. The daughter of Jerry and Jenny Cartwright of Goodland, Janie has four siblings, one a fraternal twin.
  • Reflecting the face of young America, Jack Creedon pays attention to the proceedings during his graduation from Stars & Stripes Learning Center on Marco Island. He was one of nine youngsters from the learning center who will now move on to elementary school.
  • Cheerleaders from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have just spent a week on Marco Island at the Marriott Resort completing a photo shoot for their upcoming online calendar. Taking time out for a picture while autographing posters at Vandy's with an Edge restaurant are team members Britney, Tramaine, Lori and Tomoko.
  • Sarrah Waldren shows emotion as she chats to a friend.
  •  Rickie Grootveld goes airborne after carving through the face of a shorebreak wave on his skim board at Marco Island's South Beach. Grootveld was among a crowd of students who attended an end-of-school beach bash put on by Marco's Parks & Recreation Department.
  • Taylor Hamilton enjoys the moment as she approaches a contained fire during a Police Youth Academy camp organized by Office Jen Lofy of the Marco Island Police Department. Hamilton was one of 12 youngsters who spent the entire week learning police and firefighting procedures.
  • Beating the heat and having fun while doing it are sisters Hailey, right, and Ava Cartwright enjoying themselves at the Spray Park in Marco Island's Mackle Park. The sisters are the daughters of Jerry and Lisa Cartwright.
  • Open wide! This alligator was spotted at the Visitor Center out on the Tamiami Trail heading east toward Shark Valley.
  • Josh Raimer, a participant at a First Tee of Naples golf camp, puts a little body English into a follow through on a putt at Golden Gate Country Club. The organization has a mission that is more than just the game of golf, according to First Tee Executive Director Cindy Darland. It teaches core values such as honesty, integrity and courtesy, and is open to children from all backgrounds. Darland's contact number is 825-4851.
  • Marco Island boaters enjoy a different view of the Fourth of July fireworks show, which took place at sunset off the island's Residents Beach. Hundreds of people on the beach also enjoyed the spectacle, which many said made up for a disastrous show in 2007 that lasted for only around 10 minutes. The photo was taken from the rooftop of the Gulview Club condominium next to Residents Beach.
  • It takes full concentration to produce a work of art, whether it's to please mom or maybe end up in the Louvre in Paris. Either way, Myra Bridgeman of Marco Island enjoys the creative moment as she works on a piece at the inaugural monthly community concert series at the island's Town Center. The series, which includes musicians and local artists as well as painting stations for adults and children, takes place the first Wednesday of each month at the center from 6 p.m. onwards.
  • Visiting Minnesota engineer Kim Morris takes time out at the Island Woman on Goodland to model a pair of the goofiest sunglasses she could find at the store. The store mirrors the happily unbridled antics that unfold just outside at Stan's Idle Hour Restaurant, particularly on holidays and Sundays. It is open throughout the year, except for August and September when owner Fia Kaplan takes a summer break.
  • Friends Dane Stretton, Frankie Hague, Nicole Messina and Alex Popoff chill out on a small bank carved out by the surf at South Beach.
  • You see them in suburban streets and pecking away in people's garden, so streetwise have ibis become. But, you still get to see them in their natural habitat. Here, an ibis drops in for an early morning foraging session on Marco Island's Tigertail Beach, one of the nation's premier birdwatching sites.
  • Kancy Delus interacts with classmates after being caught with the ball while playing a rotation game. She and the others were among 250 area children who attended a summer fun and educational camp at Manatee Elementary School,  made possible by the Greater Marco Island YMCA as part of a series of its outreach programs.
  • Sereen Itayem concentrates on painting a plaster model of a dog during a party with a difference on Marco Island. Hosts Teagan Havemeier and Lily Rosenblum, both 7, decided to forgo presents and instead asked their guests to donate money to be given to the Humane Society. After the party, the two youngsters went along to the society and happily presented development director Andy Reed with $450 in checks and cash.
  • Young artist Elizabeth Patterson of Marco Island takes time out to sink her teeth into a tasty slice of pizza during a monthly community event at the Marco island Town Center. On the first Wednesday of each month, beginning at 6 p.m., guest musicians perform on stage, while featured artists display their work and encourage amateur artists to join in and produce their own work. The latest concert featured the Beadniks acoustic singing duo of Billy and Tricia Lund, and Naples artist Rosemary Mazzola.
  • Cross a poodle with a golden retriever, and you have Murray the golden doodle. Murray, who belongs to Nick Popoff of Marco Island, made an appearance at the latest Marco's Thursday event at the Esplanade, and the friendly hound was a big hit with the kids. The popular musical and socializing event, held the first Thursday of each month, is sponsored by the Marco Eagle. An added attraction this time around was a 'wheel of fortune' in which prizes could be won for bringing empty beauty product bottles as part of a 'green' competition run by Rick's Island Salon & Spa.
  • Something beyond the camera catches the eye of young Estella Singson, who regularly visits Marco Island from her home state of Michigan. She is the granddaughter of Dan and Cecelia Popoff of Marco.
  • A sun-lit waterway provides an artful view of the Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge going into Marco Island on a sunny morning.
  • They're dressed like princesses, and that's just what they are ... theatrically speaking, that is. Here, Ciera Parcelles, Lynn Jones and Breana Wielgos act out a cheerful scene during a rehearsal for The Twelve Dancing Princesses. The play, which features acting and dancing, and revolves around a stern King and his dance-loving daughters, is to be presented at the Marco Players Theater in Marco Island's Town Center Sept. 3,4,6 and 7 to raise funds to send a local Marco dance troupe to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for children under 12. For tickets and info, call Corina at 250-0525, or Natalie at 289-1698. Tickets are also available at the theater box office one hour before the shows.
  • A little apprehensive about attending her first day of school as a kindergartner at Tommie Barfield Elementary School on Marco Island, Diana Rojas keeps close to mom, Luz Stella Moreno, before the bell rings. Rojas was one of thousand of Collier County students who started the new year a day late on Aug. 20 because of concerns about Tropical Storm Fay earlier in the week.
  • Now that's what you'd call a sundae. Ellie Greenfield of Marco Island tucks into a good hunk of ice cream during a back to school celebration hosted recently by the island's Presbyterian Church. She and about 30 other youngsters and their parents enjoyed making short work of a 30-foot sundae provided by church volunteer members for the occasion.
  • Guns 'n flowers? Indeed. Young Madison Beucler clutches a bouquet given to her mom Jennifer by dad Pete, a Marco Island Police Officer who was one of three men recently promoted to higher ranks. Pete Beucler is now a lieutenant, while his colleagues Dave Baer and George Williams now hold the ranks of Captain and Corporal respectively. The promotion ceremony took place Aug. 29 in the Marco Island city community hall.
  • Understandably, the name of this South American butterfly is the owl butterfly, but there is conjecture as to whether the 'eye' is intended to scare off predators such as small birds looking for a meal. Biologists say the underwing indeed resembles the head of an owl if the butterfly presents itself head down, but point out that the position in which the owl-like appearance occurs is not generally assumed by the butterfly in life. In their resting position, Caligo butterflies settle down with closed wings like most butterflies, showing only one of the eyespots, and do not look owl-like. The photo was taken by Marco magazine editor B.J. King on a recent visit to Costa Rica.
  • Marco Island Fire Rescue Chief Mike Murphy reflects the somber mood at a function which featured retired FDNY Division Commander Peter Hayden talking about the events of Sept. 11.
  • Julie Hicks of Marco Island makes acquaintance with a six-week-old AKC Yorkie, one of a litter bred and being sold by Vickie Givens of Naples. The thoroughbreds run around $1,000 apiece. Givens has another, younger litter she'll put up for sale soon. Her contact number is 596-0751.
  • New Marco Island Realtor Starr Mier listens to a podium speaker after she was inducted during a luncheon held Sept. 16 at Hideaway Beach. At the luncheon, new officers of the Marco Island Area Association of Realtors were also announced, while a support network trade show took place beforehand.
  • Using a technique like a dart player, Teofilo Zalaya of EarthBalance plants sea oats in the dunes at Marco Island's South Beach.  The island received $25,000 in grants from the Collier County Tourist Development Council to renourish the dunes at 23 beach front properties with 45,000 native plants including panis grass, beach elder and railroad vine. The plants will provide storm protection, diminish beach erosion and provide feed and fodder for creatures such as sea turtles.
  • This is the face of a man who's spent the past eight years walking around the entire perimeter of the United States for a special cause close to his heart. A diabetic, Andy Mandell, has spent all that time promoting diabetes awareness. Here, he makes his way down San Marco Road on Marco Island after the Everglades leg from Miami. The largest of the Ten Thousand Islands marked the marathon walker's right turn into the final leg of the journey to Mandell's hometown of Madeira Beach, where he is also Executive Director of the Defeat Diabetes Foundation.
  • Cory Lee gets a bead on his line before the start of a series of mousetrap car races held recently at the Marco Island Charter Middle School. The 6th Grade students manufactured the cars themselves (with a little help from their parents) as part of a science project under the tutelage of teacher Dr. Vincent Albanese.
  • A diver prepares to submerge during a pool training session to familiarize local fire rescue teams with a new, lightweight rig marketed by the Interspiro company. The session was held at the Isles of Capri training pool, and was attended by Capri firefighters as well as personnel from the City of Naples, SeaTow and North Naples Fire Rescue.
  • Teacher Anne Fleming of Tommier Barfield Elementary School on Marco Island  shows her class one of the items out of a huge box she received from the OfficeMax company during a presentation ceremony on Oct. 1. She'd been nominated for recognition because she sometimes dips into her own pocket to make sure her students don't go short . The company does the same for 1,200 teachers nationwide as part of a program called A Day Made Better.
  • Cory Lee gets a bead on his line before the start of a series of mousetrap car races held recently at the Marco Island Charter Middle School. The 6th Grade students manufactured the cars themselves (with a little help from their parents) as part of a science project under the tutelage of teacher Dr. Vincent Albanese.
  • Joanie Echsner, of Louisville, KY, snapped this shot from her balcony at the Admiralty House, just before sunset and the rain started. Submitted
  • Using a hickory-shafted club dating back to the 1920s, Andrea McCreanor watches the flight of her ball during an Old Hickory Golf tournament played recently at the Rookery at Marco, and organized by her husband Terrence. The tournament benefited The First Tee of Naples/Collier, an organization that teaches youngsters the essence of the game together with associated life core values such as honesty, integrity and perseverance. Tournament sponsor was Morgan Stanley.
  •    Bucket for candy at the ready, and appropriately dressed for the spooky occasion, Kaitlin Campbell of Marco Island enjoys a Halloween outing on Marco Island. She, like thousands of children across the county, state and country, participated in the age-old tradition of fun and dressing up.
  • These are the faces and smiles of two local students who may just have influenced part of the recent elections. Madison Bonfitto, left, and Jenna McKee, were among a group of Tommie Barfield Elementary School students on Marco Island who wrote letters to the Marco Eagle urging people to vote yes on a funding referendum that would keep related arts classes in the curriculum. Voters said yes.
  • United States Marine Corps Lance Corporals Zach Ludwig, front, and Kyle Zack listen to the proceedings at the Veterans Day ceremony held Nov. 11 at the Marco Island Cemetery. The two Marines, who are due to ship out to Iraq in February, attracted plenty of attention from members of VFW Post 6370, the hosts of the event. Quentin Roux
  • He has impressive prehistoric looks, but this 5-foot male green iguana represents a burgeoning problem in South Florida, and indeed on Marco Island, where a control program is underway. The iguanas, which are non-native to the area, have no natural predators. The city of Marco Island recently commissioned Chris Harlow of Christopher Harlow's Wildlife Removal Services to help control the spread of iguanas. Quentin Roux
  • Beth Rinella, a vendor at the Marco Island Farmers Market, bundles up against the early morning chill on the first day of the market, Nov. 19. The weather later mellowed and scores of people picked up supplies of fresh produce and prepared foods. The market runs each Wednesday through April 29.
  • His immediate relatives are threatened by continued growth in South American agriculture, which makes this spider monkey quite a special component of the Naples Zoo. Said to be among the most intelligent monkeys around, these disproportionately long and spindly creatures rely on their tails for balance instead of their arms. Highly agile, spider monkeys are said to be only second to gibbons in this regard. They communicate their intentions through postures and stances, and dine mainly on fruit and nuts.
  • Thousands pack Third Street in Naples to see the Christmas tree lighting during the 32nd annual Festival of Lights on Nov. 24, 2008. Greg Kahn/Staff
  • Peter Ward of Christmas Island Style is among 30 Island residents who help decorate the community tree at Veterans' Community Park on Elkcam Circle. Christmas Island Style sparked the Christmas spirit as the 30-foot tree was lit Friday evening.Kelly Farrell/ Staff
  • Marco Island's central attraction is is crescent beach, ideal for evening walks in the cool weather at the moment. Taking advantage of Mother Nature's gifts on a late November just before sunset are Kathy Wielgos and her daughter Breana. Quentin Roux
  • The City Dock in Naples is decorated for the holiday season.
  • Helen Ann Federspiel and Marco Island Fire Chief Mike Murphy are caught chatting at the 2008 Christmas Island Style Gala, an awards ceremony held at the Island Country Club. Federspiel was the 2006 Marco Eagle Volunteer of the Year and on the committee which selected the 2008 winners.
  • Emily Orgass, a student at Tommie Barfield Elementary on Marco Island, enjoys a diversion before going live on the school's televised Morning Show to tell fellow students what's up for lunch during the week.
  • Dorothy Flynn, of Marco Island, looks pretty in pink as she shows off a classic Grease Barbie Doll to Bernice Iwinski visiting from Connecticut.  The Naples Doll Club hosted it's Annual Doll Show and Sale at the Naples Elk's Lodge on Jan. 17 and 18. Laura Pacter
  • Look again, and it becomes apparent none of the umbrellas in the painting have poles attached to them.  The artist, Tara O'Neill of Marco Island, has created a collection of 'Mystical Umbrellas in Flight' paintiings, which are on exhibit at the Blue Mangrove Gallery in the island's Town Center Mall for another week. Quentin Roux

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