Polls for 2006

Poll Question Date Posted
What was the top story in Southwest Florida in 2006? December 26
After watching the video of Nick Sofos' planned prank, what punishment does the Naples High senior deserve? December 22
When will Gerry Fleming settle on a No. 1 goalie, and who will it be? December 21
Who will be the next player sent down to the Florida Everblades? December 21
Who will be the next Florida Everblade called up? December 21
Who is the most influential Collier County School Board member? December 19
Who should've been the Person of the Year? December 18
Who will win the BCS National Championship? December 11
What are your plans for the National Championship game? December 11
Should the police arrest and deport Baby Bryan's parents? December 11
When are you leaving to go to the National Championship game? December 7
Who do you think is going to win "Project Runway?" October 9
What television show are you looking forward to watching most this fall? September 19
What effect have gas prices at near record levels had on you? July 19
What is your favorite reality TV show and why? July 14
What is your reaction to Korea firing off test missiles? July 7
What do you think is going to happen to the housing market in South Lee County over the next six months? June 30
The county will ask fire districts to consolidate and take over emergency medical services from county government. Should the fire districts consolidate and take over EMS? June 28
On any given sunny Florida day, would you rather take a dip in the June 22
Should Collier adopt inclusionary zoning, in which developers must either devote 15 percent of the housing in a new development to affordable housing or pay their way out of the requirement? April 18
What is your opinion on affordable housing in the area? March 21
How concerned are you about signs showing a slowdown of the local housing market? January 26
What should be done to bring more affordable housing to the Naples area? January 11