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Poll: Should there be a toll to pay for the repairs/upgrades to the Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge?

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83% 432
16% 85
total votes: 517

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strike3 writes:

YES YES YES. Make it $7 or $8 dollars. It will limit traffic. It can be used to pay for other things as well. When I first came here there was a toll and should still be a toll. If you don't want to pay STAY OFF!

pjmr writes:

YES - for nonresidents!

mitchjl writes:

The original toll on the bridge was at a time when traffic was significantly less than it is today. A toll booth now, unless automated like "EZ Pass", would result in massive traffic jams on 951.

karenglaub writes:

Who owns the Jolly Bridge? Is it the city? Is it the county? Is it the state? If the city does not own it then the city (Marco taxpayers) shouldn't be paying toll to maintain and/or replace it. Who says we need a four lane bridge? Except at rush hour, the bridge isn't that busy most of the time. I grant you that in season there is more traffic but these people shouldn't be in such a hurry. Didn't they come here to relax and enjoy? I have heard people say that we need two exit lanes during hurricane season if there is an evacuation order. That could easily be handled by having a policeman at either end of the bridge and using the existing lanes as one-way as needed. A four-lane bridge wouldn't help because you only have two lanes to feed the bridge and only two lanes to carry traffic away. During hurricane season the island population is quite small. We don't need a 747 when a Piper Cub will do.

Also, why was Mr. Minozzi at a county meeting to discuss the bridge anyway? Was he there as a private citizen or was he there as the city's representative? If he was there on official business wouldn't that have been discussed at Council meeting? Maybe I missed it. Anyone know the answers?
Robert Glaub (Marco Man notice that I put my name on my comments)

happy6 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

captnjimbo writes:

The city doesn't have enough to manage already? Why would we even think about taking on the responsibility of a State road. Any body that has lived around toll gates or bridges knows that they become a new source of dense traffic and accidents. Even the question is suspect...the state maintains the bridge adequately...the issue is number of lanes and that is only an issue for an hour or so a day, for 8 weeks a year. The State has a plan to expand the bridge but in the meantim the Goodland bridge saves time and intensity during the season at 4 pm.

Our county and city people should be focused on getting the State to move its timing to accomodate the growth...that's the States job and our politicians job...come on folks, forget this toll and get some attention from the right athorities to do their job.

captnjimbo writes:

One more thing...Freshface is right...Marco has some great restaurants that Naples residents and guest frequent in the off season (too much demand while in season)Put a toll up and you build a barrier...bad for business when they need it the most. We used to drop in at the Marriott several times a week...a hang out and according to AMEX we were dropping 3K a year plus attendent tips. When the statrted charging parking again we stopped dropping in. It is now a special occasion spot for us. These little nuances make a difference to how people think.

lowus writes:

Can you imagine the delight of the State when they heard that Marco wants to build a new bridge?? "Sure, go ahead with your study, build your bridge, maintain it. Now that we don't have the Marco bridge to worry about, what project can we move up the list?"

Now that the seed has been planted, why would the State ever want to build a new bridge for Marco? Thanks a lot Mike Minozzi!

lutherdog writes:

OK, lets do a tiered toll charge:
$2 for residents
$10 for non-residents
$25 for Mike Minozzi

Plus, Minozzi can pay the salary for an illegal alien to sit at the base of the bridge and collect tolls!

Mercedes writes:

What the heck, let's have a toll under the bridge for the boaters as well. We can always have Enterprise Construction build it; then we know it will never get done!

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