Polls for 2008

Poll Question Date Posted
In 2008 we saw bank failures, job losses and a housing meltdown. Do you think 2009 will be any better? December 31
Which of the following New Year's resolutions do you think the majority of people make? December 26
Do you plan on making a New Year's resolution for 2009? December 26
Are you guilty of regifting? December 23
Do you still have to do some last minute shopping for Christmas gifts? December 23
Do you have health insurance? December 21
Do you or your family own a Wii? December 17
When people come to visit you in Florida, do they normally stay with you or do they stay at a hotel? December 15
Have you mailed your Christmas cards or Christmas presents yet? December 15
What is the best Etc story of 2008? December 15
Is your dog or cat microchipped? December 11
Which of the following was one of the biggest stories of 2008? December 10
How many hurricanes do you think we will get in 2009? December 10
What is the best reader-submitted photo of 2008? December 8
What was the biggest story of 2008 from the following? December 6
Are you going to buy J.K. Rowling's new book "The Tales of Beedle the Bard"? December 4
Have you set a limit on how much to spend for each person on your Christmas list? December 3
Do you ever prepare kosher dishes? December 1
Would you ever consider buying a 100 percent electric vehicle? November 30
Should businesses be fined for not recycling? November 29
Do you plan to do some holiday shopping on Friday? November 25
Will the drop in gas prices affect your Thanksgiving travel plans? November 25
What is your favorite word of 2008? November 25
What will be your main course for Thanksgiving dinner? November 22
Where are you going to eat Thanksgiving dinner? November 22
Are you going to shop on Black Friday? November 22
Do you plan to cut back on your holiday spending this year because of the state of the economy? November 19
How optimistic are you about all of the government bailouts? November 18
Are you optimistic about the job market picking up in 2009? November 15
What’s the most you’ve ever won in the Florida lottery? November 13
How optimistic are you about America's economic future? November 12
What hypoallergenic dog breed should the Obama family get? November 10
Have you ever paid money to get your fortune told? November 9
Who has the best chance of being the first woman president? November 6
Are you happy with the presidential election outcome? November 5
Which ticket has your vote today? October 31
When do you think the 2008 presidential election outcome will be finalized? October 29
What do you think about CenturyTel's acquisition of the Embarq telephone company? October 27
How do you feel about Amendment 2 (Florida Marriage Protection Amendment)? October 25
Here we go again with stock markets ... what's your opinion of the long-term outcome? October 24
Have you decided on a Halloween costume yet? October 23
Who will win the World Series? October 19
Are you planning on voting early? October 18
Who do you think performed best in the third presidential debate? October 15
Do you think the market fall will stop people from traveling to Florida? October 13
Should the driving age be increased from 16 to 17? October 12
Will the allegations of misconduct against State Sen. Burt Saunders affect your vote in the District 14 U.S. House race on Nov. 4? October 9
Do you think DARE is effective in preventing kids from doing drugs? October 9
Do you agree with the bailout plan passed by Congress? October 8
Who do you think performed best in the second presidential debate? October 7
Did you register to vote? October 7
Were you ever bullied in school? October 5
Who did a better job in the vice presidential debate? October 2
Do you agree with the Senate's approval of the $700 billion financial bailout plan? October 1
Did the presidential debate boost your support for either of the candidates? September 26
Do you think Collier County should sue the state over the possible lease of Alligator Alley? September 23
What’s your favorite area mall? September 21
With the stock market slump and worries about AIG, how concerned are you about your money? September 17
What will the AIG bailout do for the economy? September 16
Do you feel safe flying in and out of Southwest Florida International Airport? September 14
Do you think the anniversary commemorating 9/11 should be a national holiday? September 11
How concerned are you about identity theft? September 8
Do you prefer a tax hike over the fire assessment? September 4
Is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin a good choice for John McCain’s running mate? September 2
Do you think the new beach parking sticker plan is a good idea? September 1
Is Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware a good choice for Barack Obama's running mate? August 23
Do you think Southwest Florida will get hit by Fay? August 17
Should tolls be built on Interstate 75 between Lee and Collier counties? August 13
What do you think about drug and steroid testing for high school athletes? August 13
Does his admission of an affair change your opinion of John Edwards? August 8
Collier School Board member Richard Calabrese is recovering from a heart attack. Should the school district temporarily appoint a replacement for him until he gets better? August 6
What should Bayview restaurant be renamed as? August 6
Is the U.S. Sugar deal a good thing? August 1
Which candidate would you choose to be Marco Island’s new police chief? July 21
What sport are you most excited to see in this year’s Olympic games? July 21
How often do you use a pay phone? July 20
Will you see 'Dark Knight' in the wake of Heath Ledger's death? July 16
Should we drill in the Gulf? July 14
Do you own, or plan to purchase, a hybrid car? July 10
How are you altering your commutes because of high gas prices? July 6
Do you think that mandated school dress codes will increase students' academic performance? July 2
What are your Fourth of July plans? July 1
What do you like most about living in Florida? June 30
What are your plans for the Fourth of July this year? June 26
Are you in favor of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? June 26
Should the Collier County School District hire a private custodial service? June 16
Should same sex marriage be legal in all states? June 16
Should Marco start its own power company? June 10
Should the Naples Police and Fire Department be divided into two separate departments with separate directors? May 28
Should Marco hire an outside contractor to conduct a citizens survey? May 27
With mixed news about home prices and new home sales, what is your opinion of the real estate market in SW Florida? May 27
How should the replacement of the Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge be funded? May 21
What summer blockbuster are you most excited about? May 14
Who will be the next American Idol? May 13
Will the additional airline costs discourage you from flying? May 5
What should be the speed limit inside the iROX construction zone? May 4
If you found a wallet with money in it, would you return it to the owner? April 30
Who is the worst kind of driver? April 28
Should women seeking abortions be required to receive an ultrasound during the first trimester of their pregnancies? April 27
Do you think cameras will reduce the number of red light runners? April 23
Should leashed dogs be allowed in Marco's public parks? April 22
What are you doing with your stimulus check? April 20
Do you think Southwest Florida will get hit by a hurricane this year? April 20
Should employees be allowed to have guns in their vehicles while at work? April 17
Which Marco city manager candidate do you think should get the job? April 14
What's your favorite public Southwest Florida beach? April 12
Do you agree with the proposed budget cuts? April 10
Do you obey the speed limit when driving in construction zones? April 8
What is your favorite game show? April 6
Do you think the US is on the right track? April 4
What is your favorite comfort food? April 2
Do you play practical jokes on April Fools' Day? April 1
Do you think more government regulation is the solution to the financial crisis? March 31
Which college men's basketball team will win the NCAA championship? March 30
Do you think parking is a problem at the Farmer's Market? March 28
Was the Florida Property Tax Amendment really a good idea? March 23
Do you think winter residents will return north early because Easter is early this year? March 13
How do gas prices affect you or your family? March 10
How should Democratic officials solve the Florida/Michigan crisis? March 6
Do you think the Naples City Council should ban smoking in public parks & beaches? March 4
How much sleep do you average a night? March 3
Do you think security is adequate at Marco Island City Council meetings? February 21
Presidential politics: Who gets your vote? February 20
Fidel Castro steps down after nearly 50 years in power. February 19
Where is your favorite fishing spot on Marco? February 15
What are you doing this Valentine's Day? February 11
What was your favorite commercial during Super Bowl XLII? February 4
Who's got the 'American Idol' chops January 31
How will you spend Super Bowl Sunday? January 30
Has any of the initial I-75 construction affected your travel? January 23
Which four Marco Island City Council candidates are you voting for? January 16
Has the local real estate market hit bottom? January 16
Should the next Marco City Council set the stage for the search determining the island’s new city manager? January 8
What are you excited for in 2008? January 2
What is your favorite drink to ring in the new year? January 1