Polls for 2009

Poll Question Date Posted
Who is the top person/people to watch for in 2010? December 31
What is the best reader-submitted photo of 2009? December 31
What is the top story of the year? December 30
Should NFL teams pull starters in games if they have clinched a playoff berth? December 30
What's your favorite top girl name? December 30
What's your favorite top boy name? December 30
Should convicted felons have voting rights? December 30
Do you agree with the new, tougher driver's license requirements? December 30
What do you think of the proposed school rezoning? December 28
Should Collier fire districts consolidate? December 26
Are you worried that you might lose health coverage in the next year? December 22
Choose your favorite finalist December 19
Do you favor using tourist tax revenue to build facilities for Chicago Cubs spring training in Collier County? December 18
What’s the worst mistake of the decade? December 17
Who was the best player in the Daily News area? December 16
Who should have been Time's Person of the Year? December 16
Does how much a candidate spends campaigning influence your vote? December 14
What do you think the Chicago Cubs' spring training decision will be? December 12
Do you think Marco needs a city center? December 11
Should President Obama forfeit Peace Prize after sending more troops to war? December 10
Would you be willing to pay additional taxes to provide for children's services in Collier County? December 9
Should Tiger Woods and Elin Woods get a divorce? December 9
Did you get the H1N1 shot yet ? December 7
What is your favorite Christmas carol? December 3
Would you vote in favor of the shell bills? December 3
Now that Tiger Woods has apologized for his transgressions, how do you feel about him? December 2
How did Florida State handle the Bobby Bowden situation? December 1
Is the Tiger Woods crash a public or private matter? November 30
Who was the best football team in the Daily News coverage area? November 28
How should code fines be handled? November 27
What should the punishment be for students who participated in 'Kick a Jew Day'? November 26
What grade would you give Frank Halas as a Collier County commissioner? November 26
When do you think is the best time to get a mammogram? November 17
Who will win Friday's Class 3A playoff game? November 16
Are police arrest reports an invasion of privacy? November 13
Do you believe Friday 13th is bad luck? November 13
Should sex offenders be banned from public parks, beaches and polls? November 13
Do you think the world will come to an end in 2012? November 13
Is President Obama doing a good job? November 11
Which game are you looking forward to in Week 11 November 10
Should officials ban smoking outside Southwest Florida International Airport? November 10
Do you think Marco's budget cutting process should be over? November 10
Should smoking be banned at Southwest Florida International Airport? November 10
Do you support a high school at Marco's Mackle Park? November 10
Should the U.S. send more troops to Afghanistan? November 10
Should City Council get a raise? November 6
What do you think of the Collier school district's punishment for the 4 Immokalee football players? November 6
Should parents be jailed if kids don't go to school? November 6
Should law enforcement have access to a child's emergency contact information? November 5
Would you move into a house if you knew it was a scene of a homicide? November 1
What game are you looking forward to in Week 9? October 29
Do you have a license for your pet? October 24
Prep football: What should the Naples vs. Barron Collier game be named? October 21
What do you think of the "illegal alien" Halloween costume? October 21
What is your opinion of marijuana use? October 19
Who should be at the top of AP's college football rankings? October 18
How would you best describe the media when it comes to covering a story? October 17
Should police get involved in chases to apprehend suspects? October 17
Who is the best celebrity look-a-like? October 17
Does Rosie Johnson look like singer Beyoncé Knowles? October 17
Unforgettable Faces Finalists - Vote for one October 16
What will you do to reduce your carbon footprint? October 16
Do you think story of boy on balloon was a stunt? October 16
Do you support the independent fire districts shell bill as drafted? October 14
What game are you looking forward to in Week 7? October 14
What do you think of the new red light fines? (vote for two) October 13
Should every American be forced to have health care insurance? October 13
Will the Baucus health care bill be the answer? October 13
Was President Obama a good choice for the Nobel Peace Prize? October 9
Which game are you looking forward to in Week 6? October 7
Who will win between Florida and LSU? October 5
Should this be Bobby Bowden's last year? October 5
Do you think banning hip-hop concerts will make Fort Myers safer? October 5
What grade would you give Jim Mudd for his work as county manager? October 3
What is your favorite Beatles song? October 3
What game are you looking forward to in Week 5? September 28
Do you prefer high school, college of pro football? September 27
Can a man accused of killing his family get into heaven? September 26
Who had the best performance in Week 4? September 26
Would you vote to amend Marco's spending cap? September 24
Should red-light violation tickets be issued for right turns? September 23
Do you think Urban Meyer should consider going to the NFL? September 22
Should Marco host its own Tea Party similar to those in Naples and other cities? September 22
Should Collier County approve spending more money to put exhibits in the new Marco Island Historical Museum as was once planned? September 22
What game are you looking forward to in Week 4? September 21
Are you getting a flu shot this year? September 19
Who had the top performance from Week 3? September 19
Should Collier County play football on religious holidays? September 17
Should the judge send Samir Cabrera to prison? September 15
What is your favorite Patrick Swayze movie? September 15
What did you think of Jay Leno at 10 p.m.? September 15
What game are you looking forward to this week? September 14
Will Lane Kiffin and Tennessee beat Florida as he predicted? September 14
Which video is your favorite? September 14
Who is the top performer from Week 2? September 11
What was the biggest surprise of Week 2? September 11
What is your opinion of abortions? September 11
When do you think politicians' personal lives should remain personal? September 10
Do you think the Miami Dolphins, which are 4-0 in preseason, have a chance of another perfect season? September 10
Do you think it’s fair that Islanders are getting tickets for blocking sidewalks, on lawns or parking in swales? September 10
Who will win Saturday's USC at Ohio State game? September 10
What are your thoughts on Ellen DeGeneres as a replacement for 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul? September 10
What game are you looking forward to in Week 2? September 9
Would you be willing to pay $500 in taxes so everyone has health insurance? September 9
Should the government offer a health care plan to compete against private insurers? September 9
Should the government require everyone to have health insurance? September 9
Should the government guarantee health-care for those you can't afford it? September 9
Should employers be required to pay a fee if they don't provide health care insurance September 9
Should Congress pass a major health care bill? September 9
Do you think Sam Bradford should've left Oklahoma after last season? September 8
Who had the top performace from Week 1 September 4
What was the biggest surprise of Week 1? September 4
How do you feel about the closing of the Kmart on U.S. 41 East near 951 September 4
What do you think City Council should do with the $1.1 million electric fee surplus September 4
Should Collier and Lee schools show the president’s back-to-school address? September 3
Who is the best high school football team this season? September 3
Should pit bulls be banned? September 2
Do you use a social networking tool like Facebook or Twitter? September 1
What nonstop flights would you like to see at Southwest Florida International Airport? August 26
What's your opinion on homework? August 25
What do you think of red-light cameras? August 25
Should Collier try to lure the Cubs for spring training? August 22
Which is your favorite Smokehouse Bay Bridge design August 19
Who will get your vote for Fla. governor? August 19
Should Collier County Domestic Animal Services add ‘adoption’ to its mission statement? August 19
Should Marco prohibit ficus hedges? August 18
Should Mike Scott be disciplined for his association with a felon? August 18
What grade would you give Collier Schools Super Dennis Thompson? August 18
Do you like having a live council blog? August 17
What are your thoughts on the Collier County School District holding a district meeting at a church? August 16
Do you plan on flying anywhere this summer? August 10
Who should be No. 1 in the preseason poll? August 7
What's your favorite restaurant? August 7
Iguana on the menu? How would you cook 'em? August 6
Should all colleges be smoke-free? August 5
Would you take the Marco Island man up on his free house offer? August 4
Should Congress add more money to the Cash for Clunkers program July 31
Do you text and drive? July 30
If found guilty of soliciting prostitution in exchange for medical services, should a physician lose their license to practice medicine? July 28
Should it be illegal to use electronic media to “promote” gangs? July 28
What is your favorite Museum mural? July 23
Should students who drive to school be drug tested? July 23
What do you think the minimum wage should be? July 23
Does the Naples area need another dog park? July 21
Should students be allowed to use their cell phones in school? July 19
Which of these Eagle design color options is your favorite? July 16
Do you believe that exotic pets like pythons should be more tightly regulated? July 9
How did you enjoy Marco's July 4 fireworks display? July 7
What do you think of Naples making the list of the top 10 pricey cities that pay off? July 5
Where is the best place to stand in Southwest Florida? July 3
What do you think of the new seat belt law that goes into effect July 1 that will allow law enforcement officers to stop any vehicle if the driver or front-seat passenger is not buckled up? June 28
If you had to pick a favorite MJ song, what would it be? June 25
Are you surprised that Jon and Kate Gosselin are filing for divorce? June 23
What would you do if Collier County started charging for beach parking permits? June 16
Who is the best-ever NBA Coach? Your call June 16
What do you think of the new shoreline fishing license requirement for residents? June 9
Are you going to buy the iPhone 3G S? June 9
What is the most important goal that Superintendent Dennis Thompson should focus on? June 4
Should there be an I-75 interchange at Everglades Boulevard? June 2
What's your favorite summer activity? June 2
Now that Gov. Charlie Crist signed a bill making city ordinances restricting boat anchoring null and void, should Marco officials end their court battles to enforce their anchoring ordinance? June 2
What effect will GM's bankruptcy have on you? June 1
Would you buy a scratch-off ticket at a vending machine? May 31
Have you made any preparations for hurricane season? May 31
Should cities, such as Marco, pursue anchoring ordinances? May 28
Did you drink alcohol before you were 21? May 26
Should prostitution be legal? May 14
Who should replace Gov. Charlie Crist? May 12
Is it constitutional for Ave Maria's developers to choose a permanent majority on the town's government? May 12
Should Ave Maria's developers have been required to disclose how long they could control the town's government? May 11
Did lawmakers give Ave Maria's developers too much power over the town's government? May 10
What social networking Web site do you use the most often? May 3
Do you favor consolidation of Collier fire districts? May 1
Has amplified music at the Esplanade gone too far? April 28
Should Marco study electric subsidization? April 28
Are you concerned that swine flu may spread to Southwest Florida? April 26
Should Marco's pending dog park be exclusively for residents? April 23
What do you use your credit card for? April 22
Are you in favor of drilling for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida? April 21
Do you believe in psychics? April 15
Should ice cream vendors be regulated in Bonita? April 15
Do you own a pair of Crocs? April 9
Which crossword puzzle do you like better? April 6
Should marijuana be legal? April 5
Will you attend Easter church services? April 2
Who should go home on American Idol? April 1
Should Naples become more bike friendly? March 31
Would you ever wear a second-hand dress to prom? March 27
Who should go home on American Idol? (3/25) March 26
Which of the 6 goals chosen to drive Collier County’s economic plan do you think is the most important? March 20
Which electronic devices are indispensible for you? March 19
Who will win the NCAA national title? March 16
Are you worried about paying for college? March 15
Who do you think would make the best Marco City Council Vice Chairman? March 12
Who do you think would make the best Marco City Council Chairman? March 12
Should short term rentals be allowed in residential neighborhoods? March 10
Do you think the FHSAA should mandate cutbacks in school sports schedules for economic reasons? March 10
What is your favorite New Kids on the Block song? March 10
Should wealthy foreigners be granted permanent residence? March 6
What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie? March 6
Did you buy Girl Scout cookies this year? March 5
Should the City of Marco Island continue investigating the possibility of taking over the electric utility, LCEC? March 3
Give your opinion of Charter School’s community importance March 3
What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? March 2
How Can Local Businesses Stimulate Turnover? February 27
Do you think Marco Island should have a high school? February 25
Do you think a public bathroom at Hideaway Beach is a fair condition to get $1.6 million in county bed taxes for beach erosion control? February 23
What is your favorite reality TV show? February 23
How do you cope with busy daily schedules? February 20
Should the Jolley Bridge be the top priority of county transportation projects to get stimulus package dollars? February 18
Which plan do you like for Veterans' Community Park? February 18
Do you have superstitions? February 16
Would you purchase a personal travel pillow and blanket kit onboard domestic US Airways flights for $7? February 15
What do you think about cities restricting boat anchoring? (select up to 2 answers) February 12
What should be done with Tract K? February 12
Do you think that President Obama's visit to Ft. Myers gave SW Floridians economic hope for the future? February 10
Are you going to the Collier County Fair this year? February 4
Do you agree that Lee County should adopt the Child Safety Zone ordinance, or do you think the state statute is enough to protect children from sexual predators and sexual offenders? February 2
What was your favorite commercial during Super Bowl XLIII? February 2
Was this Super Bowl more exciting than last year's game? February 1
Are you affected by State Farm Florida’s decision to stop selling property insurance in Florida? January 27
Do you support President Obama's order to close down the Guantanamo Bay prison? January 23
At an anti-abortion protest in Naples on the Roe vs. Wade anniversary, an NDN videographer captured an elderly woman carrying signs falling to the ground. Was she pushed? Watch the video and let us know what you think. January 22
Should gays and lesbians be allowed to adopt children? January 22
Who should win the Oscar for best actress in a supporting role? January 22
Who should win the Oscar for best director? January 22
Who should win the Oscar for best actor in a leading role? January 22
Who should win the Oscar for best actor in a supporting role? January 22
Who should win the Oscar for best actress in a leading role? January 22
Which movie should win the Oscar for best picture? January 22
Where do you like to get your coffee? January 21
How do you feel Obama will do in office? January 21
Who will win Super Bowl XLIII? January 20
What are your plans for Obama’s historic inauguration? January 19
Do you agree with the federal jury that found Fort Myers real estate agent Samir Cabrera guilty of 11 counts of fraud and money laundering? January 14
Are you going to Barack Obama's inauguration? January 14
Do you have an identification kit for your child? January 11
Do you agree with moving $1.5 million in tourist tax dollars from beaches and shores to stadiums? January 7
Which of the following firms should have the opportunity to oversee construction of the new Red Sox stadium in south Lee County? January 6
Do you use paper or plastic grocery bags? January 5