Polls for 2010

Poll Question Date Posted
Who disappointed you in 2010? December 31
Who will you be watching in 2011? December 31
Do you think gas prices will go over $5 this year? December 31
Who is your choice for the most admired person of 2010? December 28
Do you plan on making a New Year's resolution for 2011? December 24
Should "Merry Christmas" be an official greeting for state employees? December 24
Do you return or regift your unwanted Christmas presents? December 22
Do you agree with the decision to repeal the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy? December 22
Do you still have a landline telephone? December 21
Who should have won 'Survivor: Nicaragua'? December 20
What do you think about the likely end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell?" December 19
How has the shakeup at Marco Island City Hall worked out? December 18
Do you agree with TIME magazine's choice of Mark Zuckerberg as Person of the Year? December 15
Who would've had your vote among these left out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? December 15
Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? December 14
Will it be fair to say the Red Sox or Phillies "bought" the World Series if either team wins it all in 2011? December 14
Will Georgia Hiller, on her first day on the job Tuesday, ask for a revote on the Jackson Lab project? December 11
Should driver education classes be required to teach vehicle escape? December 11
What do you think of Urban Meyer stepping down as Florida coach? December 8
Should the Collier County School District allow an autistic student to bring his service dog to school? December 7
Will you use the new Facebook profile page? December 6
What do you think of Rick Scott's campaign idea of drug-testing welfare recipients? December 4
Should the Marco Island City Council do away with the code enforcement board? December 4
Do you think there’s life beyond Earth? December 2
What grade would you give Naples City Manager Bill Moss? December 1
Do you agree with a seven-year moratorium on oil drilling in the eastern Gulf? December 1
Should jobless benefits be extended through the holidays? December 1
Do you support a high school on Tract K? November 30
Should the man accused of killing a bear to protect his dog be prosecuted? November 30
Has your opinion of Rick Scott changed since the election? November 30
Will you shop online on Cyber Monday? November 29
What grade would you give Steve Donovan as a Collier County School Board member? November 28
What grade would you give Frank Halas as a Collier County commissioner? November 27
Has your opinion of health-care reform changed since it was adopted? November 26
Do you think businesses should be able to sue over the gas line explosion? November 25
What is your preference at airport security? November 24
Do you have more to be thankful for this year than last year? November 24
Do you think Rick Scott will make good on his campaign promise of creating 700,000 jobs? November 23
Who do you think will win Dancing With The Stars 2010? November 23
Who do you think won the fight? November 20
Do you plan to go shopping on Thanksgiving instead of waiting for Black Friday deals? November 20
Are you shopping on Thanksgiving Day? November 20
Will the increase in gas prices affect your Thanksgiving travel plans? November 19
Are you changing your holiday travel plans to avoid airport pat-downs and body scans? November 18
What is your opinion of marriage? November 18
Do you think cholera is a danger to Collier County residents? November 17
Are you going to the midnight showing of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1"? November 16
Will the gas outage affect your weekend plans? November 12
What do you think of the health care law President Obama signed in March? November 11
Would graphic warning labels stop people from smoking cigarettes? November 10
Who will win the 2010 Catfish Bowl? November 9
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? November 8
What do you think of the Collier Area Transit bus system? November 6
What was the top issue on your mind as you cast your ballot? November 3
Do you think the new Republican majority will be able to change things in Washington? November 3
Who got your vote for Bonita Springs Fire District 5 seat? November 2
Who got your vote today for Bonita Springs Fire District 3 seat? November 2
Who got your vote today for Bonita Springs Fire District 1 seat? November 2
How did you vote on Amendment 4 (Hometown Democracy)? November 2
How did you vote on Amendment 8 (class-size)? November 2
Who got your vote today for Collier County School Board District 5 seat? November 2
Who got your vote today for Collier County School Board District 3 November 2
Who got your vote today for Collier School Board District 1 November 2
Who got your vote today for U.S. Senate? November 2
Who got your vote today for governor? November 2
Is birth control preventive medicine? November 1
Do you think the Chicago Cubs will ever come to Naples? October 31
Do you think the phone text controversy will help Rick Scott defeat Alex Sink? October 27
Do political TV ads influence your vote? October 26
Should guns be allowed at Lee County parks? October 26
Who won Monday night's gubernatorial debate in Tampa? October 25
Do you support a proposal to double the height of Collier's landfill? October 25
Do you think race or gender will play a role in the Florida governor election? October 25
What local channel do you watch more often? October 22
What’s your favorite cable news network? October 22
Will the economy affect your vote in this year's elections? October 22
Who's more charitable, men or women? October 21
Which local restaurant serves the best gluten-free pizza? October 20
Who do you think won the hockey fight? October 18
Would you eat red celery? October 16
What should be the name of the Bonita Springs area? October 14
Should Florida be allowed to sue to stop the health care law? October 14
Should contractors be required to check the immigration status of their workers? October 13
Do you agree with the Obama administration's lifting of the moratorium on deep water oil drilling? October 13
Are you planning to vote in the November general election? October 13
Who do you think won in the hockey fight? October 10
Would you vote for Donald Trump if he ran for president? October 8
Would the threat of a terrorist attack keep you from traveling abroad? October 7
Do you prefer frozen yogurt or ice cream? October 4
Should Debra Landberg be charged with a crime for not doing her job? October 4
Who's got your vote for Governor? October 2
Do you think the two students linked to Tyler Clementi’s suicide deserve bias-crime charges? October 1
Should the government issue a card that veterans can carry to prove they are really veterans? September 30
What is your favorite Tony Curtis film? September 30
Who do you trust to run the country? September 29
Who among these first-time nominees deserves induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? September 28
Who's got your vote in the US Senate race? September 25
Should the NCAA pay student-athletes? September 23
Should the school district be able to suspend someone because of a tattoo? September 22
Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children? September 22
Is barring a Golden Gate Estates woman from ever owning horses again too harsh? September 22
Do you approve of President Obama's war strategy in Afghanistan? September 22
Should James Willie Jones have been arrested for threatening students who, he said, threatened his daughter on a school bus? September 21
Would you eat genetically modified salmon? September 20
Should people be allowed to drive on Southwest Florida beaches? September 18
Are you worried about contracting West Nile virus? September 17
Should a police dog killed in the line of duty receive the same police honor funeral as a human officer? September 16
What should be the name of the City of Naples? September 15
Do you think there should be more public restrooms along our beaches? September 13
Should write-in candidates be allowed to register to run? September 12
Is President Obama doing enough to help the economy improve? September 12
Are you better off now than you were before the 2008 election? September 12
Which do you spend more time using? September 11
Will you be getting a flu shot this year? September 11
Should a mosque be built near Ground Zero? September 9
Should the Heisman Trophy be taken away from Reggie Bush? September 8
Do you support a Gainesville minister's decision to burn the Quran? September 7
Should the U.S. intervene to try to stop the stoning of an Iranian woman accused of adultery? September 5
Would you allow your 3-year-old child to compete in a 5K race? September 4
Do you think President Obama is doing all he can to help the middle class? September 4
Do you think the economy is improving? September 4
Do you believe in God? September 2
Did Rick Scott help or hurt his chances to become governor by selecting state Rep. Jennifer Carroll as his running mate? September 2
Have you ever unfriended someone on Facebook? September 1
Are you leaning more toward the GOP after voting for Democrats in the past? August 31
Should Gov. Crist give back campaign money he received before switching parties? August 30
Which 'Twilight' star would win in a push-up contest? August 30
Should Collier and Lee schools show the president’s back-to-school address? August 27
How often do you play the Florida lottery? August 26
Who's got your vote for Governor? August 26
What is the best killer animal movie? August 26
Are you offended by Glenn Beck holding a rally in Washington, D.C., on the anniversary of KIng's "I Have a Dream" speech? August 26
Do you feel safer today than you did a year ago? August 25
Should organizations be allowed to distribute Bibles on school campuses? August 24
Where do you like to eat and shop? August 24
Do you own a DVR? August 23
What do you consider the No. 1 issue in the race for Florida governor? August 20
Do you oppose the war in Afghanistan? August 20
Should U.S. presidents take vacations like most people? August 20
Do you think BP and the federal government have been truthful about the Gulf oil spill? August 19
Is MoveOn.org off-base in its protest of Target Corp.? August 19
Is MoveOn.org off-base in its protest of Target Corp.? August 19
Do Muslims have the right to build an Islamic center near ground zero? August 19
Do you approve of how President Obama is handling the economy? August 18
Should Collier and Lee County School District employees be allowed to ‘friend’ students on social networking sites? August 17
Who should be the new ‘American Idol’ judge? August 17
Are you eating seafood from the Gulf again? August 14
Who do you trust to run the country? August 14
Do you think that cell phones cause cancer? August 12
Should BP keep paying for claims filed in areas not directly affected by the oil spill? August 12
Who's your choice to win the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate? August 12
What is your favorite Aerosmith song? August 12
Is JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater a hero or felon? August 10
Do you know how to ice skate? August 9
Have you ever bought or sold something at a pawn shop? August 9
Should Major League Baseball use replay to determine calls other than balls and strikes? August 7
Who do you plan to vote for in the Republican primary for Florida Attorney General? August 6
Have you finished back-to-school shopping? August 6
What should happen with the class-size amendment? August 4
Do you think Brett Favre will return to football?‎ August 4
Who was your favorite character on "The Munsters"? August 4
Is the U.S. ending its combat mission in Iraq prematurely? August 3
Do you agree with Connie Mack's overall stance against Arizona's immigration law? July 31
Should BP rename its U.S. outlets as part of an effort to repair the company's reputation? July 30
What grade would you give Jim Riviere as Marco Island interim manager? July 29
Should legal and illegal immigrant college students receive the same status as U.S. citizens? July 29
Which intersection in Collier County do you fear the most? July 29
Who's your choice for governor in the GOP primary? July 29
Do you watch porn on your phone? July 29
Who's responsible for enforcing immigration laws? July 29
Who is to blame for the real estate meltdown? July 28
Would you appear on a reality TV show? July 28
Do you think Jackson Lab will bring new businesses to Collier County? July 24
Should the caller who helped deputies catch Timothy Tuttle get the Crime Stoppers reward? July 23
What do you think of high school start times? July 23
Should parents go to jail because of students' absences? July 22
Should Lindsay Lohan have to serve her full sentence? July 21
Who is to blame for the bad economy - and who should do more to help? July 20
Should unemployment benefits be extended? July 19
Would you drink camel's milk? July 19
What is the best mind-trip movie? July 19
Are you satisfied with BP’s fix of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? July 17
Should it be illegal to use a cell phone while driving? July 16
The Gulf geyser has stopped gushing, but do you think it will hold? July 16
Should Apple recall the iPhone 4? July 15
Does Florida need an illegal immigration law? July 14
What should be discussed at next week's special session? July 14
Who had the best performance in an animated movie? July 14
Do you believe the tea party is racist? July 13
What is the most memorable movie creature? July 12
Do you still think the Cubs will come to Naples? July 10
Who's got your vote for Governor? July 9
Did LeBron James make the right decision? July 8
Should the state permanently ban offshore drilling in the Gulf? July 8
Which is the best way to fund Jackson Lab? July 8
Would you ever buy a 3-D television? July 7
Should the federal government be able to overturn Arizona's immigration law? July 7
Can Tom Cruise reestablish himself as ‘the guy’? July 6
Does Lindsay Lohan deserve to go to jail for violating her probation? July 6
What are your Fourth of July plans? July 3
Which photo deserves to win the Citizen's photo contest for June? Topic is 'Sum-Sum-Summertime' July 2
Who was the best U.S. president? July 1
Should Florida ban texting while driving? June 30
Would you pay $10 per month for Hulu? June 29
'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:' Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob? June 29
Should pornographic websites have their own ".xxx" domain? June 28
Would you watch a show starring "The Elite Housewives of Naples?" June 25
Should citizens be able to sue BP over the oil spill? June 24
Do you think the oil spill will permanently damage the Obama presidency? June 19
Who do you plan to vote for in the Florida Senate race? June 19
Do you think City Council should institute a ban on hiring smokers? June 16
Should Naples ban smoking on public beaches? June 16
Do you support a tax increase to purchase 22 acres of land to allow the Naples Zoo to expand? June 15
Would you be in favor of changing Park Shore Drive to Lutgert Drive? June 15
Chocolate or vanilla? June 12
Who will get your vote in the Republican primary for Florida governor? June 10
Are you going to buy the iPhone 4? June 7
Florida Sen. George LeMieux says President Obama isn't doing enough to help Florida in the oil spill. Is Obama doing enough? June 5
Do you think Obama should extend additional benefits to same sex partners of federal employees? June 3
What do you think about AT&T putting limits on data consumption? June 2
What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend? May 28
Should Congress end the "don't ask, don't tell" ban on gays and lesbians serving in the military? May 28
Who will be the 2010 Winged Foot winner? May 27
Do you agree with the outcome of “American Idol?” May 26
Vote for the best photo in the Collier Citizen'photo contest for May May 24
Was the “Lost” finale worth it? May 24
What is your opinion of the current real estate market? May 21
What should the U.S. do to secure the Mexico border? May 20
Who will win Season 9 of American Idol? May 20
Is it immoral to walk away from a mortgage? May 18
Who should have won 'Survivor'? May 17
Change Marco Island's ordinance on committee sizes or change the size of the CRA committee? May 14
Should Marco Island require commercial recycling along with Lee, Collier counties? May 14
Would you pay to use the Naples Pier? May 13
Who should be booted from American Idol tonight? May 12
Should there be a constitutional ban on oil drilling in Florida’s coastal waters? May 11
Do you believe in UFOs? May 11
Are you willing to pay extra on your power bill to bring Jackson Lab to Collier? May 10
Who has your vote for governor? May 9
What is the worst intersection in Collier and Lee? May 7
What do you think of Silly Bandz? May 7
Would you pay to hear Sarah Palin speak? May 7
Should an ultrasound be mandatory before an abortion? May 6
Should the Phillies fan have been Tasered? May 4
Who's to blame for the oil spill? May 3
Should Collier County pursue getting the USS George Philip to sink for a reef? May 2
Collier Citizen April Photo Contest: April 30
Who will win the Kentucky Derby? April 30
Will Brett Favre come back to play in 2010? April 30
Will you vote for Charlie Crist now that he's an independent? April 30
Do you agree with Congressman Mack? April 29
Who would you vote for in the U.S. Senate race? April 29
Which baseball team do you hate the most? April 29
Should Puerto Rico be the 51st state? April 28
Was it OK for the Dolphins to ask Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute? April 28
Who should regulate video games? April 26
Would you support an immigration bill similar to the one in Arizona? April 26
What round will Tim Tebow be drafted? April 22
Do you agree with the NFL's suspension of Ben Roethlisberger? April 21
Do you agree with Marco’s decision to fire Steve Thompson? April 19
Should Marco Island City Manager Steve Thompson be fired? April 19
Do you trust Washington? April 19
Do you think the new short sale rules are a good idea? April 9
Would you drink raw milk? April 9
Where will Tiger Woods be following Friday's round at the Masters? April 9
Did the judges make the right decision to save Michael Lynche? April 8
What score will Tiger Woods post in the first round of the Masters April 8
Should Royal Harbor be allowed to install video cameras to monitor license plate numbers of drivers? April 7
How many named storms will there be this hurricane season? April 7
Who should be voted off American Idol April 6
Do you think the tan tax is a form of discrimination? April 4
Have you mailed your census form? April 1
What are your thoughts on buying an iPad? April 1
What should be the President's priority? March 31
Who should go home on American Idol? March 31
What do you think of the Tea Party? March 30
Should Immokalee court services close to save taxpayer money? March 27
Would you use a public bathroom at Hideaway Beach? March 26
Do you think Paige Miles deserved to be eliminated from 'American Idol'? March 25
Should Gary Price resign as Bonita Springs city manager? March 24
Who should go home tonight on American Idol? March 24
Should the Collier County School District reinstate the diversity committee? March 23
Would you have spotted Marco's fake $20's before accepting them? March 22
Do you think development is on the turnaroud in Collier County? March 18
Should rising juniors be allowed to remain at their current schools when the school is rezoned? March 17
Should Sam Saad resign from the Naples City Council? March 17
How will Tiger Woods play at the Masters? March 16
Do you support Marco charging to use the dog park? March 15
Have you filled out the 2010 Census form? March 15
Should Florida keep or scratch the FCAT? March 13
Who is going to be the next American Idol? March 12
When you hear the name Lindsay, do you think of Lindsay Lohan? March 10
What is your favorite Corey Haim movie? March 10
Do you think Paige Miles is going home from American Idol? March 9
Are you going to vote yes or no on Amendment 4? March 9
Should surveillance video of the deadly SeaWorld attack be released to the public? March 9
Are pants or slacks considered professional attire for women? March 9
Should Congress pass a comprehensive health care bill this spring? March 9
Should same sex-marriages be allowed in Florida? March 9
Should federal funding be used to pay for abortions? March 9
Should employers be allowed to enforce dress codes? March 9
Are you going to watch "Alice in Wonderland" in theaters this weekend? March 5
Do you accept Naples council member Sam Saad's apology about his driving transgressions? March 5
Do you support a CRA for Marco Town Center March 5
Who was your favorite female performer on American Idol 03/02? March 4
Will lowering code fines before repair help sell some foreclosure properties? March 4
Which is your favorite choice for renaming Veterans' Memorial Park March 3
Who was your favorite male American Idol last night (3/02)? March 3
Do you think shell and gravel driveways can be unsafe? March 2
Would you miss Saturday mail delivery if it was discontinued? March 2
Are you affected by loss of unemployment benefits? March 2
Which of these legislative priorities is the LEAST important? February 27
Should the killer whale that killed its trainer be euthanized? February 25
What location-based Web services do you use? February 25
Should all of Congress be evicted? February 25
Who was your favorite male performer on American Idol 02/24? February 25
Do you consider yourself to be pro-choice or pro-life? February 25
Should domestic partners be offered benefits at FGCU? February 24
Who was your favorite female performer on American Idol 02/23? February 23
Should junk food be banned from vending machines at public schools? February 23
Should American Idol go on without Simon Cowell? February 22
Was the two-day suspension the appropriate punishment for the Naples police officer caught using derogatory comments on camera? February 22
Who has more power in the Collier County School District? February 18
Who is your pick to win American Idol Season 9? February 17
Should developers pay the government for public art? February 17
What question would you ask Tiger Woods on Friday? February 17
Would you pay membership fees to take your dog to Central Bark? February 16
Should schools be able to control what students say on social media sites? February 16
A year after leaving office, what is your opinion of George W. Bush? February 16
If there is an additional expense, do you think it's worth preserving the view to Marco Island by altering the Jolley Bridge design? February 15
Where do you think Barack Obama belongs on the list of greatest U.S. presidents? February 15
Overall, do you approve or disapprove of Barack Obama's job as president so far? February 15
Do you think LCEC is being reasonable with deposit requirements? February 11
Which song should win the Oscar for best original song? February 11
Which movie should win the Oscar for best animated feature film? February 11
Who should win the Oscar for best director? February 11
Who should win the Oscar for best actress in a supporting role? February 11
Who should win the Oscar for best actor in a supporting role? February 11
Who should win the Oscar for best actress in a leading role? February 11
Who should win the Oscar for best actor in a leading role? February 11
What is your opinion of the refurbished Collier Boulevard boat ramp near Marco? February 10
How much do you plan to spend on Valentine's Day? February 10
Will you be attending the 2010 ACE Group Classic golf tourney? February 9
Should the city regulate how much parking restaurants must have? February 9
Are you pleased with state spending on public education? February 8
Do you think preferred parking at FGCU should reward hybrid vehicle owners? February 8
Is Iran's nuclear program a threat to world peace? February 8
What was your favorite commercial during Super Bowl XLIV? February 8
Was this Super Bowl more exciting than last year's game? February 7
Do you support drilling for oil off Florida February 7
Do you believe developments' 'parks' inhibit beach access? February 7
Should Florida ban greyhound racing? February 5
Would you eat a Donut Burger? February 5
Back Yard Contest - Vote for your favorite Finalist February 5
Is Lee County doing the right thing for economic diversity? February 4
What is your opinion about appointment of Roy Terry to Collier's school board? February 3
Does Collier County need a second overpass? February 3
Do you think converting an old septic tank into a cistern to save drinking water is a worthy endeavor? February 3
Should FGCU pursue buying off-campus housing? February 2
What is your impression of Congress and the budget? February 2
Which movie should win the Oscar for best picture? February 2
Do you believe Collier County public schools can improve report cards? February 1
Should Estero become a formal city? January 30
Do you have faith that President Obama will move the country forward? January 28
Does the Winter Wine Festival affect your giving to local charities? January 28
Should Collier County continue to pursue a spring training team? January 27
Will you take part in this year's Harry Chapin Empty Bowl effort? January 27
Are you surprised by this driver's record? January 27
Did you vote Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010? January 26
Can we really measure high school students' future ability for college? January 26
What grade would give Sheriff Rambosk? January 26
On a scale of 1-to-10 (with 10 the highest mark) rate Gov. Crist's performance? January 26
On a scale of 1-to-10 (with 10 the highest mark) rate President Obama's performance? January 26
Should the Fed's chairman retain his seat? January 25
Did you attend the Bayshore Drive festival this past weekend? January 25
Did you or are you planning to vote on Tuesday? January 25
Who will win the Super Bowl? January 24
Should Collier County continue investment in EDC issues? January 24
Should Lee County work to get the Orioles for spring training? January 24
What do you think about the greyhound track moving to seasonal racing? January 24
Are women or men better drivers? January 24
What grade would you give Collier Schools Superintendent Dennis Thompson? January 21
What is the goal of the consolidation shell bill? January 20
Should marijuana be legalized January 19
Do you think Haitians illegally in the United States should be given asylum due to the earthquake? January 15
Do you want the Cubs in Collier? January 15
Should students be allowed to memorialize Jake Couture at Gulf Coast High School? January 15
Who do you think is visiting Naples? January 13
Should students be allowed to display Confederate flags? January 11
Should Mark McGwire get into the Hall of Fame? January 11
Who is your favorite late night talk show host? January 10
What grade would you give Kevin Rambosk as Collier County sheriff? January 8
Which three Marco City Council candidates are you voting for? January 7
Do you think it will snow in Collier County this week? January 6
Do you go to the tanning salon? January 5
Are you happy at your job? January 5