Polls for 2011

Poll Question Date Posted
What grade would you give Rick Scott for his first year as governor? December 31
Who is the top person/people to watch for in 2012? December 30
Do you think the economy will improve overall in 2012? December 29
Would you say 2011 was a bad year or a good year overall? December 29
What do you do with unwanted Christmas gifts? December 25
Is it hard to find a beach parking place in Collier? December 24
Are you registered to vote? December 23
Should advertisements be allowed on school buses? December 23
What are your plans for the holiday? December 22
Have you finished your Christmas shopping? December 21
Do you think a traffic light is needed on U.S. 41 East at the entrance to Eagle Lakes Community Park? December 19
What do you think of Tim Tebow as an NFL quarterback? December 15
Do you believe the U.S. economy is finally back on track? December 13
Who's your choice as the next coach of the Miami Dolphins? December 12
Do you support Lowe's pulling ads from the TV show "All-American Muslim"? December 12
Are you donating less or more to charity this holiday season? December 10
Should Florida ban greyhound racing? December 6
Do your kids still believe in Santa? December 6
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? November 30
Who's your favorite Muppet? November 25
Should fire departments be able to charge fees for responding to accidents and fires? November 19
Should slot machines be allowed in Lee County? November 18
Should juvenile offenders be held in detention centers or jails? November 17
Should there be a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products? November 15
Should cellphone use by drivers be illegal? November 11
Should foreign oil drillers be held liable for damages from oil spills that threaten U.S. waters? November 9
Are harsher penalties needed for drivers who seriously injure or kill bikers? November 9
Do you support President Obama's health care law? November 8
Do you agree with the guilty verdict of Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray? November 7
Is Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, guilty or innocent? November 7
How often do you text while driving? November 6
Does the Penn State child sex scandal tarnish the legacy of Joe Paterno? November 6
Do you think it is OK to consume products in a store before you have paid for them? November 4
Are you going to shop on Black Friday? November 3
What do you think should be Florida's state sport? November 1
Are you surprised by Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ divorce? November 1
Do you believe global warming is real? October 30
Do you think the recent turmoil at Edison will have a lasting effect on the college's reputation? October 28
Who's your choice, assuming these two win their party nominations in 2012? October 27
Who would you vote for to replace Connie Mack in Congress? October 27
Do you dress up your pet for Halloween? October 26
Should college athletes be compensated beyond their current scholarship? October 21
Should college students be penalized for reporting alcohol emergencies? October 20
Which project should be the top priority for Collier County Domestic Animal Services? October 18
Should a college professor's job be linked to student grades and ratings? October 15
What should be the method of capital punishment in Florida? October 13
Do you subscribe to Netflix? October 10
Would you vote for Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott if he runs for re-election? October 10
Would you vote for Sarah Palin if she ran for president? October 5
Are you going to buy a Sprint iPhone? October 4
Are you going to buy the iPhone 4S? October 4
Should private debt collectors have access to cell phone numbers of delinquent consumers who owe money to the government? October 4
Who is ultimately responsible for creating jobs? October 1
Are you dining out more or less than a year ago? September 30
Are you willing to pay a $5 monthly fee for debit card purchases? September 30
Should a hold and hug alligator exhibit be allowed in Tin City? September 28
Will you try to eat the 10-patty Vertigo Burger? September 28
Are you offended by Ben & Jerry's new ice cream flavor “Schweddy Balls”? September 28
Should schools show President Obama's education speech live? September 27
Should students be required to complete a digital course in order to graduate from high school? September 27
Do you think Herman Cain will be the GOP nominee for president? September 24
Does Collier County need more parks? September 24
Should Collier County Public Schools show the president’s back-to-school address? September 22
Has your income dropped during the past three years? September 22
Should the state require septic tank inspections every five years? September 19
Do doctors have the right to ask patients if they own a gun? September 18
Do you support a higher tax rate for wealthy individuals? September 17
Do you believe that spanking is domestic violence? September 16
Should the U.S. Postal Service close the Fort Myers post office? September 15
How do you feel about water fluoridation? September 14
Do you let your children watch SpongeBob SquarePants? September 12
Is an overpass needed at U.S. 41 and Collier Boulevard? September 10
Is it time to relax airport screening procedures? September 10
Has your opinion of firefighters changed since 9/11/01? September 9
Do you flash your headlights to warn others of speed traps? September 8
What do you think of Maryland’s new football uniforms? September 7
Who is your pick to be the GOP candidate in 2012? September 6
Should President Obama be re-elected? September 6
Which area of Collier needs greater deputy visibility the most? September 5
What grade would you give Collier's EDC? September 4
Should a college student found with a small amount of pot or booze on campus be arrested? September 3
Should hospitals be allowed to only hire people who don’t use tobacco? September 2
Should there be a bigger hole in golf? September 1
Should oil drilling be allowed in the Everglades? August 31
Do you think it’s OK to live together before marriage? August 31
Have you made any plans to commemorate 9/11? August 30
Should property owners be allowed to keep chickens in residential areas? August 30
Would you vote for Michele Bachmann if she ran for president? August 29
Should guns be banned anywhere on airport property? August 26
Do you own an Apple device? August 25
Who is the best local high school quarterback this season? August 24
Do you think Collier County is a safe place to live? August 23
Have you made any preparations for hurricane season? August 22
Do you have health insurance? August 19
Should students be able to attend the school of their choice? August 16
Should the Dove World Outreach Center move to Fort Myers? August 16
Do you own an iPad? August 16
Do you think it's fair to charge owners of vacant lots fees for water and sewer service? August 14
Should eighth-graders be required to pass a civics end-of-course assessment to move on to ninth grade? August 12
What is your favorite bank robbery movie? August 12
Are you going to shop during the back-to-school sales tax holiday? August 10
Have you ever had your picture taken with an alligator? August 10
Would you vote for Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk if he runs for re-election? August 10
Should taxi and limousine drivers be required to pass background checks? August 9
Should media be banned from the Alex Crain trial? August 9
Who do you blame for the drop in the US credit rating? August 5
What should happen to students who are disruptive in school? August 5
Do you like the way Gov. Rick Scott is doing his job now? August 5
With the stock market drop, how concerned are you about your money? August 4
Do you ride the LeeTran or Collier Area Transit? August 3
Do you prefer gelato, frozen yogurt or ice cream? August 3
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? August 3
Who deserves the most credit for helping the U.S. avoid defaulting on its debt? July 31
Is it fair that the unemployed be required to file for benefits online? July 31
What grade would you give Commissioner Georgia Hiller? July 30
Did the Miami Dolphins make a good decision in trading for Reggie Bush? July 28
Have you started back-to-school shopping? July 26
Should Collier commissioners' use of staff time be limited? July 24
Should local governments spend money on lobbyists? July 23
Who's to blame for the federal debt crisis? July 23
How often should fire departments do inspections of schools each year? July 22
How often do you donate blood? July 21
What is your favorite Greek restaurant? July 20
Do you use your cell phone when you travel abroad? July 18
Do you wear your seat belt in the car? July 15
What is your favorite Harry Potter movie? July 15
What is your favorite Harry Potter book? July 12
Is your pet spayed or neutered? July 11
Did you watch the final space shuttle launch? July 8
What is the country’s most important problem? July 6
Should it be legal to shoot off fireworks in Collier County? July 5
Are you surprised by the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial? July 5
What do you think of the parking rates at Southwest Florida International Airport? July 5
How important has the space shuttle program been to the United States? July 3
With all of the evidence presented, what will be the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial? July 3
Do you use MySpace.com? July 1
Do you clean up after your dog on walks? June 29
Do you think mosquitoes are worse this year? June 28
Should local governments install electric car recharging stations? June 26
Did you participate in internships when you were in college? June 24
Which contestant will win NBC’s “The Voice”? June 23
Should the United States withdraw troops from Afghanistan? June 21
Do you think Casey Weston will move on in the singing contest? June 21
What grade would you give FGCU President Wilson Bradshaw? June 20
Do you think Mesac Damas is competent to stand trial in the death of his wife and five children? June 16
What’s the most beautiful town in America? June 15
After Tuesday night’s performances, who did you vote for on NBC’s “The Voice”? June 15
Do you eat at Perkins? June 14
Do you believe in the skunk ape? June 13
Which Republican candidate debating Monday night would have your vote now? June 13
Who's to blame for more people receiving food stamps? June 12
Should municipal employees be required to live in the cities in which they work? June 4
What's your opinion of the Republican Party and the religious right? June 4
Who was (or is) the better Governor? May 31
Would you have barred some Lely High School students from prom because they were late? May 28
Would you vote for Rick Scott after he cut Collier & Lee projects from the budget? May 26
Who should have won American Idol? May 25
Which of these would you most be willing to do to save gas? May 24
Do you believe gays should be allowed to marry? May 22
Should the president be allowed to pardon those convicted of crimes? May 21
What’s your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? May 20
Who's your favorite CBS Evening News anchor? May 20
What’s your favorite 2011 storm name? May 18
Do you agree with Gov. Rick Scott spending $8,800 to put his name on signs? May 18
What's your favorite type of doughnut? May 18
Would you vote for former 2 Live Crew rapper Luther "Luke" Campbell' for mayor? May 16
Would you vote for Rick Scott if he ran for president? May 13
Does President Obama deserve to be re-elected? May 11
Is Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype a smart move? May 10
Should alcohol be sold and served at the new Red Sox stadium? May 10
Would you vote for Newt Gingrich if he ran for president? May 9
How concerned are you with water district budget cuts? May 7
Should animals be used for biomedical research? May 6
Would you release the bin Laden photos? May 4
Who do you think is most responsible for high gas prices? May 4
Will you watch NBC’s ‘The Voice’ tonight? May 3
Should U.S. officials release video and photos of slain Osama bin Laden? May 3
Do you feel safer now that US forces have killed Osama bin Laden? May 2
Have you ever run out of gas while driving? April 30
Should the U.S. end tax breaks for oil companies? April 30
Should Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel be fired? April 28
Should Floridians applying for welfare benefits be required to take a drug test? April 27
Now that President Obama has released his long-form birth certificate, are you convinced he's a U.S. citizen? April 27
Is one bite enough to declare a dog dangerous? April 24
Should hospitals and nursing homes face budget cuts? April 22
Should guns be allowed at Collier County parks? April 22
Do you celebrate Easter? April 22
Are you pessimistic about the economy and direction of the U.S.? April 21
Who should be the next Collier School superintendent? April 20
Does Florida need tougher laws against animal fighting rings? April 16
How will the jury decide in the case against Robert Hamberg? April 14
Do you own a Flip Video? April 12
Is Manny Ramirez a Hall of Famer? April 8
How concerned are you about a potential federal government shutdown? April 7
Do you think Southwest Florida will get hit by a hurricane this year? April 7
How should Gov. Rick Scott decide who to appoint to fill vacancies on the South Florida Water Management District board? April 4
How often should Florida require septic tanks to be inspected for compliance with environmental laws? April 4
Should atheists be allowed to serve in the military? April 2
Should a nonresident have to buy a new Collier beach sticker if they get a new car? April 1
Are you going to watch the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? April 1
Which two teams will make it to the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship? (Must select two) April 1
Should loggerhead turtles be added to the endangered species list? March 27
Should textbooks be on the list of tax-exempt items during Florida’s tax-free weekend? March 25
How do you feel about the city’s proposal to reroute a portion of U.S. 41 to Golden Gate Parkway and Goodlette-Frank Road? March 25
Would you vote for Connie Mack if he ran for U.S. Senate? March 24
Should medical marijuana be legal? March 23
What was your favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie? March 23
Should Collier County utilize a multimillion-dollar job creation program as Lee does? March 20
Are you concerned about a nuclear plant disaster in the United States after the crisis in Japan? March 17
Are you going to the Collier County Fair this year? March 16
What do you think of the robo calling idea to address illegal sign problem? March 13
Should the Collier School Board let Supt. Dennis Thompson go early? March 12
Are you giving something up for Lent? March 10
Do people 50 and over have a reason to feel pessimistic about their future? March 9
Can "Two and a Half Men" continue without Charlie Sheen? March 7
Should alcohol be sold and served at Collier County parks? March 7
Are you surprised that Charlie Sheen got fired from 'Two and a Half Men'? March 7
Should Collier schools utilize program providing up to 45 college credits? March 6
Should guns be allowed on college campuses in Florida? March 6
Should people receiving unemployment benefits be required to do volunteer work? March 3
Who’s to blame for rising gas prices? March 2
Are you going to buy the iPad 2? March 2
How do you feel about Gov. Rick Scott’s proposal to cut Everglades restoration funding? February 28
Do you think actor Charlie Sheen deserves a raise? February 28
Should workers in Florida Retirement System be required to contribute 5 percent of their pay? February 27
Are teachers in Florida paid enough? February 25
Do you think a whole-body security scanner will prevent contraband from coming into the jail? February 25
Would you cut back on driving if gas reaches $4 a gallon? February 25
What do you think of Florida's marijuana laws? February 24
Should lawmakers lift ban of firearms on college campuses? February 23
What is the best use of marshmallows? February 23
Should drilling for oil be allowed off Florida? February 21
What should the U.S. do about Cuba's plans to drill south of Florida Keys? February 21
Should someone be allowed to file a public records request as John Doe? February 20
Which song should win the Oscar for best original song? February 18
Which movie should win the Oscar for best animated feature film? February 18
Who should win the Oscar for best director? February 18
Who should win the Oscar for best actress in a supporting role? February 18
Who should win the Oscar for best actor in a supporting role? February 18
Who should win the Oscar for best actress in a leading role? February 18
Who should win the Oscar for best actor in a leading role? February 18
Which movie should win the Oscar for best picture? February 18
Do you think Connie Mack will run for U.S. Senate? February 16
Who's your favorite Sports Illustrated swimsuit model? February 15
Should law enforcement be able to check citizen status? February 14
Should Florida teachers' raises be based on student performance? February 13
Do you agree with the philosophy that cutting mental health services creates more problems later? February 11
Should Florida have an Arizona-style law cracking down on illegal immigrants? February 9
Do you think Collier County Medical Director Dr. Robert Tober deserves a raise? February 8
Do you allow your pets to sleep in bed with you? February 7
Which statement best describes your feelings toward President Obama? February 6
POLL: What was your favorite commercial during Super Bowl XLV? February 6
What time should bars stop serving alcohol on Sunday nights in Naples? February 4
How do you generally feel about Florida's future with Rick Scott as governor? February 2
If you were an elite football recruit and someone offered you $50,000 and no one would ever find out, would you take the money? January 29
Do you know how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver? January 28
Which commissioner do you have the most confidence in? January 26
Do you support a St. Matthew's House shelter in Bonita Springs? January 26
Should the city of Bonita Springs purchase the Everglades Wonder Gardens? January 26
What did you think of the president's speech? January 25
Who will win Super Bowl XLV? January 23
Should the dying mangrove forest near Goodland be saved? January 20
Do you find the lyrics "little faggot" in Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" offensive? January 20
Should illegal fishing be a felony? January 19
What do you think of adding fluoride to water? January 17
Jackson Lab or the brewery? Which is better for Collier County? January 15
Should organizations be allowed to distribute literature about religion on school campuses? January 14
Would you be upset if your zodiac sign changed? January 14
After hearing all of the testimony and evidence, a jury will find James Menard? January 14
Are you going to buy a Verizon iPhone? January 11
What movie are you most looking forward to seeing this year? January 10
Do you support a charter school at the proposed site on Marco Island? January 9
Do you support the idea of a Collier Public Safety Authority for EMS and fire department response? January 8
Do you think the Tea Party will be a lasting force in American politics? January 8
What should the speed limit be on Imperial Parkway in Bonita? January 6
Do you think the job market is improving? January 6
Do you think dying inmates should be let out of prison? January 5
Would you have graduated if forced to pass an Algebra exam? January 4
Would you vote for Jeb Bush if he ran for president? January 4
Have you already broken your New Year's resolution? January 3