Polls for May 2011

Poll Question Date Posted
Who was (or is) the better Governor? May 31st
Would you have barred some Lely High School students from prom because they were late? May 28th
Would you vote for Rick Scott after he cut Collier & Lee projects from the budget? May 26th
Who should have won American Idol? May 25th
Which of these would you most be willing to do to save gas? May 24th
Do you believe gays should be allowed to marry? May 22nd
Should the president be allowed to pardon those convicted of crimes? May 21st
What’s your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? May 20th
Who's your favorite CBS Evening News anchor? May 20th
What’s your favorite 2011 storm name? May 18th
Do you agree with Gov. Rick Scott spending $8,800 to put his name on signs? May 18th
What's your favorite type of doughnut? May 18th
Would you vote for former 2 Live Crew rapper Luther "Luke" Campbell' for mayor? May 16th
Would you vote for Rick Scott if he ran for president? May 13th
Does President Obama deserve to be re-elected? May 11th
Is Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype a smart move? May 10th
Should alcohol be sold and served at the new Red Sox stadium? May 10th
Would you vote for Newt Gingrich if he ran for president? May 9th
How concerned are you with water district budget cuts? May 7th
Should animals be used for biomedical research? May 6th
Would you release the bin Laden photos? May 4th
Who do you think is most responsible for high gas prices? May 4th
Will you watch NBC’s ‘The Voice’ tonight? May 3rd
Should U.S. officials release video and photos of slain Osama bin Laden? May 3rd
Do you feel safer now that US forces have killed Osama bin Laden? May 2nd