Polls for 2012

Poll Question Date Posted
What is your New Year's resolution? December 31
Do you plan on making a New Year's resolution for 2013? December 31
Should the U.S. pass tougher gun control laws in 2013? December 30
What are your plans for the holiday? December 21
Have you finished your Christmas shopping? December 21
Do you think there should be an armed police officer in every American school? December 21
Do you think the world will end Dec. 21, 2012? December 20
Should same-sex marriage be permitted in Florida? December 20
Should marijuana be legalized in Florida? December 20
Would you have voted for President Obama as Time's 'Person of the Year'? December 19
Are you donating less or more to charity this holiday season? December 18
Should Florida end ban on guns in schools? December 17
Which Immokalee High football team is the best ever? December 15
Do you think cameras reduced the number of red light runners in Collier County? December 12
What's your opinion of the Collier County Sheriff's Office 'Safety Style' video? December 11
What kind of Christmas tree are you putting up this year? December 4
Should Florida schools increase the number of hours students must attend? December 3
Who should lead the Republican Party? December 1
Do you think downtown Naples needs more parking spaces? December 1
Should Florida Gulf Coast University employees be required to submit fingerprints for criminal background checks? November 30
Should parental consent be required for pregnant minors to have abortions? November 28
Are you going to buy a Powerball ticket for Wednesday's drawing? November 27
What is the proper age to require booster seats for kids in cars? November 26
How do you feel about the proposed I-75 interchange at Everglades Boulevard? November 21
What are your Thanksgiving holiday plans? November 16
What is your favorite Hostess product? November 16
Do you plan to go shopping on Thanksgiving instead of Black Friday? November 14
Are you going to shop at H&M? November 13
Would you eat a pizza topped with frog legs, alligator sausage, python and tomatoes? November 13
Should Florida ban texting while driving? November 9
What do you think of the Collier Area Transit bus system? November 9
Will you be getting a flu shot this year? November 8
How long did you wait in line to vote in the general election? November 7
How are you voting in the November general election? November 5
What is your opinion about abortion? November 1
Do you park your car at Southwest Florida International Airport? October 31
How would you grade the quality of health care available in Collier County? October 28
Is medical tourism a good idea for Collier County? October 28
Do you plan on participating in a workplace Halloween party this year? October 27
Who has your vote for Lee County Sheriff? October 27
Are you planning on voting early? October 26
Do you think around the clock security is needed at the Naples Pier? October 15
Have you decided on a Halloween costume yet? October 13
Who will win Thursday's vice presidential debate? October 10
What's your favorite new Oreo flavor? October 10
Have you ever gone parasailing? October 5
Who is your favorite James Bond actor? October 5
Who will win Wednesday's presidential debate? October 2
Have you cut the cord to cable and satellite TV? September 28
What event would you most like to see in Collier County? September 24
Should FGCU students who have a permit be allowed to carry a concealed weapon on campus? September 18
Do you think you could live on $34.89 worth of food for one week? September 15
Would you pay money for a chance to dunk your boss in a dunk tank? September 14
Do you watch the television show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"? September 14
Are you going to buy Apple's iPhone 5? September 11
Do you have a website hosted by GoDaddy? September 10
Are you going to buy the new Kindle Fire HD? September 6
Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish in Southwest Florida? September 5
Have you ever been stung by a bee? September 5
What are you going to watch on television Wednesday night? September 2
What's your favorite Hal David-Bacharach song? September 2
How do you feel about your job? September 1
Should Lee County work to get the Washington Nationals here for spring training? August 31
What are your plans for Labor Day? August 31
Do you think Lance Armstrong's legacy is tarnished after he was banned and stripped of titles? August 24
Do you think Tropical Storm Isaac will pose a threat to Florida? August 23
Should commercial flights be allowed at Naples Municipal Airport? August 16
How do you feel about the Miami Dolphins' decision to release Chad Johnson? August 15
Are you watching the Miami Dolphins on HBO's reality series "Hard Knocks"? August 14
Do you think Mitt Romney made a good decision in selecting Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate? August 11
Who gets your vote in Florida House District 19 primary? August 11
July was the hottest month ever because of: August 8
Do you think hip hop music creates and promotes violence? August 7
Do you use the full-body scanner at Southwest Florida International Airport? August 3
Are you going to shop during Florida's annual tax-free, back-to-school shopping weekend? July 30
What do you consider the most important issue in the upcoming Florida elections? July 27
Are you planning on watching Friday's Olympic Opening Ceremony? July 26
Will Chick-fil-A's stance on gay marriage affect your decision to dine there? July 26
Who has your vote for Florida Senate District 39? July 26
Do you own a gun? July 25
Do you think Mariah Carey will make a good “American Idol” judge? July 23
What is your reaction to the penalties handed down by the NCAA against Penn State? July 23
Do political television ads influence your vote? July 20
Should movie theaters tighten security in wake of Colorado shooting? July 20
Should officers be able to search a person's cell phone after he or she has been arrested? July 16
Should Marco Island residents be taxed to pay for a 24/7 walk-in clinic? July 13
Should Joe Paterno's statue at Penn State be removed? July 12
Do you still own vinyl records? July 12
What sport are you most excited to see in this year’s Olympic games? July 11
What grade would you give Superintendent Kamela Patton for her first year? July 10
Do you feel safer living in Collier County today than you did a year ago? July 9
Do you agree with the $1 million bond set for George Zimmerman? July 6
Who do you think would make the best female running mate for Mitt Romney? July 5
Do you have pet insurance? July 2
What are your Fourth of July plans? June 29
Will Obama now win re-election after his health-care law was upheld? June 28
Do endorsements sway your vote? June 22
Should storage containers be allowed on private properties in Golden Gate Estates? June 22
Should the Naples Zoo's lily pond be saved or paved? June 21
Do you favor Gov. Rick Scott's effort to purge potential non-citizens from Florida's voter rolls? June 20
How do you feel about the DREAM Act? June 15
Which team will win the 2012 NBA Finals? June 14
What grade would you give Collier Superintendent Kamela Patton? June 12
What do you think of the sentence Jerry Williams received? June 12
Are you going to buy the new MacBook Pro? June 11
Do you own a hybrid car? June 5
Should junk-food ads be banned from kid shows? June 5
What should be the minimum age to have a Facebook account? June 5
Should a driver license be required to ride an ATV? June 2
Who should Mitt Romney pick as his running mate? May 24
Where do you like to get your coffee? May 23
Who is right about Florida's economy? May 22
Who will get your vote for Governor in 2014? May 20
How do you feel about the state’s decision to lower the passing FCAT writing score from a 4.0 to a 3.0? May 18
Do you drink coffee? May 17
Do you plan to buy Facebook stock? May 16
What do you think about Time magazine's breast-feeding cover? May 11
Should dogs be allowed in the workplace? May 11
Would you ever pay someone to pretend to be your girlfriend or boyfriend? May 11
Should the book "Fifty Shades of Grey" be banned from public libraries? May 8
Should gay married couples have the same rights as heterosexual married couples? May 6
Who's your favorite super hero? May 6
Do you think Southwest Florida's economy is recovering? April 28
Should tattoos be covered up in the workplace? April 28
Are federal officials doing enough to protect the U.S. from a cyber attack? April 26
What's your favorite movie about primates? April 25
Should the U.S. Supreme Court strike down the Arizona immigration law as being unconstitutional? April 25
Would you pay a fee to park in the Fifth Avenue South parking garages? April 23
What are your views on Florida's "stand your ground" law? April 20
What was your favorite Dick Clark show? April 18
Who should Mitt Romney choose for his vice presidential running mate? April 16
What do you think of the Collier sheriff's checkpoint practice? April 14
Should basketball players be compensated to play for Team USA in the Olympics? April 12
How do you rent movies? April 10
Who has your vote for president? April 10
How often do you shop at Coastland Center? April 6
Have you filed your tax return yet? April 6
Would you support a Collier County program offering loans for energy efficiency? April 3
How many hurricanes do you think we will get in 2012? April 2
Should jailers be allowed to perform invasive strip searches on people arrested, even for minor offenses? April 2
Should women be allowed to be members at Augusta National? March 30
Do you shop at Best Buy? March 29
Who gets your vote for U.S. Senate? March 29
Do you support casino gambling in Lee County? March 28
Who gets your vote for President? March 28
Should the Supreme Court overturn President Obama's healthcare overhaul? March 26
How will Tim Tebow do with the Jets? March 21
Would you give your Facebook password and username when applying for a job? March 20
What do you want to see at the City of Palms Park? March 19
Should the Miami Dolphins try to acquire Tim Tebow? March 19
Who would you want to quarterback your team? March 19
Should Collier consolidate fire department office services? March 18
In the past six months, do you believe the Occupy Wall Street movement has made a difference? March 18
Who will win between FGCU and St. Bonaventure in the NCAA women's basketball tournament? March 15
Who’s to blame for rising gas prices? March 7
Are you going to buy the new iPad? March 7
What is your favorite Oreo cookie flavor? March 6
What do you think of the proposed revision to Florida's foreclosure law? March 3
What was your highest library fine? March 2
Which of these is the most prevalent type of aggressive driving in Southwest Florida? (Can pick two) February 25
Should Collier County's building review staff be in the same building as fire code reviewers? February 25
Do you think Peyton Manning will play for the Dolphins? February 23
Should it be a crime to lie about military medals? February 22
Do you check out e-books from the library? February 17
Will you use the full-body scanner at Southwest Florida International Airport? February 15
If you found a wallet with money in it, would you return it to the owner? February 13
What is your favorite Whitney Houston song? February 13
Who should be responsible for providing free contraception? February 10
How much student loan debt did you have when you graduated from college? February 10
Do you think a traffic light is needed at the intersection of Sweetwater Ranch Boulevard and U.S. 41? February 9
Should religiously affiliated colleges and medical centers be required to provide workers with health coverage that includes contraception and birth control? February 7
Did you like Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show? February 6
What was your favorite commercial during Super Bowl XLVI? February 5
What do you think of Collier students having Facebook "hot list" pages? February 4
Do you think a traffic light is needed at the intersection of U.S. 41 and Creekside Boulevard? February 3
What is your favorite Super Bowl snack? February 2
Should student-led prayers be allowed in public schools? January 31
Who do you think will win Tuesday's Florida primary? January 28
Who should win the Oscar for best actress in a leading role? January 25
Who should win the Oscar for best actor in a leading role? January 25
Who should win the Oscar for best actress in a supporting role? January 25
Who should win the Oscar for best actor in a supporting role? January 25
Which movie should win the Oscar for best animated feature film? January 25
Which song should win the Oscar for best original song? January 25
Who should win the Oscar for best director? January 25
Which movie should win the Oscar for best picture? January 25
Should slot machines be installed at the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track? January 24
Who will win the Super Bowl? January 23
What is your favorite Meryl Streep performance? January 19
What do you consider the most important issue in the upcoming presidential election? January 13
Do you brake for animals? January 11
Do you support Las Vegas-style casinos in Florida? January 10
Do you think there's too much cursing on TV? January 10
Who has your vote in the Jan. 31 Florida GOP primary? January 8
Do you think Trey Radel can win a seat in Congress? January 7
What is your party affiliation? January 5
Which drink should be Naples' signature cocktail? January 4
Are you hopeful that 2012 will be better for you than 2011? January 1