Polls for 2013

Poll Question Date Posted
Do you plan on making a New Year's resolution for 2014? December 31
Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? December 26
Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? December 25
What are your plans for the holidays? December 23
Do you have health insurance? December 22
Should 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson have been suspended for making anti-gay comments? December 19
Do you own an ugly Christmas sweater? December 18
Should owners be required to spay or neuter pets that are not registered with nationally-recognized clubs? December 17
Will you still use antibacterial soap to wash your hands? December 16
Has the documentary 'Blackfish' changed your opinion of SeaWorld? December 9
Would you pay for 'cuddle time' with a stranger? December 8
What kind of Christmas tree are you putting up this year? December 2
Overall, do you approve or disapprove of Barack Obama's job as president so far? November 25
When will you start your Black Friday shopping? November 25
Should FGCU students be fined for skateboarding, or longboarding, in pedestrian walkways on campus? November 22
Who will get your vote for Fla. governor? November 21
How do you feel about the Hertz headquarters design? November 18
Are you planning on buying a new car this year? November 16
Will the change to the health care law allowing you to keep your current insurance plan change your view of the Affordable Care Act? November 14
Should students learn cursive? November 14
Do you think increasing the speed limit to 75 mph is a good thing? November 12
When do you plan on doing your holiday shopping? November 11
Are you going to vote for Charlie Crist when he runs for re-election? November 4
Do you donate money to political candidates? October 31
Does your child have a food allergy? October 30
Should "stand your ground" laws be re-evaluated? October 29
Should students be forced to move their cars for FGCU men's basketball games? October 25
Do you think parking is a problem at FGCU? October 25
Do you use etsy.com? October 24
Should medical marijuana be legalized in Florida? October 24
Will you be getting a flu shot this year? October 23
Should sex offenders be banned from enrolling at Edison State College? October 12
Who do you blame for the government shutdown? September 30
What fees and taxes should Gov. Rick Scott cut in Florida? September 14
Should the U.S. strike Syria? September 9
Have you cut the cord to cable and satellite TV? September 7
Have you experienced a hurricane? August 21
Which evening newscast do you watch? August 20
Should there be a special session to address Florida's "stand your ground" law? August 16
Do you own a BlackBerry? August 12
Would you eat hamburger grown in a lab from stem cells of cattle? August 5
Is the tea party less or more powerful than it was four years ago? August 4
Do you rent or own your home? July 29
Are gated communities effective security or just status symbols? July 25
Are you going to shop during Florida's annual tax-free, back-to-school shopping weekend? July 25
Should college athletes be paid? July 25
Do you have a tattoo? July 24
How often do you eat breakfast? July 22
Will Kate Middleton have a baby boy or baby girl? July 19
Do you agree with the "not guilty" verdict for George Zimmerman? July 13
Do you think Kate Middleton and Prince William will have a boy or a girl? July 13
Do you want to be buried or cremated when you die? July 12
What do you think the jury's verdict will be in the George Zimmerman trial? July 12
Should Collier teachers receive a raise? July 10
If convicted, what sentence should Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev receive? July 9
Do you still have a landline phone at home? July 8
Do you agree with the Supreme Court's ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act? July 1
Should there be a stricter ban on fireworks? June 28
Would you pay $50 to see a movie? June 26
Do you think that Paula Deen's admission of using the N-word will affect her image? June 20
Should food stamps be allowed to buy soda? June 18
Do you do online banking? June 17
Should secret recordings be allowed in trials? June 14
Should slow drivers be required to move out of the left lane or face potential fines? June 13
Should defense lawyers be required to hand over scientific test results to prosecutors — even if the results are harmful to the defendant? June 13
Do you believe in pet psychics? June 12
Do you shop at Coconut Point mall? June 11
What grade would you give Collier Superintendent Kamela Patton? June 11
How does your child get to and from school? June 10
Are you going to vote for Rick Scott when he runs for re-election? June 7
Should companies offer paid sick leave to their employees? June 7
Do you drink alcohol on the plane? June 5
Should the Lee County school district do a national superintendent search? June 4
How much time do you spend on the computer per day? June 4
Would you eat a doughnut bacon sandwich? June 3
How many hurricanes do you think we will get in 2013? May 27
Who should get the engagement ring if the wedding is called off? May 24
Are you going to watch "Arrested Development" on Netflix? May 24
Are you going to buy the Xbox One? May 22
Who is the best choice for Lee schools superintendent? May 21
Do you use Tumblr? May 20
Who will win "American Idol"? May 16
Are you going to buy a Powerball ticket for Saturday's drawing? May 16
Should Florida lower the blood-alcohol level to 0.05? May 15
Do you play the Mega Millions lottery game? May 15
Do you think Whippoorwill Lane should be extended? May 14
Do you think there are too many special events in Naples? May 13
Do you believe in ghosts? May 10
Would you take a trip into outer space if you could afford it? May 9
Would you pay to watch YouTube? May 9
Should Florida tax sales made over the Internet? May 6
Is your pet spayed or neutered? May 6
Do you think there is a need for a new hospital in south Lee County? May 1
Who would you vote for president in 2016? April 30
Who is your favorite former Everblade? April 27
What do you think the university should be called? April 26
Do you think Naples has enough parks? April 26
Would you vote for Jeb Bush if he ran for president? April 25
Do you like the Miami Dolphins’ new uniforms? April 24
Do you think the former Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts made the right decision by changing its name to Artis-Naples? April 21
Should spearfishing be allowed in state waters off Collier? April 17
What do you think about allowing pets at outdoor dining tables? April 17
Are you prepared for a natural disaster? April 12
Would you tattoo your dog if it was legal? April 11
Which "American Idol" contestant performed the best this week? April 10
Do you think the sow on the Memphis BBQ contest poster is objectifying and offensive? April 10
Do you support a 94-cent tax hike on cigarettes? April 10
Is Hillary Clinton the best Democratic choice for 2016? April 6
Do you prefer to eat bone-in or boneless chicken? April 5
Which "American Idol" contestant performed the best this week? April 3
Who will be the next FGCU men's basketball coach? April 2
Who would be the best 'Tonight Show' host? April 2
Should Florida teacher raises be based on merit? March 29
Are you willing to pay more for gas and new cars in order to use cleaner fuel? March 29
Did you purchase Florida Gulf Coast University merchandise after the men's basketball team made the Sweet 16? March 28
Which "American Idol" contestant performed the best this week? March 27
Who will win, FGCU or Florida? March 26
Where do you plan on watching the FGCU-Florida game? March 25
Should Florida require background checks on those who want to buy guns? March 21
Should voters have to prove citizenship to register? March 17
Which "American Idol" contestant performed the best this week? March 13
Are you going to the Collier County Fair this year? March 12
Is it too early for journalists to discuss the 2016 presidential election? March 10
Should Collier County increase its efforts to obtain state economic development incentives? March 8
Should passengers be allowed to carry small knives, bats and clubs on planes? March 8
Who will win Season 12 of American Idol? March 8
Should dogs be allowed on Collier County beaches? March 7
Are you in favor of the death penalty? March 6
Do you use free Wi-Fi hotspots? February 27
Do you support drug testing for welfare recipients? February 26
Do Southwest Florida hospitals need more security? February 25
Do you think Oscar Pistorius should be free on bail? February 22
Are you going to buy the PlayStation 4 when it comes out? February 21
2013 Oscars: Which movie will win best animated feature film? February 20
2013 Oscars: Who will win best director? February 20
2013 Oscars: Who will win best supporting actress? February 20
What is your favorite Bruce Willis movie? February 19
Should Collier County extend Whippoorwill Lane? February 19
Have you ever fallen asleep during a movie at the theater? February 13
Do you use coupons when shopping? February 12
Which new Lay’s potato chips flavor would you be most likely to eat? February 12
What was your favorite commercial during Super Bowl XLVII? February 3
Should Estero become a formal city? January 31
Do you ever go into work when you're sick? January 30
Do you donate to your alma mater? January 28
What should happen with the old Grand Central Station property in Naples? January 24
Should women be allowed to serve in combat? January 23
How do you think President Obama's second term will go? January 20
Do you have a food allergy? January 18
Do you think Notre Dame's Manti Te'o was part of the girlfriend hoax? January 17
2013 Oscars: Who will win best actress? January 10
2013 Oscars: Who will win best actor? January 10
2013 Oscars: Which movie will win Best Picture? January 10
2013 Oscars: Who will win best supporting actor? January 10
Should the rich pay even more in taxes? January 6
Should everyone have to buy health insurance? January 4
What do you think the minimum wage should be? January 2