Polls for 2014

Poll Question Date Posted
Would you send your child to a single-gender school? April 16
Should dogs be allowed at restaurants with outdoor seating in Lee County? April 11
Which Windows operating system is your computer running? April 7
Would you vote for Jeb Bush if he ran for president? April 6
Who should be responsible for picking textbooks in K-12 public schools? April 1
Should websites be allowed to charge individuals a fee to remove their police mug shots? March 31
Should Florida raise the speed limit on interstate and limited access highways from 70 to 75 mph? March 30
Is traffic in Southwest Florida worse this year than previous years? March 28
Have you participated in the Resident Club Card program? March 27
How do you feel about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's hairstyle? March 27
How do you feel about sign holders in Collier County? March 27
Should people be allowed to carry guns in emergency situations without a concealed carry permit? March 25
Should Christian-owned corporations be required to provide workers with health coverage that includes contraception and birth control? March 25
How would you rate hole 4 at Hideout Golf Club? March 19
What is your favorite food to eat at the fair? March 18
How would you rate hole 18 at Bay Colony Golf Club? March 18
How would you rate hole 16 at West Bay Club? March 17
Should all elected officials be required to take drug tests? March 15
Should the public be allowed to comment at non-voting workshops? March 14
How would you rate hole 18 at Wildcat Run Golf & Country Club? March 13
Would you participate in a drive-through prayer service? March 12
Are you going to the Collier County Fair this year? March 12
How would you rate hole 2 at Quail West Golf & Country Club Preserve's Course? March 12
Should Bring Your Own Device be removed from Collier schools? March 11
How would you rate hole 3 at Calusa Pines Golf Club? March 11
Should Estero become a formal city? March 10
What are your views on Florida's "stand your ground" law? March 10
How would you rate hole 11 at The Hideout Golf Club? March 10
Do you think this allergy season is worse than previous years? March 6
How would you rate the 18th hole of the East Course at Imperial Country Club? March 6
Should slot machines be installed at the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track? March 5
Should students with parents who are living in the country illegally get in-state tuition rates? March 5
What is your favorite Winter Olympic sport? February 19
Would you vote for Vinny Angiolillo if he ran for Florida governor? February 10
Would you support a tax-free hurricane supplies holiday in Florida? February 9
How do you feel about CVS' decision to stop selling tobacco products? February 5
Would you support an Academic Scholarship Signing Day? February 5
Should members of the Armed Forces and veterans not in uniform be able to publicly salute the flag? January 30
Would you buy a house without seeing it in person? January 26
Should guns be allowed in cars on FGCU's campus? January 21
Would you want alcohol served at your funeral? January 20
2014 Oscars: Which movie will win Best Picture? January 18
Have you spotted a bobcat in Collier County before? January 13
Should it be legal to shoot off fireworks in Florida? January 8