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Hussain Shamseddine

Title: Sales
Department: Display Advertising
Contact: 239-213-6086 | Send Hussain an email

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Hussain Shamseddine is a Multimedia Consultant at the Naples News Media Group.

Hussain joined the company in 2009 after graduating from the University of South Florida, where he received a bachelor's degree in Business Management.

Prior to joining the company, Hussain was in the fashion industry, building a company from the ground up called Monkey Rose Clothing, based out of Tampa Bay, Florida.

His diverse background with experience in science, art, business, and entrepreneurship allows him to provide fresh, innovative and forward-thinking ideas that are beneficial to businesses throughout Southwest Florida.

Hussain Shamseddine

Position History

  • Sales
    Display Advertising
    06/22/2009 - current

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