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I'd like to say being a journalist has always been my dream, that I stumbled across a dog-eared copy of "All the President's Men" in a second-hand bookstore and instantly knew I wanted to be Woodward or Bernstein. That would surely be a much more romantic version of my career trajectory.

But those things aren't true. I came to journalism because it seemed the only job that could combine my passions -- writing, music and a desire to know as much as humanly possible about everything.

I've always been a news junkie. As a precocious 7-year-old, I was glued to the TV for news about the Iran-Contra scandal, wowing my grandparents with my up-to-date reports on the comings and goings of Oliver North.

Still until college, reporting never seemed a legitimate career choice. It was just as outlandish as being an astronaut or a pop star -- though I'll admit to harboring a desire to be both of those at one point or another. No, growing up in a family of ranchers and teachers, it was always assumed I'd do one of those things.

After graduating high school, I set off for the University of Missouri to find my path as a writer. I tentatively penciled in journalism as my major with the reassurance that at a large state school I'd have plenty of fall back options.

Not knowing an inverted pyramid from an Egyptian monument, I joined the staff of the student paper. After two semesters of pulling all-nighters to help put the paper to bed, I woke up and realized I was in love.

Since graduating from college in 2003, I've been here at the Daily News. I started out covering Estero and San Carlos Park, wrote about Florida Gulf Coast University and later health care policy and non-profits. In 2006, I started writing for the Neapolitan section, where I get paid to do things I'd pay to do. I write about music, entertainment, food, religion and the interesting folks who make up our community. Every day I get to explore our world in hopes of helping you live better.

Things I love:

Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals

The Hold Steady

"The Barry Gibb Talk Show" on "SNL"

Must read sites



Entertainment Weekly

Mark Bittman's Bitten Blog, a information source on craft beers and micro brews

Some of my favorite stories

MARC SALEM IS NOT A PSYCHIC Long before "The Mentalist" or "Lie to Me," Marc Salem was the world's preeminent mentalist. Able to wow believers and cynics alike with his amazing powers of perception. I got to spend a few minutes with him before a performance at the Naples Philharmonic. This story won me a SPJ Sunshine State award for Best Light Feature.

BASED ON A TRUE STORY Eddie Jones was a key part of a criminal investigation so famous they made movie about it starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. But as is typical of Hollywood, Jones, who later became a Collier County Sheriff's deputy, didn't get the recognition his work on the case deserved. Nor the payday that other folks received.

(THE LESS) LETHAL WEAPON Florida Gulf Coast University Professor Charlie Mesloh works tirelessly to provide law enforcement with the best options in less-lethal technology. Mesloh is just a character. The kind of people I love to write about.

IGUANAS GONE WILD This is probably my favorite story I've ever written. I got to spend two days exploring the barrier island community of Boca Grande. Nestled at the northernmost part of Lee County, this affluent island community is overrun by iguanas. I went out to meet the people who are trying to help rid the island of these "pests." What I found was a complex issue that the island's small population couldn't agree on, and a community influx caught between its rough-and-tumble past and its blue-blood present.


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