Photos by Kristen Bartlett

  • Chris Bowden, 18, attempts a move called a spiderman while skimboarding at South Beach on Marco Island on Monday, May 3, 2004. Conditions were good for skimboarding due to storms that passed through the area.
  • <strong>BEN L. NELSON SR.</strong> — Ben L. Nelson Sr. is a Bonita Springs resident since 1959. He helped start the water system that became BSU, serving on the utility's board until 1991 and as its president six times. Retired now, he owned a hardware store on Old 41 Road and a founded a marine contractor business and worked as a construction company supervisor. A peace-time veteran of World War II, he worked with the Army Corps of Engineers in Germany following the Allied victory. He has overseen installation of water and sewer pipelines and the construction of lift stations, bridges, and seawalls. He is a member of the Fort Myers Shrine Club. He is seeking election mainly because he wants the utility to practice land conservation and decrease waste of potable water: 'I don't want to make people mad, but I have views on what we should do with our land.... Rather than money in the members' pockets, the land in (East Bonita) should not be sold but is better left for our kids.'

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