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Len Egdish

Title: Director National/ Majors
Department: Display Advertising
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I joined the Naples Daily News in January of 2007 as a sales team leader. I am originally from Connecticut, where I was with Capital Cities/ABC, but spent 12 years in the Kansas City area. Then, both of my daughters decided to move to Florida and I figured that moving to Florida was a lot cheaper than getting a divorce after 32 years of marriage. My wife REALLY wanted to be near our kids and I must admit she was right. Living in Southwest Florida is like living in paradise, palm trees and beaches compared to feet of snow in Connecticut … no contest.

Anyway, I began my newspaper career selling ads for a local shopper in 1982 and started my climb up the corporate ladder, you might say. I held a number of positions with that company and in 1994 became the publisher with responsibilities of 8 different titles. Next was my move to the Kansas City area, were I was General Manager of a group of weekly papers. Three years later, I was made an offer that I couldn’t say no to: I went to work for the World Company in Lawrence, Kansas, and began a specialty publication division for them. Within the next 12 months, we were publishing everything from Chamber of Commerce directories to Newcomers Guides and even the Symphony Playbills.

That brings me to the Sunshine State. What’s not to love here? I live where many go to vacation. Anyway, back to business. At the Naples Daily News, I have held many different positions here as well, from a team leader to multiple team leader and now the online director. If there is one thing that I have learned during my years in this business is that nothing ever stays the same, and if you can’t adapt to change, you shouldn’t be in this business. Remember … change is good.

Len Egdish

Position History

  • Director National/ Majors
    Display Advertising
    01/16/2007 - current