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Manuel Martinez, a multimedia videographer for the Naples Daily News since July 28, 2007, contributes video to both Studio 55 and His work consists of shooting, editing and posting video for both daily publications and long-term projects.

Manuel collaborates with both photographers and writers to create strong documentary-style footage highlighting our local news. His work often ranges from daily events to in-depth storytelling, focusing on the important stories and people in our community.

Manuel has a degree in English and a degree in Visual Journalism from the University of Tampa and Brooks Institute of Photography in California. He interned at several newspapers as a photographer before coming to the Naples Daily News, where he became one of two multi-media videographers.

Manuel has always been passionate about storytelling through photography and video, and is very passionate about working in the Naples community. He comes from an art-minded family, which he attributes to his interest in visual media. Manuel's entire family is from Asuncion, Paraguay, and the majority of his relatives still live in South America.

Manuel recently became a new father to a baby girl, Riah Maria Dali Martinez. He loves traveling, scuba, music, drumming and cooking. ÜHe has goals to one day raise his family in Barcelona, Spain, and continue his work as a visual journalist.


Position History

  • Multimedia Journalistt
    07/27/2007 - 07/01/2011

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  • Our World: A grim reminder Updated 07/03/2008 at 10:18 a.m.

    There was a fear. There was crying. Whispering. Not knowing. “Even as a child I do remember the fear and the anxiety of being locked in a car without knowing where we were going,” says Annelise Salamon, 77, a Holocaust ...

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