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Tony Pizza

Title: Advertising Account Executive - Advocacy & Political
Department: Marketing
Contact: 239-435-3480 | Send Tony an email

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In my first weeks at Temple University nearly 30 years ago, I reviewed my handbook for an applied communications course. The first pages said the school's goal would be teaching not only how to communicate, but what could be communicated: ideas you present through formats from print and TV/radio to today's web and podcasts.

In my 23 years working in technology-based or dependent industries, I've learned I ultimately sell, internally and externally, access and ability to present ideas. This has taken different forms: I've built and refined marketing databases, conducted and qualified prospects, generated leads for field reps (or closed deals myself), created and distributed sales-based literature, and started, maintained and grew successful client relationships.

My awards (Specialist Of The Year, team MVP) prove this. But my goal has been comaraderie with teammates and satisfaction from customers who became partners and friends. Satisfied customers are my best reference and growth source, reminding me their success builds mine.

Tony Pizza

Position History

  • Advertising Account Executive - Advocacy & Political
    03/23/2009 - current