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Arts and quaff

Sip a sauvignon, slide a brush over the canvas – that’s the concept behind a new Marco business launched by sisters Claire and Catherine Gorman. They’ve called it The Spirited Painter.

Four nights a week, they welcome novice or experienced painters to drop in at their studio to create a work of art under the tutorship of a resident artist – and at the same time keep everything mellow by quaffing wine of their choice.

The rules are simple – there are no rules.

Except, says the Gorman’s mom Cathy – who assists resident artists: “Don’t drink the paintbrush water, and don’t put your paintbrush in the wine.”

And, BYOW.

On this particular evening, Cathy Gorman and artist Kate Weaver-Younger led a group in creating a predetermined subject, a jellyfish seen in the water from below. First, they told the group to draw half of an elliptical circle, which would represent the top of the creature, followed by a full elliptical circle at the open ends to complete the illusion of a 3D “bell.” Thereafter came the tentacles.

It was made clear that colors, texture and size didn’t matter – and about 90 minutes later there were a dozen vastly different paintings. Some participants, heeding the freeform suggestion, painted parts of their canvases with their fingers or Q-tips, while others stuck to the brushes.

Claire Gorman chose a pink background for water, for example. Ryan Mucko, one of two males in the group, decided on a family of jellyfish, while Katy Early of Naples opted for a brown, pink and white duo of jellyfish with blue tentacles – a painting she said she might actually hang in her home.

“It’s one of my first attempts,” she said. “Most of my others are like Picasso without trying.”

The Gorman sisters decided on the (obviously very pleasurable) business move to make better use of their dance studio – the Celtic Spirit School of Irish Dance – where they teach classes one day a week on Tuesday evenings. It’s on the second floor of the building opposite the main post office on Elkcam Circle.

For information on upcoming themes (classes are $40), go to

Market hits town soon

Marco’s popular Farmers Market rolls into town next week, Nov. 18, and runs each Wednesday through April 13 from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Veterans Community Park.

Last year’s format is retained, with a “food court” at the east end, fresh produce vendors, arts and crafts and four non-profits also in the mix. New are a live Maine lobster supplier, Kirk’s Coney Island (hot dogs) and a caricaturist. Live music is also in the cards. Four non-profits also feature.

In all, 80 vendors have booked places at the market, which is coordinated by community events specialist Samantha Malloy and the Parks & Rec. facilities manager Alex Galiana.

More information: call Mackle Park, 642-0575.

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