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Written on Suspended doctor arrested, accused of peeping into Marco condo windows:

I'm sure he's on some of the pain meds he was "Managing"

Written on Marco boy getting motorcycle escort to final resting place:

I agree!!!! God bless this little boy he is one of gods angels now. And god bless everyone who made him smile today.

Written on Marco mini-golf course gets reprieve as judge lifts portion of order:

What a Shame, why is it that they are making something so positive feel like its so criminal. We need this family oriented entertainment on this island.

Written on Letter to the Editor: MICA – Marco residents last line of defense:

Marco defender...........WELL PUT!!!!

Written on Marco Island miniature golf course closed; judge orders its removal:

This is a positive thing for Marco Island, lets get past the BS and make this happen, MICA should help get this done its good for all.....

Written on Marco man accused of stealing loose change to buy beer:

Desperate measures...........Sad that we have people doing this kind of stuff here in paradise and everywhere else. If he needs to steal change from a fountian that bad for beer, god knows what other desperate measures he will take...........any way Big or Small crime Good Job MIPD

Written on Gov. Rick Scott vetoes immigrant driver license bill:

AMENNNNN!! Good Job Gov

Written on Marco man left baby home, police say:


You are EXACTLY CORRECT......Thank You

Written on Marco man left baby home, police say:

Mr. Breeze,

Most times when the vehicle was not part of the "Crime" or used in the commision of a "Crime" most Police agencies are OK with having someone pick-up the vehicle. However if the Vehicle is involved in any shape or form, VEHICLE MUST BE IMPOUDED. I would assume you would not or do not know this if your not law enforcement, so your excused.......

Written on Marco man left baby home, police say:

Mr. Breeze,
We should thank god that Dirtbag of a man had a defective light on his car. He might of got away with leaving a baby alone and god knows what would of happen. MIPD GREAT JOB!!!!!. Please keep pulling people over for defective equitment on a vehicle being driven. Remember not everyone gets a summons or arrested when the police stop them for Defective equitment, most get warnings. Some violent Felons have been arrested because something wasnt right with there vehicle!......Again GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

Written on Former Marco police lieutenant receives final warning after sending inappropriate photos :

WOW.....Good Thing he wasnt a New york City Police officer, He would be finished in any and all capacities

Written on ‘Putting’ golf on Marco Island: Planning Board hears first of two mini-golf proposals:

Great Idea, Marco Needs more to do for kids!!

Written on Sandusky sentenced to at least 30 years in Penn State child sex abuse case:

Ummmmmm, maybe 130 yrs would be better

Written on Horse-drawn rides approved – Marco Island Planning Board wades into carriage question :

I think its a great Idea, Bring something exciting to the island. There is nothing negative about this!!

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