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Written on New lights mean brighter nights along Bald Eagle Drive for Marco Islanders :

It was interesting to watch the trenching for the wiring being done by hand. Why was this work completed manually by 3-4 men with shovels? Was there excess money in the City coffers?? When was this work approved and by whom? I would like to hear Mr. Pinter's response to these questions in a public format. Additionally, I am hopeful Marco News is bold enough to ask for these same answers and print them.
Thank you.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Seeking info on attack:

Friends live a block away... they didn't know! Was Tommy Barfield notified??? I sure hope so.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Seeking info on attack:

in response to NobodysFool57:

You're a joke. Better start thinking up a new "nom de plume" for when Klaus Stoertebeker goes the way of Klabautermann and Marco Island Woman. Go away troll, go far, far away.

Good grief! This is about an assault. Stay on topic. NDN, please....

Written on Letter to the Editor: Seeking info on attack:

Sonny! I am so sorry!! Praying for Alicia's full recovery, and your family. MIPD, please alert the Island to prevent this from happening again!

Written on PHOTOS Safety Day: Behind the scenes with emergency and law agencies on Marco Island:

How is the gentleman who was struck by flying debris when the helicopter was landing? I've not seen any reporting on his injury. I understand he was treated by Capri Fire and Rescue.

Written on Federal grant may encourage Marco Island to spend more on new bridge:

Don't we have bigger things to worry about than this bridge? Put those dollars where they are needed most. An arch over a canal is inconsequential next to the travesty in the Gulf.

Written on Utility rate hike proposals as high as 50 percent continue for Marco Island customers:

Direct and to the point... obvious solution,MKL!!! Thank you

Written on News brief: Underground electric project begins Monday in Marco Island's Veterans' Community Park:

Please remember... having these lights undergrounded is vastly more important than recognizing and helping to correct damages to residents' homes caused by City "improvements". When do the rest of us get assistance from Council as expeditiously? Why haven't we yet? just asking...
Desiree Parker

Written on Ugly truth: Winter freeze decimates iguana population on Marco Island:

Considering the ZERO iguana sightings on Granada, I'm thinking the Hunter could work every other month and save the Taxpayers a dollar or two.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The king can do no wrong:

I share your frustration, as do the many people I have spoken with. Perhaps a more concerned and involved response from our elected officials and City offices would have mitigated some of the problems we face.
Desiree Parker

Written on PHOTOS: Marco Island resident claims city, sewage project responsible for her sinking house:

I will gladly supply you with the phone number and contact person's name at Onewest. They will verify this foreclosure notice was due to misapplication of mortgage payments on their part. Feel free to contact me directly if you require further clarification of my finances. Sir, I would not "bilk" anyone. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this matter.
Desiree Parker

Written on Fishermen find body in Marco Island canal:

My gosh, Marco News... Please respect this man enough to at least re-read what you have written.... How can someone say they saw blood on his nose when this man was found face down???? Please read what you have allowed to be posted.

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

I have to say I agree w/ Jimbo... Whether these allegations prove to be true or not, I received very good care and referrals when necessary. Oh, by the way, I was always treated respectfully.

Written on City mulls loan to Marco’s dogs, their lovers:

This is a joke, right? Residents are losing their homes, and the "City" wants to LOAN money for a dog park???? PLEASE!

Written on Guest Commentary: Parking - There’s a right way and a wrong way:

Do these rules apply to City vehicles? They, especially Public Works, seem to park anywhere and everywhere they want. Rules should be followed by everyone, not just the general population. Thank you.

Written on Guest Commentary: The Boyle report:

What is a link to this report? I think a lot of people would be interested in reading it. Thanks!

Written on Letter to the Editor January 7: Smacks of Impropriety:

Is this the same R. Joel that had to testify in a corruption case in the '90's in Cleveland,involving someone named Gray and CDM?

Written on Residents ask ‘why now’ for city-run electric:

"Arceri answered that it is a “longterm issue” and it may be a possible solution to the city’s financial troubles"..... enough said! That is why the City is pushing for this purchase! Residents be darned! The City is hungry! Great job, Don!

Written on Main lift station overflow, raw sewer geyser, reenergizes sewer-septic debate :

Why hasn't the report on the first incident been printed yet? I read it on landmarkwaterway.pdf.

Written on Marco police officer shares cause, recovery of September jet ski accident :

I'm not sure who is more irresponsible here! The officer for so callously minimizing Ms. Rousseau's VERY serious and, perhaps, life altering injuries, or the reporter for not at least speaking with the young woman to hear her version. Being an officer of the courts does not automatically guarantee the truth or a lack of culpability!!!

Written on Deadline for Marco sewer assessment payment option draws near:

Ms. Douglas obviously has not talked to people in the Sheffield district regarding being "impressed with how well the project is coming along". There are many more than two people concerned about this situation. Canvas the area and get a true picture.

Written on Marco City Council ‘puts tools in the hands of police officers’:

How are they going to juggle their cell phones with laptops? Makes you wonder how they steer the patrol cars...

Written on Marco Island to raise taxes, add fire assessment, increase staff :

Cameras on the bridges should have told us something!! We don't just have gated communities, next we'll have a gated city!!!

Written on Crime, overcrowding concern neighbors of short-term rental properties on Marco:

Isn't the owner of Flagship Rentals, which does weekly rentals, on the Planning Board? Has he recused himself from these discussions due to conflict of interest? It would seem to be equal to the 3 committee member's situation regarding "vested interest".

Written on Marco residents say dewatering drying pond affecting habit:

"Unfortunately for the residents, the longer the dewatering takes the more expensive the dewatering process for their area will be."

Why should these residents be made to pay for mistakes made by engineers and planners in the initial stages of this project? Isn't that the purpose of construction insurance?

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