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Written on Marco Island airport 3-month shutdown won't cost employees their jobs:

Thanks, Bob!
You have a wonderful team at KMKY.

Written on Marco airport runway shutting down for three months in season:

in response to Konfuzius:

However - we golfer have now 90 days silence. What a great gift for 2014.

Let us know if your score has improved.

Written on Safety advocates object to Florida raising highway speed limit:

in response to RayPray:

"Germany by no speed limit one of the safest...."

>>> No speed limit autobahn is the way to go. Even with extra accidents, if that happens, a positive tradeoff between citizen freedom & responsibility and having the boot of rapacious local governments on your neck far & wide.

RayPray, when did you last come across the pond to Germany? Now there is a limit on the Autobahn and when there is no limit one is recommended on wet surface.
Usually German cars hold the road better than the ones built in Obamaland (60% of vehicles are SUV's and Trucks) Going up to 75m.p.h. means 15% increase in consumption.

Written on Marco Island traffic alert: Detour for North Collier Boulevard and Yellowbird:

We have very efficient people working for our city with very efficient employees having very efficient pockets. The Camora in Naples Italy are amateurs compared to them!

Written on Bringing down the house: Milk asks Marco Island Code Enforcement Board for authority to raze derelict home:

Have we considered the big cost of running our city that has put a burden on many families. We should have a committee to ivestigate the tendering out of services by city managers. The code enforcement department is out of control. Why have'nt we reduced this department to match the volume of construction?

Written on Marco Island Bike Path Ad-hoc Volunteer Committee: Cyclists tangle with motor vehicles more now than ever:

I cycle regularly from Shadow Ridge Ct to the Town Center via Jamaica & Yellowbird. The bike paths are uneven. Many workers have the politeness to parc on the path. Homeowners oblige by planting trees and bushes very close to the path giving me a free scrub. Have you ever been on a bike in Manhattan? Marco is still a cyclist's paradise so stop nagging!

Written on Marco council votes to decrease utility surcharge :

Robbing Peter to feed Paul never pays in the long run! "Learn to live within your means unless you want to move to Greece"

Written on Sewer connections raise a stink at Marco Island City Council meeting:

Let the proffesional planners pay for their mistake! They sure earn more than enough.

Written on Marco grapples with paying for July 4 fireworks display:

Well done Marco! Go ahead and spend. In a few years there will be no Independance day to celibrate. Marco might be owned by an Oil Shiek or a chinese Tycoon. "In Shah Allah"

Written on City Council Budget Sub-Committee: Councilors delve into minutiae of Marco Island’s municipal expenditures:

It is high time the city gets rid of it's extra employees. After taxing us indirectly with heavy water & Sewer rates and a lot of unnecessary permit charges for doing any work on our homes they should be taking a hard look at the payroll and number of employees needed for the service they provide. I would suggest a referendum during the next elections that no family member of an existing employee should be allowed to work for the city.

Written on Final approach: Taxiway project at Marco Island airport ready for takeoff:

in response to MarcoIslandWoman:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


Have you ever flown at a non towered Airport without a Taxiway?

"Empty vessels make the most Noise" Merci.

People who fly mostly pay more tax!

Written on Council workshop: City considers building expansion at Marco Island's Mackle Park:

Invite Gaddafi to come and live here then it will not cost anything. He might even give us money to buy exhibits for our empty museum!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Protecting the eagle sanctuary:

Buildings and location have nothing to do with education. Children have to be eager to learn. Those who want to learn sometimes walk more than ten miles in Africa and Asia.
Two main groups that help learning are the parents and the teachers. Let us start by educating the educators. when is the last time you taught something to your kids?
The proximity of the school on Marco will certainly help the parents as they will not have to drive their children to school and the children will have more time to watch TV once they get home.
Start by teaching multiplication tables to twenty if you want your children to be good in Maths. Instead of going to Disney world take them to Japan or a Scandinavia so you all can see why you lag behind in education among the so called economically advance countries!

Written on Funding for I-75 airport interchange in 2010-11 budget :

Rejoice Folks! A wonderful idea. After all it's your money. Three exits within three miles. While Florida has been planning a high speed rail since the last twenty years, Morrocco is getting one in 2013.
Just found a new math formula: "Size of brain is inversally proportional to price of Gas."

Written on Islander Jon Arceri among oldest first-year law students:

An Engineer who wants become a Lawyer? "Very Strange (bizarre)" Give the money to a youngster so he too can have a good life!

Written on Letter to the Editor: A strip club or a school?:

A school is for Children. Has any one bothered to ask them for their opinion? I would certainly prefer to ride a bike to scool or walk if it is less than a mile. Saving an hour in commuting with a school bus would give me more time for sports or doing my home-work.
" A healthy body leads to a healthy mind"
(Retired Airline Pilot and a never ending Student)

Written on Collier County gets $5.5M grant for long awaited Marco Island taxiway :

Well done Donna Fiala! Since Naples Airport is saturated Marco will be used more once the Taxi way is completed. "Safety has no Price!"

Written on PHOTOS/Interview: Missing Boater - wife waited and hoped:

"Big Wallet, small brain" Big boat, no GPS or Radio? Stay on Marco lake mate!

Written on Marco bridge to be at full capacity during 2015 peak season:

I do not know what was the price of Fuel considered for the study Tindall is talking about. In two decades we will be walking across the bridge or riding in buses so there will be no saturation. If the bridge is corroded then it should be repaired but certainly not expanded. "We do have millionaires on this Island but they are good at spending other people's money not theirs!"

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