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Written on Contractors raise the roof on Marco Island city manager's decision to move building inspectors to Naples :

Kudos to you City Manager Jim Riviere. Contractors getting buddy buddy with inspectors is and has always been common practice among the Building Industry.The County may want to consider rotating these inspectors regularly from the areas they work also. Make it more difficult for the inspectors to be "buddies" with specific individuals.

Written on Stone crabbers: Summer 'going to be tight' after worst season in memory :

in response to Pursuit:

Maybe it's time to have a year long closed season & let the crab's get a break for a longer spawn & time to mature We had to do it for the snook after the freeze Look how long it has taken pompano & mullet to recover from over fishing Give nature time to heal Unfortunate for Crabber's who rely on this but there is a limit to every thing They found this up north with cod 40 year's ago & that never recovered Maybe it would be best in the long run ???????

Very intelligent and well thought out suggestion benjaron. (sarcastic)

Considering "every" species of marine life has been over harvested at one period or another by ALL user groups. Maybe your brilliant idea should be applied across the board and shut down ALL harvesting of any species by ALL users, anglers, Charter Captains included???????

We could take YOUR brilliant idea and supply monetary compensation to all of these groups for their lack of income, pleasure, pain and suffering, etc. Of course the funds would come from the State...laughing my rear-end off.

Bet that would bring the marine fisheries back huh??????

Just think, there was a proposal to close down specific regions to anglers on the east coast, due to over harvesting of fish, that went over really well...didn't it?????

Would you supply your knowledge and resource to claims that the "pompano and mullet" have recovered? Or is this a visual observation on your part? After all, in your own words..." They found this up north with cod 40 year's ago & that never recovered."

Any more brilliant suggestions???????

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

in response to Pursuit:

STAN's is a very poor comparison the people parking on the roadside on rt 92 are not in front of any one's house Many property's are marked off "no Parking" And many are collecting ten buck's as they rightfully have a say in who park's in front of there home's Also Stan's is like a special event similar to sunday church or the farmer's market where exception's are made. I will state again A property owner Should have control of what go's on in their maintained swale As far as the beach go's there is a limit as to how much can be absorbed with the current no sanitation / parking Swim in poop & pee if you like

You have one thing right in your entire comment.
"Stan's is like a special event similar to sunday church or the farmer's market where exception's are made." Been making "exception's" for him and his drunks (church) for decades. The whole blasted town has to listen to his yeehaw music every weekend and have been for decades.Your $10 charge was not always the case. He and his patrons abused the hell out of the residents to the point that they started complaining. The scenario with beach different from the BS he has pulled, forever.

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

Interesting....complaining about visitors parking in the swale to access the beach, but don't complain when it happens in other areas, example, every weekend at Stans Idle Hour Restaurant and has been for decades. Care to explain?

Written on Marco Island homeowners could face new swale landscaping requirements:

in response to mahiman:

Do they think we're all millionaires living here?

A good majority of us are.

Written on All lit up – Olde Marco Residents pack City Council meeting to protest street lights:

in response to mrz333:

I've looked at the lighting in question. From Collier to Barfield the lights match those on Collier. I assume that was done to join the business sections. I have no objection to the new lighting. Traveling on that road there is little to no construction of historical value. The lighting in the so called 'historical' neighborhood is the same as everywhere else on the island and includes utility poles.

Personally I don't see a problem at all and the installed lights are far better than we have on the rest of the Island. I believe they allowed the city to use half the number of fixture with no loss of area lit. They were, I think, half the price of the other poles and 2 posts were used instead of 8 in the same length of road (or 4 if the light were used on on on side). This does not take into the costs of running the lights through the years.

It seems to me that this whole fuss is a waste of time that should be applied to other areas of need on the island and is self-serving for those involved with considerationtion of others on the Island. I, however, would not object to those 400 people or so paying for their own upgraded lighting with special assessments on their properties.

I'm in absolute agreement with you, including, nor would I object to the residence having an assessment applied to their properties for an upgrade.

Don't think they would appreciate paying for 24 karat lighting for my street on the south end.

Good post.

Written on Good news to report on crab season: haven't a clue.

Poaching takes place constantly...commercially and otherwise.Call FWC and get their reports on poaching.

As for the "taking" of claws...ha..ha. Many are taking BOTH claws!!! Only a matter of time...just as with the fish resources, commercially and recreational...depleted, exploited,abused..."finished."

Written on Deputies: Store manager arrested for keeping lost iPad :

in response to Hollywoody:

Great. Don't go to this store cause they hire losers...

Ha...ha....seems there are a lot of "losers" in many establishments. Guess .."You get what you pay for." Then some businesses...the owners themselves are questionable!

Written on Collier School grades are out: Lely High, Lorenzo Walker make gains:

Actually..."any" school is what the "parents", kids and Teachers make of them.

Written on New lighting has Olde Marco residents seeing red:

I believe there were public meetings, to give input in regards to these street lights. even stated in this article. Ladies....get a life. Marco Island hasn't had "ambiance"...for some time now. It has however pretty much lived up to what it always has been...just kept hidden...bunch of wanna be's, keeping their dirty laundry secret, paying off whomever, for their crimes and putting on one heck of a BS act.

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