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Do you feel the same way about parents who send their kids to the other charter school on the island? Do you support Manatee Middle School over MICMS?

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Awesome game! Kit Fowler pitched brilliantly!

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Why was he a "former" member of the MIFD?

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Roads were paved with a mix of asphalt and seashells, you occasionally had to stop for an alligator to cross Collier, there was only one traffic light, and there were no grotesque McMansions. It was definitely a different time.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It was in the Sun Times. I guess their reporter didn't fall asleep at the council meeting.

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Bush also kept us safe after 9/11 and bowed to no one.

He sure didn't keep us safe ON 9/11. Ask Richard Clarke what should have been done.

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This used to be such a nice, peaceful place. Until cityhood.

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Yosh & Stan were awesome!

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A soccer club schedules an event during the finals of the Women's World Cup, which happens to include Team USA?! Shameful!

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Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I can't believe you knuckleheads are still at this nonsense. There will be a school; send your kids there if you want, send them to Lely if you want, send them to a private school if you want.

End of discussion.

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"Maybe after time other people will ask why no answer given answers what you ask."

Probably because it's asked here, instead of where it should be asked. If he really wanted answers, he'd call Jane Watt, but what he actually wants to do is to bloviate here.

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As a quick rebuttal, I believe the argument is that if the MIA makes a claim to being environmentally sensitive you would think that they would adhere to such a commitment.

"The Marco Island Academy is excited to announce a partnership with Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society that will offer programs designed to emphasize the need to be better stewards of our natural resources. Additionally, it will teach us how to do a better job living a more sustainable lifestyle. The Marco Island Academy will be one of the first schools in the world to have this type of affiliation."


Those who purchased a home or property, made no such commitment, at least I did not see a Marco Island Homeowners or resident website ever making such a claim, as to being environmentally sensitive to the standards espoused by the MIA.

As you are probably aware, the likelihood of any undeveloped barrier island being developed going forward is nil, but it was not so in 1960. Times have changed, but the MIA wishes to advertise its "green" awareness on its website and in public presentations. All I ask is relocating wildlife an example of "better stewardship" or "better job living a more sustainable lifestyle"? Their claim not mine.

But I believe there are more vacant lots than there were 10 years ago. Perhaps in aggregate, property owners are by economic default being better stewards.

So no kudos please.

Those who criticize the Academy for doing the same thing that they already did certainly come off as being specious and hypocritical, regardless of what decade in which it was done.

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Those of you who are so concerned about restoring the original environment of Marco Island will no doubt be tearing down your houses and condos and allowing the natural habitat to reclaim your land. Kudos to you!

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Yes, then they'd be legal, and they could vote. What's the problem with that? Except you presume that they wouldn't vote the same way that you'd vote.

Maybe you could propose to give them a 3/5 vote, like your conservative predecessors did with other new citizens.

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Their opposition to a school was obviously the motive, not protecting eagles.

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If you don't like the Academy, don't send your kids there. Why do you care if others choose to go there?

Written on Former NFL kicker Mike Vanderjagt to be football coach at Marco school:

My son has been coached by Mike in soccer, football, and basketball, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that Mike is an excellent coach. He is a thoughtful and caring guy who works very well with the kids. And he is not "just a kicker" - he was a world-class goalie for Canada in soccer and a college quarterback in addition to being a kicker. His addition to the Academy is a great move!

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Hey, if you don't like the new school, send your kids elsewhere. What do you care if other kids decide to go to the Academy? Quit your b*tching and get a life.

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Use the land for the new high school and for a mega park facility.

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What's the big deal? You parents who like Lely, send your kids there. You don't HAVE to send them to the Academy. What do you care if other kids choose a different option?

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I am in favor of the school, but I agree that MIA kids won't be able to participate in Lely sports. The timing just isn't feasible, plus there will be a bias in the selection process against MIA students. MIA needs to offer the big 4 sports (football, baseball, basketball, soccer) in order to attract the premier athletes - many of whom are also the premier students. A school's identity is established by it's football team; without one, it'll be a school of geeky science nerds.

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I didn't realize that his current job was so undemanding that he could take on another full-time job with the same hours.

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Put the high school there. And a park.

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AR, you have a choice which school you would go to when the Marco Island Academy opens. Keep going to Lely if you like. I've put 2 kids through Lely (they both hated it, but did well academically), have 2 there now (they both hate it, but are doing well) and have another scheduled to go there in a few years. I would like something better for my kids. A school on the island would be great. I would choose to send my kids there, but you can choose to continue going to Lely if you like.

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Since this incident was actually last spring if could be the MIPD is recycling past events to appear that they are doing something. Let's save 5 million dollars every single year and allow the Sheriff who is already payed to protect us to do the job he did so well before this wasteful spending came about.

Wait, what? This happened in the Spring? Did it happen then, and they waited until now to arrest him, or was he arrested in the Spring? The sheriff's website also shows it as current...? NDN or the sheriff's office or the MIPD or somebody did something terribly wrong here.

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If you don't want your kids to go to an island school, go ahead and send them to Lely. I don't know of any parents who are so against the charter middle school that they chose to send their kids to Manatee Middle School. Where are all the arguments about diversity concerning the middle school kids? MICMS has been enormously successful, as I'm sure the high school would be. Many of the opponents are only thinking of their property value, not the kids. Remember, you can still send your kids to Lely if you want.

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Way to go, Jay! We hope to see you in the NFL in about 10 years.

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What's the largest city in Florida that doesn't have a high school? Marco Island. Everglades City has their own high school - we should, too.

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freedomofspeech1 - "Marco Island has a greater amount of white kids so their results will be better."

Hmmmm.....can you say, "Racist"?

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Sorry, boneheads, it's pronounced "goo."

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How anti-American can you get? As you all know, the First Amendment reads -

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This Enman person would have us disregard the Constitution! Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!

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Make political ads illegal. Let the news give us our info, rather than candidates' dishonest commercials.

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Mom must be so proud of her little girl!

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Congrats to Jordan Barrett of the Junior Eagles, who scored 8 points by going 4-for-4 on extra points. He also nailed 5 long kick-offs and intercepted a pass. Great job, Jordan!

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Be a friend to the community....promote the locally-owned restaurants. Marriott already makes $50 million in profit - they don't need the free advertising. Vandy's, Margarita's Vic's Pizza, Kerry's Cafe, Da Vinci's, the Island Cafe (to name a few) are great places that I'm sure could use the help more than the giant conglomerate.

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"Evidently no one else applied for the job."

Not so. I don't know how many people applied for the job, but I do know of two people who did apply - two people with extensive experience in youth sports on the island, including club sports, school sports, and Optimist sports. Two people who have an even temper and love working with kids. Two people who are better suited for the job, in my opinion.

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in response to happy6:

you're right...
1. trader (unsucessful) in chicago
2. apt flipper in marco(unsucessful)
3. real estate agen in marco (unsucessfull)
4. goes with ionatta to marco bank (unsucessfull)
5. now gets buddy brian mile to hire him...what a joke...

in his favor :
1. coached kids hockey
2. coached kids baseball

put his wife to work as a teacher immediately....
if this ain't brian taking care of alex i don't know what is.

I remember this guy from the Charter School baseball. A real type A screamer. Napoleanic I guess. Buddy Brian threw a bone to his boy.