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Written on New Planning Board decides to reconsider parking ban near Marco Island's south beach :

Why didn't any of these homwowners show up at the Council meeting to voice their concerns ??
If this is a problem ,why no letters in the Eagle or Sun Times ??

Written on Marco Council approves seeking bids for $8 million bridges project; moves ahead on fire boat :

MORE MARCO FOLLIES!!! $400,000 for rescue boat replacement ? How many rescues do we have a year ? How old is the present boat ?
And 8 million to replace 2 bridges ? Seem to remember we replaced the Winterberry bridge for a little over 2 million . Which I think is a very attractive bridge .

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

in response to MarcoCitizen:

On Tuesday, Apr 17 at 12 noon, there were 2 cars parked in the swales and many spaces available in the Collier County lot. The hysterical residents nearby seem intolerant of a few weeks of visitor popularity. Let's calm down and recognize reality - a few weeks of increased people traffic per YEAR.

Apparently you do not live on the South End . This is not a few weeks ,BUT A FEW MONTHS since December 2011 every day .Now there are spots in the public parking ,and they still park in the swales IT'S FREE!! THATS WHY

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

in response to mh212:

Wow as a business owner as well as a part -time resident of Marco i cannot believe the elitist and self- entitlement views i have read here.

FLORIDA BEACHES ARE PUBLIC !!! Something should be done help these people who come to Marco to spend there hard earned money in our community !!!

As i see it most people here would rather not have the so called "non-islanders" here , what kind of mentality is that ??? might as well put a guard house on the bridge and shoo everyone without a Marco address away . Unbelievable .

I can agree that there is not sufficient parking , but lets find sensible solutions .

I am beside myself at the attitude of some people .

Get over it folks ,Marco is a beautiful place that WILL be shared by all , no amount of regulation , Shrubs , or whatever other schemes some people come up with will change that .

If its a ghost town you want ,then by all means find a way to prevent the "non-islanders " from entering .

Ithink you are too sensitive,99% are not complaining about using the beach BUT THE PARKING. They do not spend money on the Island ,and leave TRASH. I can tell you do not live on the south end. And just love the beach looking like Coney Island ,the shore birds disappearing or turtle nesting areas. Why does everyone park at the south end ,and not use other access points, and why did this just start this year???

Written on Overflow parking at South Marco beach has city leaders seeking solutions :

Why did this problem just crop up this year ???
I have lived full time on Swallow for 10 years.
This was only a problem on Holidays and Winter,Spring break and holidays. And I think we have been very tolerante when this was only occasionally.This year it started Dec.15th and has been every day !!! How would you like your home to look like a giant parking lot for 6 months. Id the parking was infront of Cape Marco .would something have been done ASAP ?
Why can't swale parking just be banned ?
Put a parking lot on one of the three empty parcels at Seagrape and Valley and charge.
If swale parking is not banned people will just park in the swales for FREE. South Beach looks like Coney Island , the amount of shore birds with all this traffic is nill . There is also no bathroom accomdations ,only one bathroom in the existing lot.Garbage ,dirty diaper and litter is being throw in the swales. Not to say anything about propery values ,would you buy or rent a unit with a giant parking lot as your view ?
This year we have been patient ,and awaiting an answer for the City. Next year if this is not resolved we will not be so quiet. No tickets are given even to the cars parked in the bus stop on Seagrape, This morning at 10.AM and this afternoon at 2 PM cars were parked with no tickets , WHY ???Parking meters would look terrible,and why do we have to pay for a shuttle bus ??

Written on Marco Island City Council elects Magel chairman; term begins with Swallow Avenue parking complaints:

in response to lindaferguson:

How about "Parking Meters"?

Apparently you do not live on Seagrape or Swallow. This would look just as bad and not solve the problem.

Written on Marco Island City Council elects Magel chairman; term begins with Swallow Avenue parking complaints:

We need a long term solution to the parking on Seagrape and Swallows.Over the past ten years this has only been a problem during Holiday weeks,Xmas Winter breaks ,Easter ,4th of July etc. I think we have been VERY tolerant and have not complained.This year it started in the middle of December and has been every day. The cars,Van and trailers have been parked morning to dusk. All the signs will be an eyesore once they leave !!Many parkers leave dirty diapers ,cans ,bottles and garbage on the swales.
If you have a condo or house for sale,or rent how does this look to potential buyers or renters ??having a giant parking lot in front of your property? How come there is no swale parking at Tigertail or other access point.Why
suddenly this year only at the South end?? The most easy solution is to purchase one of the three empty parcel of land at Seagrape and Valley. Afterall why would anyone park in the lot and pay when they can park for free. I hope an agreeable solution is reached ,and not just forgotten after April 15th.

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