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Written on Marco Veterans Day observance honors service members:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on What's the worst holiday gift you've ever received?:

A dog, worst gift ever.

Written on 'Building' support: Parks committee will campaign on need for Mackle center:

Is this something the taxpayers need collectively? Of what benefit is a community center & to whom?

Just another attempt at empire building; total waste of the tax dollars that are supposed to be used for essential services not boondoggles.

Written on 'Building' support: Parks committee will campaign on need for Mackle center:

Another huge waste of money. read what is being said...a new building would lead to new programs...meaning more wasted money!

It's a park! Mow it! Don't try to develop a hole in the middle of the park to dump money in, we've already got too many of those.

Spend the money on getting a hi-tech cardiac ambulance or something of value, not more waste please.

Written on Fla. teacher back in class after suspension over Pledge of Allegiance:

They should make the kid wear a DUNCE CAP & sit in the corner all day for believing in that nonsense his parents shoved down his throat that they call a religion.

I call it a dangerous religious cult.

Written on Health law clock is ticking for sickest patients:

WoW! What a load of garbage.

no one is going to go without insurance. The web site isn't fast but it does work if you'll just stop clicking buttons randomly when it's slow.

Does anyone really think that between now & Dec 15th they won't be able to logon & fill in a couple of forms? If so, you don't deserve insurance.

how about stopping the complaining about 'Obama Care' & consider the benefits to US all.

I'd rather spend my tax dollars on healthcare insurance then on more B-1 bombers & WMD.

Written on New security issues surface for health website :

Was this software built offshore say in India?

Written on Republicans making `Obamacare' their next target :

President Personally Performs First Obamacare Euthanization

WASHINGTON—In a symbolic ceremony celebrating the signature legislative achievement of his administration, President Barack Obama personally euthanized terminal cancer patient Shirley Hunnicutt, 73, at George Washington Memorial Hospital Tuesday in what he promised will be the “first of many” physician-assisted suicides performed under the Affordable Care Act as promised. “Okay, that should about do it,” said the president as he injected Hunnicutt with a barbiturate followed by a heart-stopping muscle relaxant, holding the woman’s hand as she drifted toward a peaceful end. “Shirley is resting easy now, and I’m sure the American people will rest easy knowing my health care reforms will encourage thousands of ill or disabled patients just like Ms. Hunnicutt here to choose death instead of burdening our system with protracted hospice care or rehabilitation. Today was great. I enjoyed this.” Obama later confirmed to reporters that, as clearly indicated in section 1233 of his health care reform bill, he hopes to personally kill thousands of senior citizens in the next three years of his presidency.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Understand the facts:

in response to Konfuzius:

The owner of the putt-putt property is the owner too.

If you think you know better then I suggest you buy the property with your own funds then do as you wish. Maybe turn it into a inland cemetery.

I guess this is a very s----- argumentation. Right!!!!

So is what I said any more s----- than you olde geezers demanding that a private property owner conform to YOUR demands?

I don't think so. be careful or you'll find a liquor store & a 7-11 and pawn shop sitting there.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Understand the facts:

WoW! You Olde Geezers don't have much of a life do you. The property where the Marriot sits is Marriott's property not yours.

I do believe it is up to them to decide what is best for the use of the property don't you?

If you think you know better then I suggest you buy the property with your own funds then do as you wish. Maybe turn it into a seaside cemetery.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Drainage problems can cause disease:

You people have nothing better to do then complain about a down flagpole?

Get a life you geezers.

Written on Government shutdown enters second week with no end in sight:

I think it would be prudent to buy a beach front tower & convert it into a homeless shelter on Marco island.

What better way to hide our problems then isolate them on Marco, no one goes there anyway except a lot of old geezers with nothing else to do while they wait to die than complain about everything & everyone.

Written on Florida House member admits to violating financial disclosure law:

I'm shocked!

I cannot believe an upstanding good Gawd-DUH firrin Chrisitan Republican would do such a thing.

At least they didn't catch him banging 12 year old boys in an airport washroom.

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