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Written on Marco Island high school proponents hold meeting to address neighbors’ concerns:

4marco - it's funny you would quote The Alliance for Exceptional Education. They are all about improving existing schools, not running away. There is room for improvement at any school. Students are getting an exceptional education at Lely, if they want it.

And, if you truly believe that MICMS has the 3rd highest migrant population in the district, you are so far removed from reality that you should just bow out of this blog now and stop wasting everyone else's time!

Written on Marco Island high school proponents hold meeting to address neighbors’ concerns:

4marcoisland- You are either pitifully uninformed, or an extreme skewer of the facts.

How can you say that the local schools have low graduation rates and no one does anything to fix it? That is your uninformed, uneducated OPINION, not a FACT!

Where in the world did you get the "fact" that the Marco Island Charter Middle School has the 3rd highest migrant population in the district? According to the MICMS website at, they have EXACTLY 7 migrant students, which is 1.98% of their student population. That is the 3rd highest in the district? In a matter of minutes this information is readily available to anyone who takes the time to look it up.

I have not checked into your other "facts" as you have proven that you are not credible, just like many other members of your group.

Those against a new school (paid for by taxpayers, and/or on Tract K) are a very large, mostly silent majority. It's nice to see that they are finally voicing their opinions.

Written on Plenty of interest but not much movement on Marco’s Tract K property:

No development of any kind near those eagles

Written on Prep baseball: Eric Maya replaces Miller as Lely coach:

Good luck to the new coaches! Go Lely Baseball!

Written on Guest Commentary: Applying reason to the high school initiative:

You make it sound like kids are not getting educated, so this new school will be the big fix. Only problem with that... nothing is broken.
Time to cut the cord.

Written on High school still an option for Marco Island's Tract K:

imlovinit=ignorant, uninformed, brainwashed fool, which is evidenced by the incorrect statemant that Lely is rated as one of the worst schools in the nation. Educate yourself or keep your mouth shut. Do you have a student at Lely? I can answer! It's obvious.
It's nice to see common sense, informed people posting about this ridiculous push for a new, taxpayer funded school, that we don't need, and the majority of us don't want.

Written on High school still an option for Marco Island's Tract K:

Many wonderful Marco families will be at Alico Arena this evening celebrating the Lely High School graduation. The students are wonderful, intelligent, young men and wowen, well prepared for the next step in their lives.

Written on High school still an option for Marco Island's Tract K:

This is a want, not a need. This ages old concept must be relearned in this current gimme society. (Wonder if they teach their kids the difference between want and need?)

And since it is a want, pay for it yourselves, on land you buy with your money. NO taxpayer money!

Don't be fooled by their hype. Most Marco parents are not interested in this limited experience for their kids.

And stay away from the eagles!!!

Written on What should be done with Tract K? :

Can't and won't be a high school.

Written on Two half-pints delivered a quart-sized message to City Council:

Ya gotta give the Academy people an A+ in marketing. They're selling this igloo to the Eskimos!

Written on Q&A | Marco Island Academy: Charter high school plans moving forward :

It is just amazing that these people think they know more than experienced educators!

livingonmarco - the majority of people admire and respect the principal of MICMS, unlike you and your negative group.


Written on Marco charter school partly eases budget deficit pain:

This is a great little school, serving the needs of local students. Let's continue to support MICMS - its administration, staff and students. They've proven they're worthy of our support, and they need us!

Also, remember...every $ you give to the Marco Academy (they don't have a charter, even though they are calling themselves a public charter school), is a dollar that could be given to MICMS or Lely High School. These two schools are doing an awesome job of educating our kids!

Written on Hunt for city manager begins on Marco Island:

Don't know if Dana Souza would come back, but he is the man for the job.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island needs a high school:

Fossil - what makes you think anyone not in support of a high school on Marco is an immature student or a Lely teacher? Your lack of knowledge of the subject must be the reason.

Mainly, the people who are against a new school are people who know that Lely High is providing an exemplary education, and they know this by personal experience. They are not just reciting what someone else told them to say.

Most of the people who want a new high school are intelligent, successful people who want the best for their kids. No one can fault them for that; that is what both sides want.

They fail to understand what they want is not needed.

Also, we must remember that some people are never happy with anything, and will find fault with any school, including a new school.

Why not open a private school similar to Seacrest? You will then have the control that you obviously seek, and you will have your Marco high school.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island needs a high school:

In case you really don't know why people are opposed to a new high school on Marco, I'll give a little run down:
1. The Marco Academy group has been bashing Lely High for over a year. Lely has been well liked by thousands of people for over 30 years. The lies and misrepresentations are annoying.
2. It isn't that people are against a school. They are against using taxpayer dollars. Private school, go right ahead and use your own money.
3. The assumption that their kids are too good for Lely. Guess what? Their kids aren't too good for Lely. Their kids are no better than anyone else's kids.
4. This story gets a lot of newspaper coverage, so you'd think that everyone is on board. In reality their fundraising events are not well attended. At one the menfolk were all wearing black afro wigs. Don't know what the point of that was. Trying to show they are not prejudiced? Ridiculous.
5. The "do and say anything to see what sticks" mentality. How about sticking to facts and the truth? Isn't that what you teach your kids? Maybe not!

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island needs a high school:

A majority of the points listed above are purely opinion, with no fact whatsoever to back them up.
Just because it's in print does not mean it's the truth.

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