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Written on Garbage men rescue woman being attacked by pit bull on Marco Island:

I'd like to add..All the rescues I'm affiliated with are 501c3's..So your donations are tax deductible..Might make a rescue dog feel more cozy until they find a loving forever home..Let me know!

Written on Garbage men rescue woman being attacked by pit bull on Marco Island:

Boy this is an interesting thread..Just shows you how uneducated people are in different breeds of dogs!
Being in rescue for many years, I can assure you it is ALWAYS the owner not the breed..(big or small) sad that some people just don't get it!
FYI, I don't go to the dog park in season, too many people do not keep an eye on their dogs.. out for those ugly Dobermans, shame on you,..I do Doberman Rescue! Got any old blankets or towels you'd like to donate to the rescues?..LOL

Written on LIVE CAM: Calm no more, Obama lashes out at BP on Gulf visit:

He's living the good life..He's just too busy! Now that the people are upset with his lack of response, he's now going to get involved. This is a world disaster.. lives have been changed forever, wildlife are dying a horrible, slow death. Do not buy BP gas!

Written on POLL: Dining with dogs: Naples council considers allowing pets at outdoor restaurants :

Perfect...about time! Some of the outside dining areas on Marco, waiters bring bowls of cool water for the dogs..

Written on Island Arts: Your Center for the Arts needs you:

Very sad this has happened. I remember the Good Old Days at the Art League!The first childrens summer program, Charlie Horn, Kathy Madison, Adeline Gernhardt, well, I could go on. It was a very friendly group. The Art league had many people from the community promoting it. Could it be the internal make up of the Art League has changed that much? There are many people on Marco that are interested in the Arts, why do they choose not to support the Art League? mmm!

Written on Time to give — Join the Haitian relief drive:

Charity begins at HOME!

Written on Marco’s Stan Gober honored in roast:

A true "American" hero! A well deserved tribute. God Bless Stan.

Written on Country rock band CashVegas coming to Almost Famous Mel’s:

Mel needs to clean HIS act up!

Written on Gibson eighth to announce Marco City Council candidacy:

Not much of a Curriculum Vitae. The island needs people with proven character, integrity and leadership skills. I'm quite sure you're a nice guy, but your skills and qualifications don't meet the needs of Marco. Vote..Dr. Guidry, Neylon, Batte and Hall!

Written on None:

Maybe they should sell everything, pay all the people they owe money to, and then some. Sort of like a biblical cleansing! Then they could leave the island, and move up to York, Me. Maybe not. Mainiacs have no use for swindlers, and con artists. Follow the money....

Written on Marco's Bill Moss seeking Naples manager position:

Retire, Bill! Go fishing, golfing, find a hobby other than civics.

Written on Free yacht ... Anyone?: When it comes to his boat, local man in dire straits:

I hope someone helps this man. Chain saw sounds like the best solution. Verhoeven, nice of you to offer to help him, wear safety glasses.

Written on Rotarians get a glimpse at illegal immigration:

Sunnycity is so right on..We'll have to close the emergency rooms.( can't keep it open, alot of free care) Crime will be out of control. It will not be a paradise anymore.Schools will have so many social issues, and the list goes on. If Americans don't get a grip, and the political powers, who are just looking for votes for thier party!! Language, culture, and BORDERS. Americans better speak up!

Written on Suspect arrested in hit-and-run:

Face consequences? I hope the system gives him more than the usual slap on the wrist, probation and oh ya! you can drive to and from work. Next time this guy is going to kill someone. Just a thought, I wonder if he's legal?

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