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Written on Boat owners sue Marco marina, say memberships illegally transferred during sale:

I don't know Mr. Walker, but this seems pretty simple. If he's an honorable man as you suggest, he'll honor the contracts boat owners signed in good faith -- because he purchased them. If he's not honorable, he'll "lawyer up" and try not to honor them.

His actions will tell the truth.

Written on Marco Island City Council considers request for audible traffic signals:

Please stop the madness. Driving down Collier Boulevard is already a blinding blur of flashing lights. Every single surface has a light/blinker/distraction attached to it. These devices don't help pedestrians, they make it difficult for drivers to actually see people. Save the money. Save the pedestrians.

Written on Marco Marriott’s expansion plan not popular with neighbors :

It doesn't matter how much tax revenue any project brings in. The folks who run the city will spend more money than they have. There is zero fiscal discipline on Marco Island.

Written on The fate of the Marco riverboat:

Where was O'Shea's located? Was it where Pier 81 is now?

Written on Politics get personal at Marco City Council meeting :

For a bunch of people who are already as old as the hills, it's time to grow up.

Written on On the Menu: The art of fine Italian food and fun: Arturo’s “Summer of Love”:

I love Arturo's stuffed pork chop. But I've got to question the 1,000,000 number. If Arturo's was open every single day for 14 years, that means they've served an average of almost 200 stuffed pork chops a day. Maybe my math's wrong, but that's a whole lot of stuffed pork.

Written on Marco in need of a temporary replacement as interim city manager resigns:

I'm not sure 30 miles is far enough out to sea. I'll have to check, but I think Coast Guard regulations are stricter than that when it comes to disposing of garbage.

Written on Marco in need of a temporary replacement as interim city manager resigns:

After the election drubbing, I figured Mr. Hall would have taken his millions and gone back to Squaw Valley -- the one place on earth he was successful.

Written on Marco in need of a temporary replacement as interim city manager resigns:

Leroy may be an old fleabag. But he's correct.

Written on Marco in need of a temporary replacement as interim city manager resigns:

Only on Marco Island would an Interim Interim City Manager be necessary. Amazing. Don't know anything about Souza, but I am familiar with Portland, Maine -- snow removal is a joke, the mostly Green Party City Council has re-assessed and re-assessed so that people cannot afford astronomical property taxes, and the School Department last year overspent their budget by about $2 million. The search for the next City Manager should be national, but the last place in earth anyone should look for competent municipal management is Portland, Maine.

Written on Encouraging movement: End users key to real estate market propulsion:

A mortgage broker and a realtor commenting on the state of the market -- talk about spin. There are currently 3,500 properties on the market on Marco Island. That doesn't include all those properties where owners have given up. Prices will continue to drop until they're 35% below peak, and then they'll move up again -- very slowly. It's not a bad time to buy, but better times for buyers are 12-24 months down the road.

Written on Pro-sewer candidates win Marco City Council election:

I can't believe the losers haven't asked for a recount, filed suit, or appealed to the Supreme Court. I guess stomping feet and wailing will have to do for now.

Written on Pro-sewer candidates win Marco City Council election:

I've owned on Marco Island since 1986, when I was 26, and I've always been worried that the curmudgeonly naysayers would ruin the island for those of us who plan to be here for another 20, 30, or 40 years. Hall & Co. should give up, pack up, and leave.

Written on Marco Island’s divisive campaign issue: Sewer system or septic tanks?:


Just admit it: you don't want to pay for sewage treatment on the island. You'd rather pour human waste into the ground where it can leech into wells and the Gulf of Mexico than pay for it to be treated properly. Future generations will undoubtedly be forced to pay the price, one way or the other, and you'll be long gone. At least have the guts to admit you don't care about that; you just don't want to part with your money now.

Written on Marco Island’s divisive campaign issue: Sewer system or septic tanks?:

Marco Island is high density, surrounded by water, and built upon sand. Because of this, there is no question that the EPA will mandate sewage in the not-too-distant future. I do not consider myself even remotely an "environmentalist," but I do know that septic tanks are bad for the environment and for health. If you want to live here, suck it up, bite the bullet, and pay for your waste to be treated appropriately. Otherwise, pack your bags and move. When the EPA mandates sewage, the costs will be far greater than they are today. Just ask the people who live in the MWRA sewer district in and around Boston -- the feds mandated upgrading the sewage treatment system, and water rates average $250 per month -- up to $600 a month if you use sprinklers. And those costs will be borne by homeowners forever.

Written on Resident searches for missing cat:

This is news? Pathetic.

Written on Judge dismisses CARES complaint:

CARES loses once again. How appropriate for a group with one thing in common: they're all losers.

Written on Marco council decides at closed session to appeal anchoring case:

In general, I think the criticism of the City Council is unwarranted. Not in this case. It truly is a waste of MY money to be appealing this decision. And there is absolutely no reason why this decision had to be made in executive decision. It had nothing to do with the discussion of confidential personnel information. Open the meeting up. And change your vote.

Written on Owner of troubled Marco shopping center to return to city for OK of redevelopment plans:

Five Brothers is a terrific establishment run by quality people. They deserve better than that low-life Agami.

Written on VIDEO: Protesters tout 'naked truth' campaign against KFC on Marco:

Just ate a whole a bucket o' KFC Chicken in honor of the ladies. Yum!

Written on Marco law limiting boat anchoring struck down by Collier judge:

Once again, a judge tells Marco Island's loudmouth, crotchety, arrogant, "Malcontent Minority" to stick it. Nothing could make me happier. Unless these geezers do what they're constantly threatening to do -- move off the island. But we all know this bunch is all talk, no action.

Written on Bill Moss named new Naples city manager:

Congratulations to Mr. Moss for landing the Naples job. The tedious, hideous malcontents of Marco Island, in their attempt to stay one step ahead of the Grim Reaper, will no longer have Mr. Moss to kick around as their only exercise. Bring on the next poor slob!

Written on None:

Infrastructure repairs should funded, primarily, by the residents of Marco Island because we benefit the most from improvements. (There should also be limited contributions from the State of Florida because Marco Island is a destination used by many people who aren't residents of the island.) The money can come from higher taxes or from cutting city services. I firmly believe that any municipality can cut its budget by 15-20 percent without any loss of services -- private companies do it all the time. That's where I would start.

Written on Marco's Moss makes list of six for Naples manager interviews:

Given the crybabies and malcontents Mr. Moss has had to deal with on Marco Island, he's eminently qualified to move on to Naples. If he's fortunate enough to get the job, Marco Island will be in the rear-view mirror before he's done reading the offer letter. And rightfully so.

Written on On the Town: Five Brothers Pizza losing its space at Marco Walk:

Five Brothers Pizza is a terrific establishment run by people who define the term "class act." Obviously, Mr. Agami is the worst-of-the-worst as a commercial landlord -- an unethical, unprofessional bully. I hope the City of Marco Island has a field day bullying him around because the lack of parking at Marco Walk is not only out of compliance, it's out of control.

Written on None:

And the name Knucklehead?

Written on None:

He's done a fine job on Marco. But given the malcontents and knuckleheads he's had to deal with the past few years, I don't blame him for running like his back's on fire.

Written on Tim Crandall, beloved musician, dies:

I've been coming to Marco Island every year since 1986. Tim was as much a part of my experience as the beach, the sunset, and the Snook Inn. While I didn't know him personally, he was a terrific entertainer and I and my family will miss him greatly. Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Written on CARES files suit against city, Quality Enterprises:

When this suit is dismissed, the city is obligated to go after the plantiffs for damages for filing another frivolous suit. Only when the city wins treble damages for their legal fees will this silliness stop, and stop for good.

Written on Should Marco resident Sal Sciarrino have filed a complaint with the Economic Crimes Unit against Marco City Council member Chuck Kiester?:

Mr. Sciarrino should Just move and take all the geriatric malcontents with him. Life will be better for everyone.

Written on Citizens group will try to halt sewer project:

Just look at the picture of those individuals fighting this thing. Of course they want this project put off as long as possible so THEY won't have to pay for it. The EPA will mandate sewage for every home and business on the island, and if those individuals cared even remotely for the generations that follow, they'd stop acting like petulant AARP freaks and start acting like mature, civic-minded individuals with a modicum of concern for those that will inherit (in the not-too-distant future) this island from them.

Written on Homeowners association tells Pearl Harbor vet to stop selling dominoes he makes :

Mrs. Randazzo can go to hell. On second thought, it's seems like she's already living there.

Written on 'Disorderly' crowd forces Marco council meeting to end early :

Wow, this gets more entertaining by the day. Baby bonnets and pacifiers for the Marco Malcontents! (I'd say diapers, too, but that just may be a little too close to home.) Soon they'll be featured on the cover of Modern Immaturity magazine.

Written on Expert believes city violated Sunshine Law:

The lawsuit was futile. The appeal will be laughed out of court. And the Sunshine Law will be the last straw the malcontents can grasp as they go down, down, down.

Written on Burning issue:

Talk about desperation. Burning sewer assessments (that'll show 'em). Clinging hopelessly to the unenforceable, vague technicalities of the Sunshine Law. Move on, please, before you become so pathetic I just may feel sorry for you.

Written on 'Celebration of civil disobedience' planned for Saturday:

Oh, my. A tea party where they're serving hot dogs and soda. I don't think this is what Throeau had in mind when he wrote of civil disobedience. Of course, he had an outhouse which is not that different than a septic tank.

Written on Recall committee files intent to appeal :

The original recount effort was ludicrous. This appeal is simply pathetic. The only "appealing" thing about it is the billable hours the attorney will rack up working on it. The judge's decision will not be reversed -- this was a frivolous case to begin with -- and the whiners and malcontents will have no other options. Congratulations to the attorney representing the recall committee. As they say, "a fool and his money are easily parted." You found the fool.

Written on Marco man files appeal in his effort to recall 3 city councilmen :

Poor Mr. Hall. He never met a lawsuit he didn't like. And he never met a lawyer who didn't laugh all the way to the bank filing frivolous lawsuits on his behalf. This one will get bounced in record time. Then what will Mr. Hall do to harrass these three gentleman? Stalking?

Written on Fresh air, fresh food :

I don't know who's responsible for the changes at the beach concession the past few years, but what a terrific job they've done. Great menu for breakfast and lunch. Reasonable prices. And how can you beat the atmosphere? Congratutions!

Written on Letter: 'Newcomer' Hall brings new vision:

Hey, Ray -- Clean off the bifoculs and read my original comment again. Then go for a nice, long walk on the beach and calm yourself down.

Written on Letter: 'Newcomer' Hall brings new vision:

I disagree completely with Mr. Hall's attempt at leading the recall. However, the fact that he's a newcomer to the island is irrelevant. I've owned on the island since 1986. And even Mr. Hall has owned for only a week, his opinion is just as valid as mine.

Written on Marco recall organizer plans to appeal:

Hmm, the losing lawyer recommends appealing the verdict. And why not? A billable hour is a billable hour. And a sucker is a sucker. Apparently, there are at least 2,000 of them living on Marco Island.

The court has spoken. And nothing's going to change.

Written on Judge's recall decision will be appealed:

I don't know Mr. Hall. I don't know Mr. Bania. But I do know the appeal effort will be as folly as the original recall effort. The judge's decision will never be flipped, and the three City Councilors will serve out their terms honorably. And if we're all lucky, the malcontents, curmudgeons, and crybabies will eventually move back home to New Jersey and Massachusetts where they couldn't find an audience to listen to them or a naive reporter to write about their rantings for all the money in the world.

Written on Judge rules recall petitions invalid:

Congratulations to the three city councilors for doing the right thing in the first place and maintaining their dignity during this very undignified process. Their vote in support of the sewage project may be unpopular and expensive, but it was the right thing to do. Every home on Marco Island -- every home everywhere -- should be connected to a wastewater treatment plant. Untreated waste does not belong in our backyards. The recall committee owes those three Councilors an apology for their sladerous and immature accusations. They were doing their job in looking out for future generations of Marco Islanders, and they did it well. Politicians with the character of Messrs. Tucker, Minozzi, and Patterson are few and far between -- they should be recipients of praise, not victims of character assasination by curmudgeonly malcontents who don't want to pay the price for living in a clean and responsible society.

Written on No decision yet in recall petition case:

Why is it taking the judge such a long time to make a decision? If he announced his decision right away, he'd be criticized for not spending enough time on the case, and that might make it easier to appeal. As we speak, he's already made his decision to reject the petitions because they're baseless. He's just waiting to enough time to lapse before he announces his decision. Let the wailing of malcontents begin!

Written on Judge holds fate of Marco Island council recall campaign:

When the recall petitions get tossed by the judge, what are all you people going to cry about? You'll probably have to move. They're won't be a dry eye in the house when you do.

Written on Judge to make decision on recall petitions:

That might be the only valid decision. But it won't be the actual decision. The petitions will get tossed; the councilors might have made unpopular decisions, but they've done nothing remotely close to malfeasance, etc.

Written on Judge Martin recuses himself in recall case; today's hearing canceled:

Why did Judge Martin recuse himself? Because he knew, based on the "charges" against the Councillors, the recall petitions have to be summarily dismissed. And if he had even a cursory relationship with one of the Councilors, there is a chance his decision could be flipped on appeal. No jurist likes that. So he's making sure an judge with no potential conflicts makes the same decision he was going to make. Summary dismissal.

Written on Courthouse staff prepares for crowd of recall supporters:

While some residents may not like the way certain Marco Island City Councilors have voted, they have have done nothing to warrant a recall -- the law is crystal clear on the matter. A baseless recall effort should be dismissed by a competent judge. And it will be. What a collosal waste of taxpayer dollars this has been. Disgruntled malcontents shouldn't waste other people's hard-earned money.

Written on Colombo upset when workers laid flag on ground:

This is news?

Some poor worker, just trying to do his job, makes an honest mistake. Surely, he was not intentionally trying to offend anyone or any country. To take this level of umbrage at such an unintentional act is what's truly offensive.

Mr. Colombo should get a job. Or get a life. Or get a grip.

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