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Scare tactics worked when Lee Atwater ran the Republican party in the 1980's. Today the voting public is more informed to the instant, hourly news cycle.

Back in Atwater's day there were no fact checkers so the liars could get a way with spreading untruths.

Some American's who accuse other Americans of being communists are no better than those who would dig up Joe McCarthy from grave for all to see his rotted corps.

Like in 1953, the scare tactics of this right wing lunatic almost brought this county to it's knees with it's 'Duck and Cover" fear tactics. I know many of you hid under your desks as the siren sounded in school.

Some people would like to forget that our current President was once a university professor, a State Senator, a US. Senator and a very successful author. Once he won the Noble prize, His books sold tens of millions of copies all over the world making him a very wealthy man.

It is sad to see that the hate for this man runs so deep that formerly logical thinking people loose any common sense they were born with.

It's obvious that the author of the above does not follow "the main stream media".... You know it's called main stream for a reason. The thoughts above, and from many here, are tilted lies based on a loosing idea of fear.

It's sad to see in this day and age, people who are so consumed in hate, spew lies like they were the truth. I always try to check my facts before blogging anything.

Someones son or daughter may be reading this article.

Don't we as adults have a responsibility to teach those children the truth? And if not the truth, teach them how to seek the truth out from hated lies of immature racist adults.

Socialist democrats without facts are name callers.Your response doesn't surprize me.There is nothing racist about what I said.If you listen to main street media it is fed by the liberal agenga.I get my facts from many sources....but CNN,MSNBC,CBS,NBC are known for being in the pockets of the liberals. How could you back a president who hides his backround? That's a fact.We still don't have his birth certificate,school transcripts etc.What is he hiding? Oh yeah,the liberals don't care as long as he is following their agenda. Romney is upfront with the public with his tax returns...and the media wrongfully accuses him of not paying enough percentage in taxes? When he is legally paying what he has to pay for investment income....and gives millions to charity. How dare Rachel Madddow say that Romney is serious about what he said when he said you can't open a window on a plane? What kind of idiot is she? Obviously a brainless one,who has followers that are as dumb as she is. Who receives a Nobel Prize before he has even accomplished anything? Too bad the young people in America are not going to know a productive America of the past,where people could start a business and have the American dream.The liberal agenda is crushing businesses with new laws and regulations every day. There are more than 4,000 new laws to strangle business that are getting ready to hit the books. Where are the jobs for these young people going to be? Well I guess they won't care,as they are being indoctrinated by the liberal school system. And they will be unmotivated and perfectly content to live in their parents basements. You obviously didn't study economics. Pouring money into a failing economy like Obama has done,only leads to inflation and the devaluation of the dollar. Look what has happened to Argentina. We are headed on the same path. Maybe you will get it when Milk and gasoline are both $10.00 a gallon.What will you explain to your kids then?

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Romney's wealth is based on capitistic investments that are allowed to be made in a free market economy. His tax rate is based on taxes on his investment income,also,the legal rate.His success is why he is able to give so much away to help charities.Why do the socialist democrats have a problem with free market capitalism ? Oh,I know,because they are communists.Crush the businesses,put people out of work,less taxes paid into the system...a downward spiral. Now look at Obama's net worth when he came to office and now. With his salary,and net worth when he came into office,there is no way he could have gotten the amount of money he is worth now? Is anyone concerned about that ? Who is paying him off ?We have the same "chicago "style politics in Washington. I say out he goes,we need a person with capitalistic business experience to turn this county around. Why would you chance four more years with someone who has failed,and got us way deeper in the hole? We will see how smart or s----- Americans are in November.God help America!!!

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The one thing I sadly see consistently is the Liberal Democrats inability to look at the facts and comprehensively put two and two together. They are great at CNN talking points and name calling. Most Americans have not studied ecomonics,and that is also a large problem. Adding to our debt,to the trillions(and don't say it's George Bush's fault,Obama did this himself,he didn't reduce the debt),and printing money to devalue the a fact. Inflation to a much higher degree is going to happen. This is going to directly affect middle class Americans. Most people don't follow what has happened in Argentina. We are on a similar path to destruction. Do you think the liberal dummies will get it when Milk is $10.00 a gallon and gas is the same price ? Good luck USA if Obama gets in. I say you will get what you deserve.