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Written on Letter to the Editor: Watch out for the ‘Lazies’:

Right on the money. History has proven that the end of Democracys come about when people find that they can vote to obtain goodies. They keep voting goodies until there is nothing left in the Treasurys. The only thing I disagree with is the name Lazies. The proper name is the Gimmies!And we all know how they voted 11-06-12

Written on Jurors acquit Helter, Kassel on all counts in Naples gun-dealing case:

If the US Goverment put as much effort into solving FAST & FURIOUS (their major screwup) as they have persecuting these fine patriotic citizens Holder would have solved the case a year ago.Im sure the parents of the murdered US Border Patrol Officer would agree

Written on 81-year-old Florida man shoots man trying to rob him:

Excellent! Just what the thug deserved

Written on New Planning Board decides to reconsider parking ban near Marco Island's south beach :

When the Council first proposed these two access ways they were told this would happen along with a lack of sanitary facilities at both locations but chose to ignore it. These decisions will haunt Marco for years to come

Written on Rescue boat sails through special meeting City Council moves forward with lifesaving vessel :

This is one of the issues the previous Counclmen lost their re election over. This is absolutly crazy spending 400000 for a boat. This is akin to the former President of a local college making 800000 plus a year.The people that allowed that to happen were very wrong as the are the people that allowed this 400000 expenditure

Written on Gun sales, background checks soar after President Obama's reelection :

Yep the Stock Market went down & gun Sales up. What would any sane person predict after 11-06

Written on Marco Council approves seeking bids for $8 million bridges project; moves ahead on fire boat :

I hope election day gets here before 400000 is blown on a boat for Mayberry

Written on Election 2012: What to expect when Biden, Ryan face off in VP debate :

I would really like to see the fact that Ryan has only been in Congress for 14 years brought up. Lets look at the lack of qualifications of the present White House occupant if you really want to see someone inexperienced

Written on Letter to the Editor: Aren’t we more than a residential community?:

Perhaps when we get to be like FT Myers Beach the pro business, anti residential community folks will be happy

Written on Marcophiles: Detractors of Fox News claim a big 'cover-up :

Mundy must be hiding in a cave someplace not to know Fox success has nothing to do with makeup. But it is a source of news not tainted by liberal BS & PC. People now have a choice instead of being stuck with CNN, CBS,ABC,NBC

Written on TripAdvisor touts free parking at south beach; Marco Island Planning Board says swale parking must stop:

I had discussion with people running for the council both incumbants & wannabes & told them this was going to be a problem with people parking on streets & private Condo lots & they all said the Marco PD would handle it & the access was just going to be for the nearby neighborhoods. They also created a sanitary problem at the access next to the Marriott. The users there either relive themselves in the water or tresspass on private property to use the facilities. This is going to be a long term issue on Marco because the Council would NOT listen to the residents

Written on Woman gets 40 years for killing of San Carlos Park store clerk:

Where were Jesse & Al & the rest of the hoodies when a protest was needed over the killing of this young man by black thugs? Where???????????

Written on Residents tell Marco Island City Council that South Beach swale parking is causing problems:

A number of years ago I contacted the Councilmen & told them this would be a problem & they said the Marco PD would handle it I asked where these folks would go to the bathroom & they said it wouldnt be a problem. Ill tell you where they go to the bath room, the Residents Beach Facility that I pay $165 dollars a year to belong. I watch these people walk up every day & come onto the property.The Council was blindsided by a few

Written on North Naples teens accused of burglarizing vehicles:

From his looks Chaddy has a problem. More than likely a drug issue

Written on One man shot, 3 arrested in botched Golden Gate Estates home invasion robbery:

Ill bet they had to be issued clean underpants at the Bar Hotel!

Written on 34-year-old woman accused of having sex with 17-year-old boy:

Where were these hotties when I was 17?

Written on 2 teens accused of attacking school bus driver :

Too bad their Mothers didnt go to Planned Parent hood

Written on PHOTOS: Florida pastor refuses to pay $1 peace bond, taken to jail:

Its OK for muslims & mexican to protest in this country but not OK for an American. This guy is in the same class as the nut who protest at Service Men funerals how ever he is entitled to his opinion & free speech I hope he sues the A55 off the Judge & City

Written on VIDEOS: Suspect caught after Cape Coral police officer shot during traffic stop:

Why am I not suprised when veiwing this piece of human garbage. Now we have to feed him 3 meals a day for the rest of his sorry life. Send him back to where his genes came from

Written on Fort Myers man charged with assault after fatal shooting:


Written on Gang member picks fight with Collier sheriff’s gang unit at county fair, deputies say:

This is a fight that I hope these cement heads lose all the time and that the CCSO Deputys come out on the winner side everytime. Isnt diversity wonderful?

Written on Statewide immigration law could undermine community policing efforts, one of state’s top cops says :

This does not worry me. If they are unhappy here leave plain & simple, Vamoose!

Written on Golden Gate man accused of pulling down woman's bikini top at community pool:

And my Tax dollars paid for that pool so this pervert could polute it! Liberals have to go!

Written on Father, daughter's night on the town ends with being arrested:

Ill bet they had remorse to the point of overflowing the next morning! Now they will figure out a way to sue the Sheriffs Department! RIGHT?

Written on Do you think there should be more public restrooms along our beaches?:

Are you talking about Marco? If so place the lack of toilets squarely on the shoulders of the councilmen who created additional beach access with out providing rest room facilites. The folks who use the free access walkways use the MIRB rest room even though there are no tresspass signs posted on the walkways. I pay a fee every year to use the MIRB & am not a happy camper when I see these free loaders walking into use our facilities due to the short sighted actions of the Marco Council. More than once I contaced council members regarding this issue when the walkways were in the talking stage & never recieved a good answer

Written on UPDATE: DEA, SWAT team, police raid Marco Home; arrest man on drug charges:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on VIDEO&PHOTOS/Marco bridge: Jolley family endorses bridge expansion; asks that name remain:

The Bridge should have been Named the Mackle Brothers Bridge. If it wasnt for them there would be no reason for the Bridge to begin with

Written on Crimestoppers: Anthony Demonaco sought for multiple offenses:

Just look for someone that looks s-----

Written on BLOG: Trial of accused boxer-wearing burglar continues with life sentence on the line:

Was he wearing a 3 piece suit???? When in Court!!

Written on 28-year-old 'career criminal' gets 20 years in prison for armed robbery plea:

Now we have to house & feed this idiot for the next 20 years on our dime. Better had his mother/ father used birth control

Written on Dog bite takes a chunk of faith away from Capri family:

in response to u2cane:

Wow, some people on this island are just s-----. I say that we hold a day where all dog owners unite and flood the park with dogs in a show of support for rights of dog owners. I think that the planners of this event didn't do a good enough job to clear the park for their event. People need to start using common sense before we start banning things from the park. Instead of dogs, lets ban the FECOYLE's of the world from the park.

This is typical of an irresponsible dog owners attitude. Dogs are animals & not human no matter how much you want them to be. Why should this poor young child have to suffer thru these rabie shots due to some one elses carelessness. Mackle Park was made for people not dogs. That is why they were initially prohibited

Written on Island views: Who should take responsibility when a dog bites someone?:

In this case the Common Council of Marco has to take the responsibility. It was their collective action in the past year or two that allowed dogs into Mackle Park. This decision was not well thought out. Dogs leashed or not leashed do not belong there

Written on Dog bite takes a chunk of faith away from Capri family:

When it was first proposed to allow dogs into Mackle Park I wrote a number of E Mails to Councilmen against it predicting just this type of occurence. There are responsible dog owners & there are many irresponsible dog owners. Unfortunatly they cant be separated. Dogs do not belong in Mackle Park leashed or unleashed. I hope the parents of this child hold Marco Council responsible. It is a darn shame this kid had to suffer through the rabies shots

Written on Dog bites Marco youth in the park:

When the libs started their quest for dogs in the park I said this would happen. There are a lot of Dog owners who are dont really care about anyone else. I have had numeruous e mails with a councilman over this issue but the libs won & this is the result

Written on Marco’s public beach access a “shore” thing, parking a different story:

The following comment is wrong. Tiger Tail Beach was donated by Mackle brothers for Public access & the county signed off on it. Where are these people going to do their duty, in the water, behind a bush?

During the Island’s development, Deltona Corporation failed to reserve beaches for public use and before the city incorporated in 1997, the county also failed to protect land for beach access.

Written on Briefs: Marco police respond to leaky pipes, follow their nose to drug bust:

These jerks have been giving every one a hard time. what a shame the liberals forced everyone to rent to these creeps., where do they get this money from? selling drugs? We have a great Condo but unfortunatley some of our owners rent to these dirt bags

Written on Assisted Living Facility advances to final Marco Council approval:

Where are these folks going to go potty? Probably in the gulf as they do in the public access near the Marriott. The city council doesnt think any further than the end of their nose

Written on Collier Sheriff’s Office used as Rambosk campaign HQ, former spokeswoman charges:

It seems to me this digrunteled individual has had it in for the CCSO along with the NDN for for a long time. She shoved it to many fine Deputys I have never seen anything but a very professional Law enforcement organization. Seems to me this (blank) got caught with her panty hose wrapped too tight & now wants to blame everyone else & the NDN wants to go along for the ride with this less than satisfactory ex employe. Collier County is blessed to have a Sheriff of the caliber of Sheriff Rambosk & ex Sheriff Don Hunter. The CCSO is the organization that holds the fabric of our society together & her & the NDN trys to tear it apart. NDN=Naples Daily News AKA the daily mullet wrapper

Written on Haunting history:

My wife & I toured Auchwitz & Birkenau Concentration Camps in September 2006. We were deeply moved by what we saw. Any one that doubts the Holocaust happened should go there. We also visited the Ann Frank House. What a horrible testimony both are to man's inhumanity to man

Written on Spending cap source of consternation for city:

Perhaps if we kept the CCSO which we continue to pay five million a year as our Police Department we wouldnt have to worry about the cap. Now we are building a three million dollar Police Station . Im sure as time goes on the Police Union will continue to wring out additional benefits from the City. The folks that voted to have a Marco Police Department both the Public & Council people are somewhat to blame for the cap problem. There has been news articles about adding to the City of Marco's Navy while the CCSO has multiple boats stationed on the Island.Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

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