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Written on Letter to the Editor: The good ole days of medical care:

I swore I would never do this again. But here goes one more time. Logic people. Think. Because all these anti-government folks insist on using fear to make their points, I'll do the same: If we get rid of all government involvement in health care i.e. OBamaCare, Medicare, Tri-Care, VA Care, Medicaid, only the wealthy will be able afford health care. That means just 1% of us. Costs will never stop rising. Health Insurance policies will always demand higher premiums and deductables. Doctors and Hospitals will soon stop accepting insurance because the insurance companies will always be fighting for every dollar. Results of the negative market influences are inevitable. The electorate of this nation will soon demand a single payer system and the politicians (Republican, Libertarian, Democrats)will inact into law a single payer, mandatory government sponsored and run program. I say, let's do it now and avoid the pain. Close down the health insurance industry today. Will we experience a brain drain of doctors? I doubt it as every modern nation on the planet already is doing this. Where will these doctors go? To the moon with Gingrich? Used to be folks studied to be doctors because they wanted to help people. We are referred to specialists who charge a premium and don't even know us. Soon we will get our primary care providers (family doctors) back. I don't blame the insurance companies for the rising costs because they are doing what business does, which is to pull as much money from your pocket as they can. That's what happens when you let business do something that benefits ALL of us. They monopolize and gauge consummers as much as they can. Hospitals are slaves to the rising cost of equipment utilities and wages. The big pharma companies are the greediest of the bunch. This is the future. There is no other solution and it will eventually occur. So let's do it now.

Written on Romney looking to clinch GOP nomination in Florida POLL:

What happened the last time America put a business person into office? Vote for Romney if you want to complete the job.

Written on Collier County agrees to hire new ambulance service:

Ray: send me your $5.00 contribution and I will match it with my $5.00. Bundle it up and send it to Obama. Better then giving our hard earned money to the pizza dilivery man, the cowboy who wears high heels, the flipflopper or a raging lunatic ding bat to buy a book they published for resale at one of their campaign events. We know Obama and we know that he kills terrorists and dictators.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Educating the voters:

We have listened to your candidates, voted for many and leaned a few things: The Tea Party is a group of uninformed, uneducated and easily influenced individuals. The House of Representatives flush with Tea Party activists have proven that they are lackey's of the Koch brothers and consistently vote with the Republican party. Democrats and Indepenents? You can't tell that by the way these people vote. The Tea Party has not worked for jobs, they are obstructionists and anti growth. They support the 1 percent, the bankers, the mortgage companies and all those other folks that raped and pilaged our economy. Historicaly, they will be identified with those who destroyed the Republican party.

Written on Collier County agrees to hire new ambulance service:

Ray: One knee jerk reaction cannot be corrected by another. Republican administration would promise to eliminate a large federal agency without first considering all the consequences not Dems. The Obama administration is being hindered in correcting the mistakes of the last administration by a Congress that refuses to govern. Even when the Dems had a majority in both houses, the Congress refused to govern with a simple majority as the Constitution permits. They are ALL wimps and one element only cares abut the success of the GOP and not the nation. The other is afraid to offend the GOP and those who pay for their campaigns. Please explain why only clowns are stepping forward to be candidates for the GOP, these people couldn't win an election for city council much less the Presidency. Because of the lack of "presidential" candidates running for the GOP, we really have no choice but to vote for Obama or stay home. After all, we know what he will do and won't do. Because I'm not rich, I really don't care if he raises the taxes on those bandits. So we are in real trouble.

Written on Collier County agrees to hire new ambulance service:

TSA was established by a frightened administration that believed Walmart business practices could be used to perform this job. Hire a bunch of unskilled workers and do so at little or no cost. TSA employees are some of the least trained and lowest paid employees in the Government. The Congress doesn't believe TSA jobs are worthy of the compensation required to perfrom the job appropriately. The entire Homeland Security Agency is a Republican animal and it is ALL wrong. So, I guess I agree with you Ray.

Written on Collier County agrees to hire new ambulance service:

This is what happens when you start contracting out services. Any business wishing to perform services for the public at public expense should be required to submit a bid and their performance and quality levels should at least be at the same level, or exceed that of the service they hope to replace. This is not a market driven result. When a government goes down this road they eventually suffer a decline in services. Why? Because a private business cannot continue to maintain the same standards and quality of service demanded by regulations without eventually increasing the costs. The only other alternative to increasing costs is to have politicians get rid of the regualtions that eat into their profits. Either way, the public suffers and business gets more of our tax money hiring incompetant people at minimum wages.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Tea time?:

"The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon it's crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the Bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe. Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money powers of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed." (President Lincoln (R)).

Written on Obama announces total Iraq troop withdrawal:

RayPray, "copy"? Show me. The considerations Obama and the Department of State made to arrive at their decision have nothing to do with Ron Paul and I doubt very much they consulted with him.

Written on Obama announces total Iraq troop withdrawal:

The proposed Status of Forces Agreement called for Iraq to give up their soverign right to prosecute American service members acccused of criminal and civil acts committed in Iraq. The Iraqi government felt it could not survive if it relinquised it's right to govern itself and protect it's citizens. We would demand no less if the situation were reversed. Obama is getting our troops out before they start throwing shoes at us like they did President Bush. Obama is sooo much smarter and he is doing the right thing. We won, our military did a great job and it's time to bring them home. Iraq has every right to run it's own government as it sees fit without our telling them how to do it. Get over it.

Written on Cain mutiny: Upstart targeted in GOP debate:

If I were a Republican, I would be embarrassed to admit it.

Written on Some FGCU faculty irked to find Gov. Rick Scott posted salaries online:

Is that all? Seems like a pretty small salary ($86,000 annual) for a full-time professor responsiblie for training our future job creators. Do these salary levels include total cost of benefits too? I wonder how much Scott is paying the unqualified political cronies he has appointed?

Written on Social Security recipients to get 3.6 percent cost of living increase:

shadow: Don't you listen to the right? The Repulbicans insist that "entitlments" must be cut to accomodate the Donald and his pals. Under a Republican administration you can be sure they would have cut social security by at least 6 percent and then given you the 3.5. Then they would have increased part B contributions to Medicare by 11 percent after they reduced some of the benefits all in the name of reform. Be happy, the Democrats are in power. You would be much deeper in the hole with a Republican administration.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Do what is right:

Putput; You say that business exists only to make profits. I agree. So tell us, why is it that Repubican candidates claim that business experience is the best experience to be President? What business is the government in? Where does it say in the Constitution that the Government's primary responsibility is to make a profit? Are you trying to regurgitate your cake after you consumed it?

Written on Gov. Scott promotes jobs during Collier tech center visit - PHOTOS:

Where are the jobs you promised? These fellows need work.

Written on Election 2012: Obama seeks to recapture underdog appeal:

Replace Obama with a GW Bush clone? If you do, you will complete the destruction GW's imcompetance began. You will destroy our nation and our way of life. Obama provided health care to 80 million of us, killed Osama, brought back our troops from Iraq, started the withdrawal of our troops from our second war, saved our last remaining manufactoring industry, a region and arrested the downward spiraling economic downturn caused by the Bush wild west economic and financial policies. Republicans have had one goal, get rid of Obama even if it means putting every American out of work. They want to continue with their agenda by getting rid of the clean air and water act along with all worker's health and safety regulations. They want to ensure that oil companies can work in the gulf of Mexico without risking financial hazard. They want to help coal mine barons continue to hire workers at slave wages and not be responsible for unsafe working conditions. They want to rid our country of financial regulations and bring back those that started our financial mess. They want to rid us of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaide. They want to rid us of our Post Offices, they want to cut money to our Veterans, they want to break all the promises made to the American people. Republicans do not represent the middle class, they do not represent Americans, they represent only 1 percent of the population, the richest of us (people who hide their money overseas and invest in China). Republicans will not be happy until we all are renters or must live on the street and work for nothing. Join the 99 percent, the rest of us, make the Republicans go away forever, vote for America and Americans.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Bridge thanks:

Yes, the taxpayers ought to be thanked for funding the bridge. President Obama should be thanked along with President Bush for sending the cash back to our tax payers in Marco Island. Without the federal funding of the bridge, we who live here and those who will come after us, would have been paying for the bridge for years via tolls. Of the 14 trillion (I believe it was actually 15), one third of that money was a reduction in payroll taxes. A third was given to the banks and a third returned to the states to make up for shortages along with the remainder which was used for jobs and infrastructure projects like our bridge. Florida could have had a lot more of the money, but our wise Governor refused it (politics not need was his priority). Seems large sums of (our) money allocated for Florida went to New Jersey and California. What a shame. Hey, Governor Scott, where are the jobs you promised?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Medicare: Lots of questions; no answers:

If recent history of the medical insurance industry is any indicator, they apparently are making their annual increase. Business is business. Why should any business not attempt to maximize profits? Soon as the Health Care Reform act triggers the mandatory caps, most of these companies will be prohibted from raising the rates without justification. Today, the justification is Obamacare, last year and the ten years before that they claimed the increase in rates was linked to the increase in medical costs. This entire exercise was mostly artificially fabricated by the health care industry itself (except for the fact that their CEOs and Washington lobbyists were insisting on higher and higher payments and bonus increases which resulted in corresponding reduction of dividend payments). Think about it, all those mailings you receive every open season to change your coverage is expensive. Advertising costs money, alot of money. They are also experiencing a loss in revenue due to the unemployment reality. The 99% will soon shut these blood suckers down and then we will have universal healthcare just like every other modern nation does. This country doesn't need the health insurance industry. Medicare is one of the most efficently managed systems in our country. Processing claims are so much cheaper then any private company can do it. If you listen to ajm and the libertarians our government should be reduced to a bunch of city states making rules for themselves and our great nation would become the weakest and most fragmented country in the world. Everybody for themselves is the mantra. Let the elderly, sick, maimed and unsupported children fend for themselves. The whole con job is just another way for business to seperate the customer from his cash. Governor Scott, where are the jobs you promised us?

Written on Letter to the Editor: Tea time?:

islandeye: The majority of the people in the top 1% inherited their wealth from their parents. Many of the rest have accumulated their wealth by gambling with other people's money. They didn't "earn" it with hard work. Family wealth coaches will tell you that money attracts money. If you have alot to begin with, you will accumulate more even if you never lift a finger. It is not the people who have worked hard that are not deserving but those who have so much and done so little who act like spoiled rich kids. It is to those who never have enough that I show disrespect. These are the people who feel little obligation to the nation. A nation whose institutions protect them and their wealth. Just because you are rich does not get you a pass when patriotism is passed around. As citizens of this country we have responsibilities to it. The 99% of the rest of us do work hard, we contribute directly to Social Security and Medicare and for most of us, that's all we have in our old age. We are the ones who served our country in uniform when asked and gladly pay our taxes even if we have little money to spare. We are Americans that understand we are in this together and being a nation means we ALL must contribute to it and serve it. We are the ones wo recognize that the nation has given us many opportunities and protected us throughout our lives. The services our government gives us costs money. It's not perfect but it is something we as a people designed. We are not the ones who pay off the politicians to protect our wealth. We do not avoid military service nor do we manipulate the system with our meager savings accounts. We do not need to pass money under the table to elect politicians or Supreme Court Justices to protect our wealth. That is done by the wealthy. We respect our country and it's institutions. We are the real patriots.

Written on Letter to the Editor: A Buffett buffet:

The top 1% are sick. Buffet and the rest of them have a lot of nerve. They should be paying a 65% rate with no exceptions.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Tea time?:

That's called "trickle down" economics. Proof is in the pudding, it never worked. No matter how much money they accumulate, it's never enough. Job creators, give me a break.

Written on Sinking boat near Keewaydin leaves 20 passengers wet:

Hmmm, Capn, the story here appears to be that we had 20 incredible s----- people take a ride in a very little boat. They may have been Cuban refugees and not Americans. But they surely were s-----, wouldn't you agree?

Written on Gov. Rick Scott appoints 3 from Naples to 20th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission:

That's it? Florida has more then 10 percent unemployment. Campaign promises by Scott were given to reduce that level by at least 3 points. The best he can do is find 4 jobs for four rich people that don't even need a job? Where are the jobs?

Written on All four lanes of Jolley Bridge open to traffic :

Thank you, Presidents Bush and Obama. This bridge represents tax dollars returned to us. Wish the richest 1 % would start contributing to this country like the rest of us do.

Written on Naples-Marco Island lost 3,000 jobs since last August, one of biggest losers in Florida:

No regulations equal unsafe aircraft, contaminated air and water. Medicine that kills rather then heals. Cars that explode rather then protect you when t boned or slamed from behind. Toys that are designed to kill rather then be fun to play with. Food that kills or at the very least is spoiled. Structures that in the slightest wind will collapse. Think it through Republicans, what you ask for may hurt you. Islandeye, when you use words like socialist and communist, you become part of the problem. Marcobiker, the government establishes an enviornment for jobs. The government is not only the biggest employer in the country it is the biggest motivator to employ and the country's largest consumer of manufactured goods and services. If the government needs it, the factories will make it. Trickle down applies only to the proven failed Republican economic idea that when the rich have more, they will hire. It hasn't happened in thirty years of trials.

Written on Naples-Marco Island lost 3,000 jobs since last August, one of biggest losers in Florida:

jwputnam: Ask the defense industry how many jobs will no longer be created when DOD stops buying weapons systems. Ask our great aircraft industry how many jobs will be lost when the government stops subsidizing airlines and promoting our products to foreign operators. Now ask the small business owners located around military basis if they are willing to let those bases shut down. Ask all the firms in America that support our government buy selling the taxpayer products what they think about cutting back on spending. Better yet ask our returning service members what they think about ending the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Where will they work when they are told they are no longer needed? Ask construction companies how soon they would like the government construction contracts to stop wherever the government happens to be a prevailing employer. You Republicans think you represent all the people, well you don't. There are a lot of folks that owe their livelyhood to the government and it's ability to create employment all over the country. Now the Republicans are planning on cutting thousand of more government jobs by starving the USPS. When all the government workers end up without a job, you will find a lot less money on the street to support small business. But then what do Republicans care, they just want to help the wealthy top 2 percent of population who create NO jobs. Don't agree, then ask the largest group of these wealthy folks, people who make their fortunes on the stock market. They sit in front of their computer like you do all day and just gamble until they strike it rich and they only pay a 15 percent tax rate! What is your rate? The problem with Republicans is they never think things through. They have one thought, win. Party, party never country.

Written on Naples-Marco Island lost 3,000 jobs since last August, one of biggest losers in Florida:

Obama didn't promise tens of thousands of new jobs. He actually promised several million. His actions did in effect meet his promise. That said, the cuts initiated by the Congress resulted in the loss or offset of all those gained especially in public service. You see, counter to the Republican talking point that government does not create jobs, our federal, state, city and county governments are probably responsible for hiring more employees then any private company on the planet. Now if you want to start counting all the employment opportunities public policy presents via countracting and service agreements, they probably hire more then anyone in the universe and that's before we even look at those serving in our armed services. I still want to know where the jobs are that Governor Scott promised. Aren't Republicans supposed to be for personal responsilibty? Guess only Democrats can be held accountable for anything in the country.

Written on Naples-Marco Island lost 3,000 jobs since last August, one of biggest losers in Florida:

Ask the Gov where the jobs are. He promised tens of thousands of jobs to get elected.

Written on Poll: Views sour on economy, President Obama's role :

Panola: If you took logic or physics courses in school you should ask for your money back. Ever hear of the phrase cause and effect? Of course the national debt has risen. How could it not have? The deficit problems Obama inherited have been getting larger and larger with every passing minute. Debt works that way, check out your mortgage and you will see what the real cost of your home is. What has not happened is our country has not sufferred an economic collapse because of the policies our President has taken. The Bush administration caused our problems and like a long term loan, there are cascading costs associated with that debt. Our country would be in much worse shape if Obama had not acted a she did. Actually, the majority of the Bush economic adivisors advocated the same policies Obama adopted. As for the article, of course Obama will be reelected. Have you seen the candidates running against him? The front runners do not believe in science much less understand economics. They would rather leave the driving up to the Good Lord. We all know what happens when we take our hands off the steering wheel. The President is doing the best he can in spite of his oppositions efforts. Compared to the job losses sufferred under Bush, this President has a record of increasing jobs. Just not enough jobs to bring our nation out of the hole. Initiating an effective jobs program can be accomplished sooner then fixing the deficit. Jobs must be our only priority until we get our citizens back to work. All it takes is honest men and women working together to approve a national goal to solve this problem. Signing pledges or drawing lines in the sand concerning programs that do not concern putting our nation back to work is simply politics. The debt is a long term problem and will eventually be taken care of. Our country is strong and will survive the actions of the last president. Call your Representative and ask them what they are doing to increase jobs. Tell them you are paying their salary and you demand they get to work. For that matter, ask the Governor when he is going to start presenting a job program that will help people today, not in 10 years time. He did promise jobs for FLorida. The majority of Americans know that Obama started with a really big mess. He is slowly digging us out. Rather then be negative, you should work to help him out and stop supporting the so called job creators who don't create anything despite 8 years of the lowest tax rates in our history. They are increasing their personal wealth at the expense of the rest of us. It is becoming clear to more and more Americans that we have some people in this country more concerned with advancing their own political idiology then with curing our ills. Help the President to keep us out of the ditch and don't let those who drove us into it, do it again.

Written on Collier teachers want salary adjustments to offset retirement contribution mandate:

Ray: Some Republicans are still capable of changing their minds. Obviously the folks in New York and New Jersey proved to be a bit much for Christi. Who knows what motivates people. Perhaps they sent him the head of a horse.

"The U.S. Department of Transportation announced on Tuesday that roughly $745 million of Florida's portion of high-speed rail money had been "obligated" toward upgrades on heavily used Amtrak lines in the Northeast Corridor -- $449.94 million alone will be spent on upgrading electrical systems and tracks between Trenton, N.J. and New York City; another $295.78 million will be spent on alleviating traffic congestion on those lines.

The remaining Florida funds will be spent throughout the country (not just in the more reliably Democratic northeast). Roughly $400 million is set to expand high-speed rail service in the Midwest; $336.2 million is set to be invested in state-of-the-art locomotives and rail cars for California and the Midwest; and another $300 million will be spent building the nation’s first 220 mph high-speed rail system in California. Those investments, however, have not yet been obligated, according to a Department of Transportation official. In addition, $400 million of Florida's high-speed rail funds has been rescinded by Congress."

Written on Collier teachers want salary adjustments to offset retirement contribution mandate:

Ruger: I'm not sleeping but you might be. 7 years? You really believe that after Scott's first term is up the people of Florida are going to elect another Republican? His 7 year job plan is no better then notes on a paper napkin. What has he done that would make you believe he is capable of developing any plans? Florida has one of the worst unemployment rates in the country and it's getting worse not better. We can't wait 7 years. Where are the jobs? The states of New York, New Jersey and California are getting billions of dollars for transportation improvement; All of which was OUR money because Scott doesn't believe in Florida creating jobs or supporting tourism. He has little or no judgment and most of the folks he has appointed to high office are no better. They are all personal friends who have little experience and have been hanging on his coat tails for years. The proof is in the pudding. Florida is in deep trouble.

Written on WARREN BUFFET HAS A TAX SUGGESTION (Personally Speaking by Sam Person):

"free enterprise system"? What is free in this so called system? Seems like only the wealthiest of us are enjoying any freedom in this country. Freedom from having to pay their fair share. Personally I would like to see a flat tax of say 20 to 23 percent accross the board, no exceptions or deductions. You pay that percentage of your income at the time you receive it, no more filing or paying someone to do your taxes. Establish new Trade laws that impose a tariff on imports equal to that which is imposed on our country, where the product or services are manufactored or sourced. It might help us to impose a penny tax on every dollar any American invests or banks offshore. We could also stop outsourcing government services as that activity only serves to enrich leaches and paracites. Now, if your goal is to rid us of the government, then lets get rid of the real source of our problems; the Congress. Our Representatives who seek to do our will. You know those who you hope will bring home the bacon. Once you have dealt with the spending and legislative branch, stop oil, farm or alternative energy subsidies. No subsidies to Boeing or any other industry that does business with the taxpayer should be continued. No increase in Defense funding, no military assistance funding for our allies. No increase in Intelligence funding. no further grants to science, engineering or medicine. No money for NASA. No increases in public safety, no money to rural hospitals or emergency relief for natural disasters. Forget about Social Security COLA increases and Medicare being able to pay your doctor for that operation you need *some want to do without those programs. We can forget our treaty obligations and dump the Postal system for good measure, FedEx it, you'll love the cost. No more stimulas money to Texas and other states that cannot meet their balanced budget requirements. Forget about VA benefits and Hospitals. No more welfare or disablity assistance for handicapped chilren. No more funding of foster care. M. Bachman notwithstanding. And let's make the Tea Party a little more patriotic, enact a law that says anyone that doesn't believe in taxes should be ineligible to receive any government money, whatever the reason. So vote Republican for a new America, one that asks nothing from us and one that gives us nothing back. Vote Repubican.

Written on Collier teachers want salary adjustments to offset retirement contribution mandate:

Marcoislandwoman, deltarome and panola: Wouldn't it be better if Governor Scott announced that he personally would pay himself, his staff, all those wannabees he appointed to higher office? He could then inform all those Tea Party Members recently elected to legislative office that he wished to advance the Tea Party mantra and make them work for free. In addition to being a good gesture, it would help the taxpayer out. By the way Governor, where are all those jobs you promised? It also would be nice if he announced the dates and times all Republicans serving in high office in the State of Florida were drug tested.

Written on What are your thoughts? | Stock market plunges 512 points, worst drop since 2008 :

So how is everyone's 401K going? Or for that matter how much is your IRA worth? What about those Mutuals? Is your bank charging you a fee for your savings account yet? Still maintaining those high capital gains on your trades? Hopefully, the dollar will remain strong or we won't be able buy those foreign cars. Esepcially, if all manufacturing is eventually overseas. Been making a lot of money for your old age have you? How about your health insurance? Still affordable? Soon the Republicans will attempt to get rid of Social Security and Medicare so don't depend on them to pay your bills when you are old. Have al those investments you made during the past 10 years have taken a hit? Still hopeful that smaller government is the answer? Can you depend on your employer to help you out? Especially if they are Republicans, you deserve it. Afterall, you did carry the water for those rich Republican and the Tea Party even if you found out most of what they told you was BS, your efforts should be worth something. Don't expect to negotiate for benefits because minimum wage is all you can hope to receive. Even that is something those Republicans resent, so that might be lowered soon too. After all, working in Mickey Ds or cleaning houses is still work, right? Don't get blind or infirm because the Republicans have their sights on public wellfare and if you have a stroke, you will be on your own. Still hoping to get some of Mom and Dad's money? Well you better think again because without a retirement income that too will be gone. Expect to work till you are 72 and hope that you live that long. Your children and grandchildren will need some help, especially if one is afflicted with a high maintenance disability, so don't go on the cruise or refurbish that bath and kitchen. Can't be done because the banks aren't lending any money anymore. Maybe the rich guy down the street can loan you a few coins, he believes in charity. But chances are he will try and get you to cut his grass or wash his car. Good luck with the remainder of your life in a Republican world. Thankfully, I won't be here to enjoy it.

Written on What are your thoughts? | Stock market plunges 512 points, worst drop since 2008 :

Islandeye: The rich do not proportionally pay more taxes then the middle class. To state otherwise is misleading. Only one in four large corportations pay any tax at all. The right wing and Koch brothers have been spreading that malarky for long enough. Any orgainization or think tank that states otherwise was likely funded by those corporations. It's time they paid their fair share.

Written on What are your thoughts? | Stock market plunges 512 points, worst drop since 2008 :

Our military is the best the world has to offer today. Our President is their Commander in Chief. Our military does not operate independently of civilian control. We are a Republic not a dictatorship. The President sets the military's priorites not the Generals. You guys want to set aside the cause of our current economic problems and blame Obama for the results of cascading and continued collatoral damage that Bush policies are still producing? Where is the responsiblity? How can you blame the street sweeper who has to clean up after the street party? Obama's actions didn't cause this mess. Don't blame Obama for the debt problems, they were done by irresponsible lack of book keeping on the part of the the Bush administration. I recall Rumsfeld once declared that budgets are not relevant and are unneccessary. The Pentagon was off budget for eight years. You are seeing the real damage today because the current administration is including the Pentagon and it's war activities in the books. The continued inability of our politicians to govern also contributes to our problems. Not taxing the rich is the dumbest thing we have ever done. When are they going to start making jobs? Never, they don't own any factories and they don't require any employees to move money on a computer to the Bahamas. If you love your country, you will rid us the tea party, the nutcases in Congress that sign pledges and refuse to compromise and all those deadbeats that have accumulated all the wealth but contribute nothing to the good of the nation. You will also shut up the clowns who want to rid us of the EPA, give us dirty water, dirty beaches, dirty air, food filled with chemicals, bad medicine and leagalized stealing by the credit industry. What is wrong with you people? You always support those who want to hurt you most.

Written on What are your thoughts? | Stock market plunges 512 points, worst drop since 2008 :

Ocram: Millions of Americans voted for our President and millions of Americans continue to support him. You make a few allegations that have no truth to them. Your words should be directed to those who really are the enemy of the Republic; your tea party and Dick Army. You cannot support anything you have written and you are simply repeating the same lies that the Koch brothers have paid for. Your hate does sound racist and resentful that the black man is still in your WHITE house. Get over it, you'll get your country back when the Republicans and Democrats find a man or woman good enough to fill the job. When overseas get your opinions from media other then that owned by Rupert Murdock. Since Bill Clinton, this President is admired throughout the world and feared by our enemies as the one who notched Osama. He is the President that did go after those who harmed us. Compare that to Bush standing on a pile of rubble saying he heard them. Deeds are what count. The Trillions he spent were necessary to save thousands of manufacturing jobs, thousands of Police and Fire jobs and thouosands of teacher jobs. One third of the stimulas money was a tax reduction and one third sent to the states. He also bought and paid for a bridge on Marco Island. American dignity was lost when they filled the clown car full of those weird right wing Presidential clowns. The bar is really set low and the world is worried. His policies have stopped more illegal border crossings then any President before him. He has also sent back more illegals then Bush ever did. Bush learned OJT. He learned to fight two unfunded wars, initiate an unfunded drug policy and it was his TARP idea that put money back into the banks. I'm with Obama and those who actually went to school and earned their grades not the tea party candidates like the c average Texas Governor. Another clown. I just returned from overseas and the papers are all asking the same question: Has America lost it's mind? Who are these Tea Party people they want to know. I told them. You betchya.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Stop playing politics:

The Republicans will not govern. They forgot the meaning of the word compromise. The only plan for jobs they have is to reduce taxes. They will soon be responsible for the mext depression. If you are still considering to vote for those who care not for the country, sign pledges to tie their own hands before they are even confronted with an issue then you had better change channels. Pledges are for those who have no confidence in their own ablilities.

Written on What are your thoughts? | Stock market plunges 512 points, worst drop since 2008 :

All who celebrate the Tea Party and the recent downgrade of our country's ability to get credit, are un-American and should be held accountable. You play with fire and people will be hurt. From day one the Republican party promised to make him a "one term President". They have put up road blocks to every attempt he has made to fix our economy. Well, it is clear to me that the "southern stratey" is working. They will get that "uppitty" blackman out of their White House even if it brings the country down around their ears. The tea party, those who carrry the Bible in one hand and a gun in the other and those who promote them will never accept any responsibility for anything they do. They have succeeded in doing real harm to their country. If you don't like the President then impeach him don't take down the nation. Remember, it is the Congress that holds the purse strings, not the Executive Branch. This Congress alone is responsible for this lack of confidence in our nation, not the President. Our government worked fine until the Republicans and their tea party decided to stop governing by not compromising. Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave. It is now time to Tax the rich and force them to contribute to our society or to move to off shore with all their cash.

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Marco Island puts the lie to the statement that Govenment does not provide jobs. Contractors and their employees have made millions of dollars off our taxpayers. When is our Governor going to come down here and learn how to increase the work force of this state.

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I'll bet those Koch brothers appreciated Obama putting all that oil on the market. They just lost a ton of cash. If I was President I would just jail the speculators and sic the IRS on them. Speculating in oil during a recession when so many of us are out of work is unpatriotic. People need their cars to find jobs.

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ajm: I believe I am beginning to undestand what the problem is. You refuse to comprehend what I write. I do not consult pundits. I refer to the people who are charged with the implementation of the policy. Policy initiatedby politicians. I specificially do not refer to theorists, political activists, polls, opinion givers or pundits who appear on right wing propaganda media and anti-science believers. I look at the source of the links you provide and backtrack on the names of the folks you quote. If they have a consistent history of being biased or have worked for a specific industry or institution of the right or if the think tank is funded by a person or group with an agenda (Koch brothers), I stop paying attention. Look back on what I wrote. I clearly stated that these Agency or Department heads and economic advisors to Republican and Democratic administrations agree on one thing: Tax reduction does not result in longterm net feedback. The data shows it does not result in an increase in revenue. You can look at the complete numbers on the governments CBO website for the years they served. The CBO figures are nonpartisan and recognized as the arbitrator of all bills. A spending bill cannot come before Congress for a vote without first being vetted by the CBO. They are the nation's fact checker. The names of the people I offered have no reason or motive to mislead. They are Republican and are honorable men telling the truth. The theory that lower taxes brings in more revenue is a lie. Trickle down economics means only the top two percent get trickled on. The rest of us get less then nothing.

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ajm: Why don't you ask Reagan's former Treasury Deputy Secretary? In a recent interview he stated there was NO feedback or revenue return when they reduced taxes. You can also find videos of recent officials under GW's administration giving testimony to Congress; like H. Paulson or Edward Lazear saying the theory has no evidence to support it and when inflationary measures, population increases or per capita is factored in the net longterm increase in revenue is non existant. Finally, look at statements by Al Greenspan. Remember him? Everyne listened when he spoke. Well he claims it's a myth too. All Republicans, all admitting that it is a lie and that they never claimed it to be so. The people who advance this lie are Republican elected officials and the propagandists of the right. Numbers can be made to work for you but only when you use ALL the numbers will you arrive at the correct answer. Look to the experts who worked with the actual numbers and were responsible for the collection of revenue and paying the bills. You guys make up facts to advance your own agenda. Don't ask me to shut up so that you can spread falsehoods. You can always find a link to support your point of view from rightwing think tank propagandists.

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Oh please. This is the guy that misled the President.

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Ruger, are you complaining that Clinton balanced the budget? He did so in calaberation with a Republican held House of Representatives. Bill Clinton is known amongst Liberals as the best Republican President the country has ever had. Sometimes spending money has the opposite effect of what's expected. If spending money results in an increase in jobs and manufactoring, then it stands to reason that it brings in more revenue too. Consumption of product results in need to increase inventory resulting in manufactoring and employment oppurtunities which in turn result in increased revenue. Get it?

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ajm: You see, I'm right. Conservatives believe the nation as been stagnent since Ronald Reagan. When they hear "growth", they think in the economic terms or as it relates to size of government. The nation has grown in population and in many other ways. We have more seniors today, more live births, more poverty, and yes, our economy has also expanded during the last thirty years. We also have more millionairs then we have ever had in our history. We have more disabled veterans since the Civil War. We have obligations to support troops fighthing in two theaters. And yes, our debt has increased and the Republicans do not want to pay it, even though they are responsible for it. For those who have not lived very long,that means the government has more responsiblity too. Of course the government has grown. We have a lot more problems today then we did when Ronald Reagan was President. Everything grows in proportion to the needs of the enviornment in which it exists. Including responsiblity. The only thing that has not grown is our revenues. That is one of the reasons we are in trouble. The other is that WE the people continue to elect representatives that enact expensive priorities that WE the electorate demand of them. The big lie that Republicans advanced after the Reagan administration was that if you reduced taxes you would increase revenue. Well, guess what? Not one Reagan economic advisor can be found today to say that theory is true. NO lasting net increase in revenue has ever occurred when you reduce taxes. This is a lie. Common sence tells you that you must increase your income if you increase your living expenses. We, as a nation have not done that. Our children will do just fine if they figure this out. Fear is a tactic of the Conservative right uses to scare the beegees out of you. If you don't beleive me, just listen to the candidates they have running for office. They start out with a doomsday speech and tell you that if you don't throw the "liberals" out, you and your childen will surely parish. They never bother telling you the "how" to their solutions. They speak in generalities and when pressed against the wall, their numbers never add up. This has been true in every Republican adiministration since Ike. Who was the last true fiscal conservative. A Repubican that taxed the wealthy and brought you our national highway system. Oh, did I mention he was a national war hero too. No communist, no socialist just a good American who cared more about his country then he did the blah, blah his party was spouting. You can look long and hard for a Republican Administration that has ever givin us a "balanced budget". So I dread the day that one comes to office and has to operate under such an Amendment. Historically, we know that a Democratic administration has succeeded in having a balanced budget, the Clinton administration.

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Ok, so we agree that the bridge was built and paid for by the Feds during the Obama administration. So thank him everytime you cross it. I'm not sure what you are trying to say with all the rest of your ranting. We had a lot more of the middle class living on the island when they tried to impose the cost of the bridge on our residents. Today, you are correct, the wealthy should be charged a primium just for the privlege of gazing on it. The feds didn't spend enough on the stimulas? I agree. Florida has been run by Republicans for quite awhile. So any complaints about a bureaucracy out of control should be directed at conservatives not progressives. After all, history has already established that Republicans spend more then they collect and when given the chance to govern us, they either give it all to the rich or spend all the rest of it. Anyone who has lived in this country for the last 30 years knows what I say is true. You Republicans act like the country has stood still since Ronald Reagan left office. We are so much bigger, every segment of our society has grown and as a result, our government has so much more responsiblity. Shadow: The President is a salaried employee and he has his taxes deducted from his paycheck evey month. Yes, he did pay his fair share. Did you?

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"The project was made possible through the federal stimulus, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009". Thank you President Obama, without the country's help, the residents of Marco Island would have had to pay to leave and return to our own homes via tolls. What has the Repubican Party done to improve the infrastructure of Southwest or all of Florida? What bills have they advanced to improve the unemployment problems we have? What bills have they initited to bring our property values back? When is the U.S. House of Representatives going to start working to dig us out of this recession? When is our Governor going to fullfil his campaign promise and improve the economy enough to increase jobs? Jobs is what the American people want, NOT cuts in taxes for the richest amongst us. NOT 15% tax rates for capital gains. NOT a tax system in which Corporations like GE evade their obligation to pay any tax at all. The new bridge span was built and paid for by the combined efforts of ALL the people of the United States and our great State of Florida. Wouldn't it be nice if the Corporations of America and the richest of us had helped in this effort? Today, only the wage earner contributes, the rest give their money to political campaigns and lobbyists to ensure their continued control of all the wealth of this great nation.

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ajm: I have already offered my thoughts. They got it wrong.

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ajm: Trying to be rational with a Libertarian is difficult. You work so hard at turning the world we live in upside down and you rarely ever admit when your experiments go wrong. So I won't even try. Our Governor just reversed himself and cancelled the drug testing. Even he bends to pressure. Now if only he would focus ALL his attention on JOBs. That's what the man promised.