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Written on Marco Island Academy dedicates new campus:

Yea!!! Now all you haters don't have to subject your children to Hispanics or Hattians!! I hope you create jobs on the island so they never ever have to leave your side.

Written on State suspends license of Marco Island doctor jailed since Thanksgiving :

in response to themessiah:

I said it a year ago after his other arrest, this guy is no good. Good riddance. If he had any sense at all he would pack up and get out of SW Florida.. Anyone who would continue to take their friends or loved ones to this joke of a doc deserves anything that happens to them. There has been a long string of negative actions by this guy including gross misdiagnosis....there should be a sign on his front door "enter at your own risk".

This is the truth. This is not slander. He almost KILLED ME!!! I had "double pneumonia" at the time and was coughing up large amounts of blood. He gave me antibiotics and said I'd be fine. I was getting sicker and sicker. a week later he said I was fine and that I should return to work (I taught 5th grade). I returned and passed out in class! Turns out the bleeding lungs??? Yeah, not pneumonia. I was dying from a rare vascular/autoimmune disease. It was SHAW that saw me after I passed out and sent me to a critical care pulmonologist. While Shaw was getting me in to see this expert; Guidry was in the hall screaming about me (I was an idiot. He doesn't need me. He will have me ruined...I kid you not he said those things) because I quietly told the nurse I would like to see Shaw instead of Guidry (shaw was always my idea why I got shoved with Guidry a few times). Sooooo, a great doctor????? No way!!! I'm alive today because I knew better than to listen to this moron twice, excellent doctors that knew bleeding lungs was something more than pneumonia and my strength. So, if you are s----- enough to see this guy for any health related reasons you have only yourself to blame when that little cold grows into something much more.
Furthermore, if you're a woman, he will talk to you inappropriately, fondle you when he asks you to disrobe for a sore throat (yep, and then feel your glands down by your groin?????? NEVER did any other doctor do that) and play with your navel rings, ask you out on dates. This is not in reference to the girl and the law suit. These are other incidents that happened to me and some of my female friends. they went there to see Shaw and got stuck with this idiot. Ugh

Written on State suspends license of Marco Island doctor jailed since Thanksgiving :

IT'S ABOUT TIME!! He is the worst doctor out there. He almost killed me!! He fondled my friend. WHY he's been in practice this long is beyond me. In a real city he would have lost his license 12 years ago!!!

Written on 4 more years: Obama wins re-election:

You cannot hope to win an election in the US if you are an extremist. Romney=EXTREME They have hate and fear on their side and those that feed off of that will vote for them...Thankfully that wasn't the majority but rather the minority of our great country. You cannot alienate people in our country and consider them second class citizens and expect to win an election. There are too many thinkers in our country now. The years of the "good ol' boy" era and sheep herding are over. When the Repubs find a middle ground they can recover, but until then the Dems will always win. I have no background in government or politics yet I understand this very basic logic.

Written on Collier Schools give former Superintendent Thompson $120,000 to settle lawsuit :

I'm so freakin' sick of this district THROWING AWAY OUR MONEY and then the public crying when teachers asks for a raise (which they didn't get for over 3 years). We're in financial problems because we keep paying off asszhats. KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF. I'M SICK OF YOU THROWING AWAY MY TAX DOLLARS! The children deserve the funds for classroom necessities. ie books, supplies, hands-on materials, library improvements etc. Seriously, this is disgusting!

Written on PHOTOS: Restaurants go to the grill to see who has the 'Best Burger on the Beach':

Flamingo is full of crap. Their burgers used to be hand shaped and delish. Now?? Prefabbed disgusting "beef"...Well, the last time we had one was over a year ago. They went from great to disgusting over night. Maybe they're back to their original, but they changed the last few times we went there and NEVER went back again.

Written on Joey's Pizza and Pasta House - Marco Island:

Pretty good food, but the prices are insane! $20 for a plate of pasta with meat sauce? Really? But it's one of the better places on Marco for food. If you don't mind spending a pay check for dinner then go for it.

Written on Updated: Marco doctor who ran for city council charged with assault on wife, teen:

this guy scared the hell out of me when I went to him years ago. He misdiagnosed me as I was coughing up blood. What horrible doctor and citizen. I never returned. He felt up a friend of mine as well. WHY he was practicing all these years is beyond me. He's a doctor...not a blasted cashier. He had lives in his hands!

Written on Two found dead in East Naples ruled murder-suicide:

Keep us posted. I live here and certainly would like to know if we should be on the lookout.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Gratitude for Dr. Guidry:

Barry, you are very wrong in deed. IF you were really sick you would know that guidry doesn't dispense the correct medications, he doesn't refer you to specialists nor does he know pneumonia to a deadly illness. Yes, I know this from personal experience. Know the facts before you speak. You're but one patient. I can come up with at least 10 that will tell you how horrible he is. He needs help. He's not in a right state of mind.

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting prostitution avoids trial:

If you're a man you have NO idea how this guy acts when he's with a female patient. Most of the women I know went to see Shaw (RIP) but would sometimes HAVE to end up with Guidry. The guy is a creep. He's gross. He asks you to unbutton your pants to check your glands in your pelvis area? I HAVE BEEN SICK MOST OF MY LIFE AND NOT ONCE DID A DOCTOR ASK ME TO DO THAT! That was the LAST time I went to that office. He officially sucks and sent me back to work as I was coughing up BLOOD! turns out I had a deadly illness, but he was too focused on my chest to even consider sending me to get a professional opinion. Yes, I did contact a lawyer, but how do you prove such things? I was too sick to fight it at the time. I hope he self destructs sooner rather than later. If you go to him and he doesn't help you then you only have yourself to blame. If he sexually harrasses to the police station. I wish I had, but look at all of you blaming this woman. How sad.

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting prostitution avoids trial:

I happen to know for a fact there were others. This man is a mess and should not be practicing medicine in this state. I hope the woman goes further into this!

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

He has always been so slimy. eeewww. I remember the first time I had to deal with him. I, of course, had an appointment with Dr. Shaw and guess who walks in the room instead??? This sick piece of garbage. He said to me, "Hey gorgeous. You sure don't look sick to me." Ummmm....WHAT???????????????/ I don't think he has many patients. I think they all were coming for Shaw and he just slid some of us to guidry to be nice to the guy. I think more of an investigation into Shaw's death is needed. I didn't know him personally, but he seemed genuinely happy.

Oh, another time I went to see Shaw I asked the receptionist quietly, "Could you make sure it's Dr. Shaw that sees me?" She said sure. Well, guidry was about to walk in my room (I paniced), and the nurse told him that I wanted to see Shaw. He started SCREAMING out in the hall that I have no business demanding to see a certain doctor. That I was s----- and knew nothing about him. Swore about me...I was about to leave (while crying...I was very, very sick with what we now know as a rare illness) when shaw came in. He apologized up and down and referred me to a great pulmonologist. that was the last I ever went there. God, all the terrible memories are coming back. Please, make sure he never touches another person again.

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

in response to MarcoRat:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Island physician arrested on battery charge:

is this still under investigation? From his memorial page on FB he was starting to fry a turkey on christmas day and then leaves and is dead two days later????????????? Come on!

Written on UPDATE: Physician’s death shocks Island community :

no doubt guidry added to this event. I really respected Dr. Shaw. It's a shame he couldn't find a way to deal with things. I'm sorry to his wife and child.

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Written on Marco doctor charged with soliciting sex for medical services:

OMG, shaw killed himself? he was so young and he WAS a good doctor. Probably was so messed up from guidry. I'm telling you, this paragraph rings so true about a friend of mine that went there years ago with guidry: "During the visit, the victim claims Guidry told her she might have “scarlet fever,” needed to examine her thoroughly, tried to fondle her breasts and attempted to unzip her pants, according to the police report. The victim told police she told Guidry she felt uncomfortable and felt his actions were inappropriate. She reported that Guidry then got upset, went to the medicine cabinet and threw antibiotics at her and said “this should take care of what’s wrong with you.”

WOW...I feel horrible to know that shaw died. I was angry he worked with this man, but I never went back there after my encounters with guidry. There better be more investigating going on. Unfortunately, I have no contact with the friend that went through a similar situation as stated in the above paragraph...Like I said.l...he shouldn't practice again.

He almost KILLED ME! He is NOT a good doctor. Dr. Shaw was a professional, but was too influenced by this egomaniac <sic>. If you're a man you have NO IDEA what we are talking about then. Guidry is not only a sex freak, but a horrible doctor. To send someone back to work while coughing up blood and xrays still showed double pneumonia with some sort of "growth" in the lung???? WTF? The guy is a raging mess.

until they give him his day in court DO NOT allow him around children giving free physicals. Please, do not do that.

Written on Collier school district agrees to change date of salary hearing so teachers can attend:

Wow, radio and umleed need to get lives (and perhaps volunteer some of this 'fun time on the net' to help children either in a private or public school setting).

blah to all of them.

Written on Collier school district agrees to change date of salary hearing so teachers can attend:

um: I don't print lies. I have read your posts for 3 years now and you say the same thing over and over and over. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE SOME ACCOUNTABILITY? I invited you into my classroom numerous times back then and you never took me up on it. I WANTED AND NEEDED your help with my low achieving children. They came from NOTHING (living in board shacks on farms) and you never once wanted to help out a child.

What you say is bogus. You are here to insight anger in those that help children on a daily basis.

Teachers, you are the glue that keeps this world from falling apart. You teach and often RAISE children that never had a hope. You inspire and support children that often times would have no one if not for you. Many times you are the only smile they will see during the day. You DO make a difference. I still have students that write me weekly from way back in the early 90s. They are professionals starting families now. YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU'RE TOLD YOU WHINE AND DO NOTHING BUT WANT MORE MONEY. LOL....remember who you are and why you went into teaching.

Well, I am off to the doctor. I will not reply more to umleed. He has proven time and again that he does not want teachers to be paid on a merit system because if he did he would do something about it. He wants to anger you.

Written on Collier school district agrees to change date of salary hearing so teachers can attend:

I fell for nothing! I NEVER asked for a raise. I never paid into the "union" here, either. LOL You fell for it all though. You fell for Bush though, I see. NCLB is a joke! It was not funded properly and there are so many flaws in the tests.

I wish you would take that attitude and help teachers FIGHT for children. We DO complain, but you see, we get fired if we complain too much. I DO NOT WORK FOR CCPS ANYMORE THEREFORE I CAN TELL YOU ALL THAT HAPPENS!

I worked in the Taj. WHAT A WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS. They had meetings to plan meetings. I AM NOT KIDDING! We would start a project and then it just died. I had to meet deadlines for my part of the puzzle and then no one did their part and it just faded into the woodwork. I could have been helping teachers and students during that time, but instead I was preparing s----- slideshows on phonics.

You have NO idea...still...what does on in CCPS. I wanted to be measured on how well I did because I'd make over 100K a year had I been. I wanted to SCREAM at board meetings that I haven't the money to help these children but you people sure do (meaning the board). I wanted to scream at Thompson and her little gal pal that does nothing but cut and paste things she finds on the Internet to look productive.

It's a MESS here and until tax payers do something about it it will not change. So, blame teachers all you want (and yes, many suck and whine they want more money but are having kids to worksheets and color in a 4th grade classroom) but 95% of your REAL teachers (with an education in education, higher degrees, constant professional development) could care LESS about raises. I have said from day one (when this s----- 1% bonus thing started) that teachers who care would much rather have the money doubled and used in their classrooms rather than in their paychecks. are always a part of the problem and never a part of the solution. A couple of years back you dared me to come up with solutions. I handed you 15. You did nothing with them as a parent and tax payer I see. I couldn't do anything about it because I was a slave teacher and told to keep it zipped. Now I am too sick to fight it. When I get better believe me...I will be running for school board.

I have since left due to health reason. Gee, I wonder why I became so ill? Could it have been all the BS and stress from the board, the taj and people like you?

I loved what I did. I love teaching and always will feel it was my calling. no one, not even you, dumbleed, can change that.

NOW, MAKE A DIFFERENCE DUMBS! please, do something to help the children of CCPS. Go to a title 1 school and volunteer some reading time. THEY ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF SOMEONE TO CARE!!! You could be that person, umleed.

Written on Collier school district agrees to change date of salary hearing so teachers can attend:

ps: I did not edit. I apologize for my typos. There, attack me now. :)

Written on Collier school district agrees to change date of salary hearing so teachers can attend:

umleed said: "All of you teachers that are spending your own money to buy supplies are just wasting money. What happened to kids being sent out of the classroom if they showed up unprepared?"

OMG, your ignorance is amazing. Do you realize that almost 1/3 of the children attending CCPS are from poverty? There are many TItle 1 schools. The children that attend these schools don't come with the proper clothes much less supplies. You just showed how ignorant you really are. We are not just "teachers". We are parents, police, social workers, nurses, etc etc etc............. YOu must be in Seagate or Pelican March.

Seriously, what you said is outrageous. Have you no clue as to the status of the economy and the people that live in Naples? it's not all wealthy. If I were to do what you claimed should be done then I would have 5 students in my classroom every year (when I taught). I'm not BSing you either.

Wow, you just inserted your foot so far down your mouth it's criminal. The world is a far different place than when you and I were in school, Umleed.

Heck, I can't even send a kid to the principal's office for misbehaving (and not a small offense I might add) for fear of being fired. Check into MMS now. I know for a fact those teachers live in fear of sending a child out of the classroom. I'm talking children that throw chairs, tell teachers to "F off" etc.

LOL, you have no clue what it's like out there, Umleed (and gator and whomever else wishes to attack teachers).

YOu may not want them to have a better salary but admit that you have no idea what they go through on a daily basis, ok?

Written on Collier school district agrees to change date of salary hearing so teachers can attend:

Umleed said: I'll ask you the same question that every other teacher refuses to answer. Since teachers insist on being lumped together, paid the same and refuse to allow themselves to be judged based on their merits, how are we to determine who the quality teachers are? You say Collier County should work to retain quality teachers but how are we supposed to do that when the teachers themselves won't allow it?"

I would have NO PROBLEM with that. are assuming that Collier will develop a FAIR AND MEASUREABLE means of assessing it's teachers. Listen, we had something like that called CTAS (not for pay, but to determine how a teacher is progressing year to year). I had marks off the charts. WHY? Yes, I am a blasted good teacher, but principal loved me. Now, my colleague was an awesome teacher but questioned things a few times. Nothing horrible...just needed confirmation on things sometimes. Oh, to question a principal is a huge no no here. Soooooo, her CTAS was much lower.

If you can come up with a FAIR measurement then I bet EVERY excellent teacher in CCPS would love it. But let's face it. The powers that be would lower your score (subjective) just to save money.

I am quite thankful I am not teaching anymore. I miss the kids dearly, but the rest???????????? Ugh.

Written on Collier school district agrees to change date of salary hearing so teachers can attend:

oh, the board did this to show good faith, but they already KNOW their decision. New date but same outcome. The teachers know they aren't getting anything this year, but if I were them I wouldn't show up the first week of school ... the week BEFORE the kids come. I've had it up to HERE with CCPS.
Why can't they take that 1% BONUS and change it to a 1% RAISE!?????? That way the teachers will have it again next year...or at least start from there next year?
Good luck, teachers.

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