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Written on Has your opinion of Rick Scott changed since the election?:

No change.

Once a dirtbag crook, always a dirtbag crook.


Written on Bristol Palin strikes back at Keith Olbermann:

You have to remember the camera adds 10 pounds.

So apparently she goes about 1 Twinky under 190.(2 Twinkys after a hard workout)


Written on Letter to the Editor: Our taxes earn us a high school:

"Every year City of Marco sends $15 mil+ to county school board alone."

That should pay for about 6 or 7 classrooms.


Written on Updated: Marco doctor who ran for city council charged with assault on wife, teen:

in response to RayPray:

"I hear Eddi Mighty-Egg-In-Your-Face-Mouse and you were living to close on the asbestos side."

Is there anyone with a appropriate edition of Rosetta Stone that can translate this into English?

I'm still working on the "metal deseases"


Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island Academy will appeal verdict:

Appeal what verdict? You got an extension.


Written on Collier School Board delays decision on Marco Academy charter school:

I liked the part where she threatened them that it had to be voted on before the election so her people knew who to vote for. That was classy.

I also enjoyed her arrogance when she kept saying no to the extension even after they pointed out that it would be defeated in its present form.

You just can't make this kind of stuff up!!!


Written on Who's got your vote for Governor?:

Whoever the T baggers tell me to vote for!!


Written on PHOTOS: 7th Annual Hurricane Ball:

PHOTOS: Hurricane Ball blowns into town

What is a *blowns*?


Written on Proposal to raise several Marco Island fees angers some in business community:

in response to RayPray:

"Permit fees for new construction are among Marco Island’s fees that could increase by about 25 percent"

Around my house there used to be so much construction.

All the noise and dirt, those hordes of grimy aliens trucked in to strut around and see what they could vandalize and steal....

Right now, there are only two lots being built on close by.

Just enough activity, I think.

More construction might help you ruin my environment, but does zero for me and my neighbors.

Curiale should put a cork in it!

Our esteemed solons should boost all building fees by at least another 100%!!!

"tennis and racquetball courts could be increasing from $12 to $24 per hour."

This is higher than Naples country clubs and is likewise great.

It will guarantee these facilities never get visited except for after hours and on weekend afternoons when nobody is in the office.

Just out of curiosity.......

How was your house built? By elves and cobblers all in one night?

So, basically, what your saying is it was all fine and dandy while they built your house but now it's not OK.



Written on Letter to the Editor: A strip club or a school?:

"Building this Charter school today with no tax dollars"-----

Psssssttt.... hey buddy, cmere, wanna buy a moon rock??


Written on Have you ever unfriended someone on Facebook?:

What's Facebook???


Written on Who do you trust to run the country?:

Only the Marco City Council!!

The best politicians money can buy!!


Written on Collier School Board: Six candidates head to November runoff for three seats:

in response to Klabautermann:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I'm surprised at you. You know this area.

The 51 and 60 year olds ARE the young people around here.


Written on BP stops paying tourism claims on lower Gulf Coast, angering hoteliers:

Now you know why they made BP put $20 billion in an escrow account. It should have been $40 billion.

I figured they would try to weasel out as soon as possible.


Written on VIDEO: Some Collier fishermen catch a BP claims check; others waiting for a bite:

in response to jt1027:

Yea you losers, how can you feel good when there is no oil within 200 miles of our area? Are you really that low? If you live here why are you fishing in Louisiana? You are scum of the earth bottom feeders. Leave BP alone here. You should be suing the lovely human being media for being the lowlife they are. They are the ones that caused all the alarm.

Your BP stock has'nt gone back up yet, huh?


Written on Water line break causes boil water notice on Marco Island:

PS it is never the contractors fault on Marco

I know what you mean.
I bet it's just another act of God.


Written on Jackson Lab moving forward: Commissioners approve short-term loan for first-year funding:

"NAPLES — Collier County government had more debt per resident than all but two other Florida counties"

I don't understand how this can be!!

Oh, wait a second:

"The Collier County Commission voted 4-1 Tuesday, with Commissioner Tom Henning casting the dissenting vote, to have staff draw up a first-year loan of $28 million to Jackson so lab officials can continue working to bring more business partners to a future biomedical park near Ave Maria."

Nuff said?


Written on POLL Marco Island’s interim manager Jim Riviere may stay on:

in response to dc5799:

I have been here since (98) and he is the best I have seen. Nice job please stay.

The best we have seen, true.
But in all reality, the bar wasn't set that high. He clears it easily in slippers.

I've never found simply firing people to be a sound management style.

However, he does have me optimistic.


Written on Letter to the Editor: GOOOH meets Monday:

in response to Fossil:

Use your time for something more useful. The solutions to the problems he cited are not new. The solutions raise their head every time we have an election. Just go to the polls and vote. Stop complaining and looking for ways to change our government. Voting is the answer and those who have voted in the past already know this. Whatever you do don't give this fellow any money because the solutions he is offering are free, just vote. Now if you are unhappy becuase your candidate lost in the last election, too bad. People run for office all the time and only one can win. To you I say better luck next time. If you don't like the candidates that the parties offer, then vote for an independent. Become an independent and don't vote in the Primaries. That's the American solution.

Actually you can vote in the primaries, just not for the democrat or republican. There is always issues that need voted on.


Written on Fire closes Marco McDonald's:

in response to rolomokat:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

For the 99 cent menu.......why else?

I know the food is bad, the place is filthy and the help is terrible, but did I mention only 99 cents?


Written on Chief of police: Nepotism considered in Marco Island's police, code enforcement merger:

I have to agree with breeze. Police and code enforcement are 2 totaly seperate entities.

Now what happens, do we taser someone because the ground wire isn't on the wall plug? Maybe we can make it a felony if your window is missing a concrete anchor. You know how we love our felonies here in SW Fla.

As far as nepotism in Marco govt, just another day in paradise!


Written on Q&A | Marco Island Academy: Charter high school plans moving forward :

4. Are the Collier County School Board and superintendent behind you?

It is my sincere desire to work with the Collier County School Board as a team. I have met with most of the School Board members and am looking forward to meeting the superintendent next month.

I'm sorry, I know i'm not very smart, can someone point out the answer to the question??


Written on Letter to the Editor: Ugly is as ugly does:

One men, one women


Singular or plural?


Written on Bill & Joe: Marco’s Orville & Wilbur:

Very cool. I envy them.


Written on Collier County seeks to net fishing piers for Marco Island’s Jolley Bridge:

Commissioner Donna Fiala suggested that with construction projects costing less these days, perhaps money would be left over from the bridge expansion project.

That is one scary comment. And to think she has a say in how our tax money is spent.


Written on VIDEO: To catch a thief: Marco police need your help:

in response to August8:

Well ??????????????????????????????

Male/female, black/white, could you provide just a little more, he or she may have just walked by ???????????????????

You can't say those things, it would be considered both sexist and racist.


Written on Marco Island City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

in response to Stilllaughing:

I was kind of wondering that too. We need the court jester to give us his "facts" on these complicated issues so we lowly CAVE dwellers can be enlightened.

I think he is having some respiratory problem. Probably went in for tests.


Written on None:

#4 Don't cry lil buddy, it'll be OK


Written on Neighborhood blight: Agencies in Collier, Lee grapple with decline from high foreclosure rates:

"On Marco Island, the Seminole Court home’s list price with Premier Plus is $299,000. Code fines on the property are about $350,000, the highest in city history, and continue to grow at a rate of $500 each day for a falling seawall and failure to connect to the city sewer system."

This one of my faves!

Stick with me here, this is how we pay for the CRA:

Keep letting the fines accrue at $500 per day, eventually they will get to $56 million. On the books, this will be logged in as an "asset", since it is money owed the city. (never mind that it will never be collected). Plus, we get an additional $15,000 per month!
Now, just start spending like it's xmas!

I can't believe nobody else has figured this out.


Written on Mack on the attack: Local congressman introduces bill to repeal health care:

Can Connie Mack even find Florida on a map, anymore??


Written on Letter to the Editor: National research on CRAs and funding:

in response to happy6:


Sure there is. We just print more.


Written on Poll/photos/videos: Tea Party, GOOOH to unite on Marco :

in response to ronanski:

Sorry guys...I was briefly involved with the Tea Party movement, and sadly it, like the radio commentators that frame the arguments and make up the slogans, is a mirror of the whiny, blame-others, chicken-littles on the far left.
I had hoped for a movement that really did believe in conservatism and the aura of Ronald Reagan--a serious conservative movement--but what I found was a movement that fails to acknowledge its real mentor: George Wallace.
...movements and their dirty little secrets...

The Tea Party members are too far LEFT for you?

Now that's scary!!!!!!!!


Written on POLLS: Naples dog park with $120 yearly usage fee gets city panel's support :

This, to me, is just like the Marco high school.

I'm all for it as long as it's built with private funds. No tax dollars.


Written on Letter to the Editor: Merging of traffic at the Jolley Bridge:

in response to blogsmog:

I am sick of these imbiciles that cut of those coming down the 'passing lane' as they call it.
There are two active lanes on that stretch of Collier Blvd. Anyone cutting in front of a moving vehicle on the left lane is driving to endanger. Get their licence plate # and the make of the vehicle. Call 911 immediatly(I've recently been through the same thing) the 911 operator will ask you if you are planning on following the vehicle that cut you off or are you going to continue on without following, do us all a favor and follow the vehicle. When the M.I.P.D. does track down the car you can present the officer an account of what just happened to you (you have every right to be in that lane till it merges just before the bridge). If you feel your life was in danger they can arrest that motorist with 'driving to endanger'(it does help to have witnesses to the fact). The best part of my story was the imbicile that cut me off had a warrant for child support out of Mass. and they threw his As% in jail.
So to 'AVENGER' and the other idiots I suggest:
1. You consult the sheriffs office on how to properly merge(not yield) on that stretch of road.
2. Put your road rage aside and consider the dangerous act you are committing.
3. Is jail really worth it?

Are you really trying to tell us that 2 lanes of active traffic all the way to the merge is worse than one lane of traffic w/ 50k cars in it with some a-^ole cuttn people off that try to go by them?
Please! please! please! call 911 if this happens to anyone, we need to get these idiots of the road before someone gets killed

If I read your post correctly, all I need is your plate number. Then I call 911 ( because you know they have nothing better to do ) give them your plate number and you get a ticket.

Way Cool !


Written on POLL: Leaders disagree on approach to Marco’s abandoned homes:

If I understand this correctly, the house in question collects fines at the rate of $250 per day, has a failed sea wall, and is already overpriced. And the code board won't back down.

BRILLIANT!! Absolutely brilliant.
Usually one must go to the mental hospitals for progressive thinkers like these.


Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island needs a high school:

What's the new phrase?????

Oh yea, helecopter parents.


Written on Marco YMCA, high school venture to share land:

Don't get me wrong, I know there is room for improvement, but your comment about "worst in the world" was a gross exaggeration.

"Assessments were conducted in 21 countries in 1995"

how many countries in the world?
Many sources offer different answers, and depending on the source, there are 189 , 191, 192, 193, 194 or 195 independent countries in the world today. ...

So according to your stats, we are still in the top 10.


Written on Photos/Blog: Planning Board sees demo of unsafe gurney on gravel:

in response to ajm3s:

In a fairness to Chief Murphy, what he demonstrated is that non-trained citizens cannot drag a gurney with a councilman in tow through a #57 rock that is non-compacted along a narrow land borderd by a building and shrubbery on the each side.

Conclusion: Do not allow untrained personnel to assist in rescue operations.

However, folks, the demonstration seriously convinced some. I know Waldack was convinced he told me so. God help us all.

I couldn't agree more. I know professional paramedics, they find this hilarious.

Let me be the devils advocat.
What happens if a medical emergency happens on the beach? Will the person have to wait till help from Naples or Ft.Myers gets there to take them across the unstable sand? Do they have to hope that good samaritans drag them to a stable sidewalk so they can be transported?

What if it happens in their backyard? At the Park?

What a joke. Give these people their C.O. and move on to things that are really important.


Written on Marco YMCA, high school venture to share land:

in response to 4marcoisland:

Here is one article, but there are hundreds to choose from. Google Education K-12 How is the US comparing to other countries. This article states figures comparing the US 8th grade and how the scores slide by 12th grade. This is a NATION WIDE problem. Ignoring it will not make it go away!
K-12 Public Education:
Ignoring Good Management Practices and Risking America's Future
STEM Subjects Are Key to Innovation

Recent studies emphasize a strong correlation
U.S. Students Lag Internationally

U.S. students currently lag behind their international counterparts in basic science and math skills. When comparing the 8th grade test scores of American students with their international counterparts, the U.S. is in the 32nd percentile in math and the 59th percentile in science. Yet, these figures worsen when comparing 12th grade advanced math and physics students around the world, American students are in the lowly 6th percentile in math and at a bleak 0% in science. These figures portray the stark reality that, when compared to other countries, American students are failing.

Even at the advanced PhD level, there is a declining interest in STEM subjects. In 1987, 4,700 PhDs were awarded to U.S. citizens, while 5,600 Asian citizens were awarded PhDs. By 2001, only 4,400 PhDs were awarded to U.S. citizens while 24,900 Asian citizens received PhDs. At a time when the number of American students receiving PhDs declined, the number earned in Asian countries jumped by a factor of five. Furthermore, only 17% of all U.S. bachelor degrees awarded were in engineering and science, while Singapore awarded 68% of its bachelor degrees in these fields, China 58%, South Korea 36% and Taiwan 34%. Most European countries also awarded a higher percentage of degrees in science and engineering than the U.S., led by Germany with 31% of bachelor degrees awarded in engineering and science.

The serious predicament of our education system is very real. Each year fewer American students focus on STEM subjects at advanced levels, and even fewer master math and science at even the basic grade school level. If education in STEM subjects is one of the foundational characteristics of the United States’ innovative ecosystem then the modification of our educational system should remain a top priority.

Thank you for the numbers.

Assumeing these numbers are correct, "lagging behind" is much different than "worst in the world."

Just the raw numbers are not a fair comparison.
"In 1987, 4,700 PhDs were awarded to U.S. citizens, while 5,600 Asian citizens were awarded PhDs. By 2001, only 4,400 PhDs were awarded to U.S. citizens while 24,900 Asian citizens received PhDs."

Assuming "Asian" means China, Japan, and Korea, we did pretty good. There are approxamately 300 million people in the US, While China alone has well over 1 billion.( A billion is 1,000 million)

My point is, don't say we are worst in the world when are far from it.


Written on Marco YMCA, high school venture to share land:

"by the time our students are in high school, we are one of the worst countries in the world."

I need to see some factual stastics on this.


Written on POLL/VIDEOS/PHOTOS: Marco joins effort to evict “corrupt” politicians from House :

This sounds like an awful lot of work.

Can't I just be like everybody in Naples and just blame Obama??


Written on Marco couple wants out of 2-year shell game with city :

Let me see if I can help.

Folks,do you notice how every time to go to meet with someone from the city they always extend a hand?
That's not for a handshake.


Written on County officials share reasons for 951 Boat Ramp project doubling in price:

in response to dc5799:

Moss and Joel's favorite contractor/////

Nobody else gives as big of kickbacks!!


Written on Letter To The Editor: Red light ruckus:

in response to lauralbi1:

I, as an interested citizen, have an honest question. The State where I came from has, as a driving law, the requirement to ALWAYS stop on red before making a right turn. Sign or no sign, one is required to stop or you can be ticketed.
Is the law in Florida different ?? I was under the impression that stopping for a red light before making a right turn was a law (in Florida), whether or not there was or is a sign stating so. Is that not correct ?? If not, I certainly agree with your situation.
If it is a law, then you should drive elsewhere and take your punishment and be quiet.
Let me know in the blogs if stopping on red is a law or not in Florida.
Thanks in advance

You are correct, it is the law. The problem seems to be WHERE you stop. Many intersections have the right turn stop bar more then a cars length behind the straight ahead bar. Example, if you pull up even with the car going straight, and stop,so you can see around him, then go, you get a ticket. This seems to be the biggest problem.

The county claims that if you stop at the bar then creep foreward, you won't be ticketed. I'll let you try that one out.


Written on Letters to the Editor Ticketing softball fans:

in response to Stilllaughing:

Interesting how all rolomokat's threatening comments fixate on masculinity. Sounds like Ego-dystonic sexual orientation to me.

I couldn't agree with you more.
Many studies have shown that the "macho male", with their outward bursts of rage is actually an emotional window to their inner struggles with sexual orientation.


Written on Letters to the Editor Ticketing softball fans:

"I played Friday in the 1:30 game and it again was attended by wife’s, friends and just fans of softball."

Punctuation means things. As I read it, it reads like he has more then 1 wife.


Written on Authorities warn about scheme using Bank of America as ploy:

After reading the headline, I just figured it was an article about fees for their *free* checking.


Written on Which three Marco City Council candidates are you voting for?:

I fail to see where I am complaining. I would just like different candidates.

Written on Which three Marco City Council candidates are you voting for?:

I don't like the options, give me 4 different ones to chose from.