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When I was stuffing envelopes during the last election I don't remember seeing you. We, the 62% were busy campaigning for our candidates and now you want to take credit for their success? Our current council is doing an outstanding job so give it a break. No need to bring more controversy back into our community; things have just quieted down. We are called the “Silent Majority” because we like it that way; we are silent when we have a council in office we trust!

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Putnam, your antics will assuredly backfire. Everyone is struggling to make ends meet and you are attempting a smear campaign against anyone you disagree with. Why not attack Kiester with the same vigor? After all, he did break the law, was found guilty in a court of law. Putnam, if you have such high ideals and standards for our community leaders why are you so silent about Kiesters transgressions?

Written on Marco cop’s excessive speed cause of Jet Ski crash:

Kelly, you are obviously running out of things to write about. For crying out loud, leave this poor guy alone; he is lucky to be alive. He is a single father and stated he just wants to get back to work and return to normal. Stop trying to turn this into a matter of national security!

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van, you may be surprised but we agree on some things. For instance, I agree with you that this is a crummy site and the buck stops with council. You also have to admit that this crummy site offers a great deal of entertainment.

Written on Marco's finance director retires amid questions of city financial practices:

Thanks van, I think the world of you also. Just a quick question though, am I a moron because I didn't answer your questions in a timely manner or because I hurt your feelings?

Harrison, like all staff and council, take a lot of crappola. Sometimes its deserved other times its not. My point was that Harrison, after 30 years of abuse probably decided to just call it quits.

From one moron to another, have a nice day van!

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It's Mr. Ulher , although the name does make things confusing if you don't know him. Sayre, when will you learn that you are a mockery and like Ray Paret and other old worn out has beens on Marco (me included) no one listens to you anymore. Your LTE’s always find misguided fault, inappropriately insults and are increasingly incoherent! As the 13 year old reader stated, "nonsensical." What you fail to accept is that the public loves these councilors, Popoff, Gibson and Fortch; they are more popular in this community than you could ever comprehend. This may be hard for you to digest but they are voices of reason. Recker will wake up and stop feeding people like you ammunition because all you really want, all you ever wanted, was to return to the county which is certifiably insane. Enjoy your retirement and stop trying to humor us with your bizarre rants.

Written on Controversies, challenges continue in Marco’s study of electric utility takeover :

This is a joke! I hope council votes against this consultant. Why wsste the money!

Written on Marco's finance director retires amid questions of city financial practices:

The man retires probably because he is sick and tired of the abuse you losers give him and you already have him convicted, tried and found guilty before the trial. Who's coming to the next meeting with a rope, dc, 25years or van?

Written on Marco councilor Kiester, residents sound off on top city issues:

Hall, Columbo and Kiester just don't seem to get it. They lost the election and no one cares about their agenda. Kiester should count his blessings he wasn't recalled and Hall should be quiet and respectful that the majority hasn't run him out of town yet like they did in Squaw Valley. I have long lost my patience with Roger Hall; he is an obnoxious egotist.

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Go home Hall and SHUT UP! Wow, some people just don't get the message. Sounds kind of paranoid and delusional. Maybe Hall and Columbo have been smoking out of the same pipe...

Written on Marco officials ponder starting own power company:

Are we still talking about sewers? Come on people, sewers are a dead topic. In case you didn’t realize it blackwidow, you lost and intelligence prevailed.

I find it interesting that SmokeyJoe defends the only councilor in state history that was caught deliberately destroying public records. Sounds to me some of you just need to argue to feel good about yourselves. Childish but VERY entertaining.

Our new council is a well balanced and intelligent council and I trust that they have our best interest in mind. Whether it’s LCEC, sewers or the bridge, we voted them in office to make the tough decisions, let’s let them do their jobs!

As for the relentless blogging by a few anti-city people, let it go, you are the minority. Most of us are extremely happy about the last election. We’re happy that some of the big mouths with personal agendas left. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and give it a break.

Have a nice day :)

Written on Collier judge finds Marco council member guilty of records violation:

I agree, after all of Kiesters poor judgement with the campaign endorsements and his sunshine violations he owes islanders an apology.

I think he needs to get some new advisors; whoever he gets advive from has steered him in the wrong direction.

I just don't see Kiester recovering from this, he should resign.

Written on Pro-sewer candidates win Marco City Council election:

Well said Sailor. I agree that our city council has taken a lot of punishment for doing the right thing. Forcht, Kiester and Diculllo did what ever made the angry mob happy while the other councilors votes showed real leadership.

Written on MICA: Which City Council Candidate should you vote for?:

Vote for sanity and the truth, vote for:


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Foster, the truth is that you're not a resident. Go away for crying out loud.

Written on Letter to the editor: The politics of threats and intimidation:

Threats and intimdation is coming from the antisewer crowd. Every city councilor who voted for sewers has had failed recall attampts designed to damage their reputations. damage to their personal property, been threatened and been intimidated by unruly mobs at council meetings. Even a priest was booed. So Jimbo, where have the threats and intimidation come from?

Written on Recall effort on Marco dies on appeal:

Speaking of aliases, barfieldfly, Lowus, Jockey. Lolala, Oracle and how many other aliases do you have Davies. You HIDE behind aliases and have others throw bombs for you. You know your candidates have too much baggage to win. Your ONLY concern is the cost of sewers to you on your 4 properties, not what is right for Marco Island.

Written on None:

This recall was a joke from the begining. Instaed of putting his money to a positive cause, Hall decided to try and dishonor leaders in our community. FYI Hall, just becasue you disagree with sewers is not grounds for a recall. Please go back where you came from.

Written on Recall effort on Marco dies on appeal:

Once again this proves Hall is a loser. He has repeatedly used bad judgement. How much money has he costs us with these frivolous recall attempts and now he wants to run for council. Just remenmber folks, Hall, Batte, Neylon, Foster and Davies have been behind all of the negtivity on Marco Island. Don't fall for their propaganda any longer; they are NOT good for Marco Island!

Written on Letter: Broken promises:

Written by a man who lives in California and makes up more misinformation than anyone in the State of Florida and California combined. Goof luck at the polls Recall Roger!

Written on Guest commentary: Verify your data, Neylon says:

The above opinion was in reference to Mr. Neylons LTE regarding pin hole leaks, not the article above.

Written on Guest commentary: Verify your data, Neylon says:

Oh my Gosh! Now Neylon has the gall to argue with the data from and expert PhD. Neylon, the only thing you and Hall are experts at is making up lies! If you don't listen to the experts who do you listen to? Unfortunately you only listen to your egos.

Written on E-mail sent by Marco councilwoman's husband triggers conflict of interest concerns:

You may have a point bbyrone46 but it looks fishy to me. I agree with you that this is a petty article but what if Popoff did respond? In this political climate, whether you agree with our concilors or not, they have to be very careful when it comes to the Sunshine Law. Remember there is an ongoing investigation into possible Sunshine Law violations by Arceri, Kelber and Kiester.

Written on Marco councilwoman claims she was misled:

I don't personally know a Ray. I have lived on this island for many years and have never seen such hatred and evil behavior in my life. Hawke1, Lowus, Barfieldfly, Strike3 and the rest of you hateful people, whoever you all are, you will not win the hearts of anyone I know by such vile behavior. I will no longer dignify you as individuals by responding to your hateful blogs.

Written on Hall second to announce City Council candidacy :

Yes Lowus, you ARE wrong. Will you be her Political Strategist?

Written on Marco councilwoman claims she was misled:

Read what you wrote Hawke1. You are calling the kettle black my friend. Everything you/Hall et al write and say is inflamtory and negative. As for a representative form of gov. a 4-3 or 5-2 vote is a good vote, it shows that there is a debate and discussion on the issue at hand. All you seem capable of is insult upon insult, not facts. Mr. Hall, try telling us what you can do better without attacking our current council. Let's hear your positive platform for change. So far it's all been one issue pushed through with negativity and misinformation.

Written on Marco councilwoman claims she was misled:

Hawke1 why all the misinformation? Why are you twisting the truth? At the last meeting meeting both Councilors Popoff and DisCuillo spoke out against a utility tax. Councilor Forcht sent out an email stating that alothough he didn't want any new taxes he would probably support a small utility tax.

Why do you feel the need to lie at the expense of others to get your point across? Watch the last meeting and pay close attention to each of the statements made by the councilors you randomly attack!

What makes you any different from our existing government that you inaccurately assault if you can't keep the facts straight?

Written on Marco councilwoman claims she was misled:

Hall thanks for the great moniker for you and your friends. Your CAVE crew is now officially labeled the "Hate Slate!" You must have been looking in the mirror when you came up with that one. Can't wait to see you defend yourself during the campaign. In fact, the sooner the better, let's have an election in January, all the sooner to expose the real Roger Hall!

Written on Hall second to announce City Council candidacy :

Lolala, if being dishonest is a crime in your book how then could you possible back Hall? He lied about the John Glenn letter from the Sierra club and he also lied about his conversation with Mr. Rech from the county Health Dept.? The facts are the facts, stick to your standards or to quote Ed Foster and Lolala "Put up or shut up!" The fact is, you can be given facts in black and white and still manage to spin them. It will be a very interesting campaign and hope for your sake Mr. Hall is ready for some VERY direct questions during candidate nights!

Come on Barfieldfly, it's pretty obvious that all your posts sound like you're the same person so let's be honest, if in your case it's possible. Hall has no platform so he will just run a negative campaign in hopes of winning at the expense of someone else. Doesn't work but have at it! And don’t worry yourself with my vote. One thing is for sure, my wife and I will NEVER vote for the dishonest newcomer Recall Roger.

Written on Hall second to announce City Council candidacy :

Popoff did nothing wrong and you know it. Is this the first time a politician disappointed you? In the mean time Hall and Batte are setting themselves up to promise the world and not deliver. Political candidates get elected and find out they are not as quite sharp as they think they are. And let's be honest, if Popoff didn't run Stefanites would have beat Batte. My recollection is that he got more votes than Batte. In addition, does Hall need to run his campaign on attacking those that disagree with him while saying that he doesn't like name calling. As for voting eight times, I wish you would tell me how to do that!

Written on Hall second to announce City Council candidacy :

This article was one week before the election and ten days before Popoff, Forcht and Kiester were sworn in. There is NO question where the candidates stood on the STRP, Hall is just starting a dirty campaign and needs a scapegoat to attack. Exerts taken from a NDN March 13, 2006 article.

By Billy Bruce (Contact)
Monday, March 13, 2006

The field consists of Joe Batte, Heyward Boyce, Ted Forcht, Chuck Kiester, Rob Popoff, Joe Simons and Steve Stefanides. Boyce served a four-year term on the council, but was defeated in his re-election bid in 2004. Stefanides lost his first bid for a council seat in 2004. The rest are newcomers to the city's political field.

The candidates are as split on the issue as the current council. The sewer program lives or dies when county elections officials announce the results Tuesday night.

Forcht, Batte and Kiester are against the sewer program because they don't believe city waterways are at crisis pollution levels that would warrant such a program. They believe the current council hasn't done its homework on the benefits of sewers over septic systems.

Simons, Popoff, Stefanides and Boyce, however, favor getting rid of septic tanks. They believe that environmental agencies such as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the South Florida Water Management District, The Conservancy of Southwest Florida and others are right when they warn that septic systems don't operate properly and pollute waterways when located in low-lying coastal areas like Marco.

"Saying that septic tanks treat wastewater as well as sanitary sewers is just flat wrong," Simons said. "I know. I've built sewers."

The pro-sewer candidates aren't sure whether the city is trying to do too much too fast, and wonder if there may be a more fair, equitable way to charge residents for the connections.

Boyce favors slowing down the seven-year program.

The Collier road construction project has drawn the ire of residents who live in condominiums along the busy four-lane road, as well as business owners whose shop-fronts align the boulevard.

The city plans to finish the project by December 2007, but all seven candidates oppose the city's continued use of the former Glon property — site of the future Veterans Community Park — as a staging area for project contractors.

Popoff, Simons and Stefanides have backed off making such promises, promises they say they can't keep, because they know they can't possibly please all the people all the time. They say they'll be good listeners but will make decisions based on what they believe is right for Marco after they've studied the issues and heard the varying viewpoints.

Written on Letter: Referendum shackles taxpayers:

Lolala, your post above is almost as confusing as the ballot language. I think what you're trying to say is "blasteded if you do, blasteded if you don't!" For me, I am voting YES, YES because it makes the most sense financially. I can remember posts on these blogs when people were screaming for equity and this is probably as equitable as it's gonna get. It's a matter of choosing ones poison. Invalidating the ballot is a wasted vote that proves nothing.

Written on Guest commentary: Make an informed decision about the STRP:

This says it all, Neylon, Hall, Biles and now Zecchino are formally against the referendum! If anyone was undecided how to vote, this information should definitely give good reason to vote "yes" for the referendum.

Written on Letter: Marco Walk violations suspect:

Lolala, you know nothing! The fact is that Popoff made the complaint against Marco Walk and has no business interest there. He is the one that questioned the violations and that is why the story was written. Point is that he is pro-sewer so anthing he does, whether you agree or not, you try and make him look bad.

Written on Batte first to announce city council candidacy:

Lowus, seems to me you got Tuckered! Tucker voted against the sewers until the new councilors came into office and then flipped. Popoff was always in favor of sewers, he just wanted a better way to pay for them. I caution Mr. Batte to make sure he can deliver on his promises to cancel the sewer program. He may get into office and find out it doesn't make sense to cancel the project in mid-stream. I question why anyone would want this thankless job. All the same, once again, Good luck!

Written on Batte first to announce city council candidacy:

Good luck in your candidacy Joe but do as you say, listen to the facts before you make statements like you will stop the sewer project. Don't be a one issue candidate like Kiester. Before you make such statements research what is best for Marco Island and how much it will cost to stop a project mid-stream. I could care less, I think we need sewers but am not militant about it. If you cancel the program how much will it cost me and other residents. that's the question you need to research. And if you cancel the program, what about all the state grant money we recieved, do we have to return it? Come on Joe, do your homework before you make such statements.

Written on Class action suit filed against city:

Hey beau, the letter from Sheriff Hunter is just one more loss for the trouble makers. They will not stop and if they get their candidates in office and vote to stop the sewers we are ALL in deep doo doo. The state agencies will step in and make us complete the STRP at a much higher cost to ALL residents.

Written on Marco Island City Council election will be March 11:

I say have the election in Jan and save the money, what's the big deal. Council will have to vote on this, the CM can't make this decision on his own.

Written on Class action suit filed against city:

Let them have 365 days, what's the big deal. They will just come out with something else to complain about after they lose this battle. I say just give it to them; it's a reasonable request.

Written on On the Town: CARES fan’s view: Legal schmeagle:

I can't believe I'm admitting this but bbyrone46, you have a very valid point! We have at least 2000 citizens upset and that can't be good. The next election will be a telling one.

Written on Letters to the Editor: April 27:

Lowus, pretty sharp statement for bloke from Wales.

Written on Letters to the Editor: May 2:

lolala is definitely Ed Foster becasue no one is that long winded. He has a lot to say but nothing of any content!

Written on Letter: Says Neylon has betrayed citizens:

Come Lolala, who is either Foster, Davies or Hall! You know who Butch is! Stop acting so innocent.

Written on Marco City Council changes procedures:

One more thing:

Hearing a lot about the elections in 2008. What makes you so sure that your candidates will be elected lolala, strike3 and you other crybabies? What will you say if the citizens elect a completely different slate than yours? Think, just for a second that many of us may be silent but we are collectively sick and tired of all of your childish bantering.Really, what will you say when your candidates do not get elected? Will you go away then?

Written on Marco City Council changes procedures:

lolala, strike3 and others, there is a cloud in the sky today! Must be a planned conspiracy between Moss and the Council. Let's call the FBI pronto!

Written on Letter: Says Neylon has betrayed citizens:

Couldn't let this one go because Rob spent countless hours with Neylon, Beaufort, Moss, (me included) and other in hopes to develop a fair and equitable assessment. Hes' more of a councilor than you would ever know, or admit for that matter.

Written on Letter: Says Neylon has betrayed citizens:

Waste taxpayers money? Isn'that what this is all about? We citizens are sick of CARES and all of the other divisive groups wasting our tax dollars. Let our government do their jobs! They're not perfect but they are doing what they were elected to do under a tremendous amount of stress.

Written on City will sue CARES for legal fees:

I agree with jchamerland:

strike3 is a complete imbecile!

You do not strike a nerve with anyone because people rarely pay attention to imbeciles.

Written on Letters to the Editor: April 27:

Hill are you delusional? Everyone pays taxes, yes even business owners. For your information business owners like my son, live and work on Marco Island and I assure you he pays his share of taxes. Another fact you obvioulsy don't know is that ALL condos and businesses are already on sewers so the STPR doesn't benefit condos and businesses.

To say South Collier doesn't look good is just plain crazy. Makes me think you haven't seen the finished project because it looks beautiful!

Hill, you are proof that propaganda works and that some people will NEVER be satified.