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Written on Letter to the Editor: Scale matters in a small tropical town:

Wake up indeed. The Marriott expansion is NOT about Marco Island (it just happens to be located here) and it sure as shootin' isn't about the residents who live here: it's all about THE MARRIOTT! People who come to the Marriott for conventions or any other reason tend to eat, sleep, and live there. Their contributions to the island's commercial life is negligent -- unless the tuck shop is out of toothpaste or they can't find their size of bathing suit which they left at home.
When we take our families on a holiday to a large resort, we look for a place that has all the amenities under one roof -- that's what we pay for. We live in our resort clothes and bikinis and can't be bothered to put on more than a cover-up when we want a meal. As for affecting the value of your real estate -- dream on! It's too late to sell if you are close to the new building, and having a monster hotel on the island certainly won't increase anyone's house value. As for affecting the life style, if you live here year-round of course you will see an increase in traffic for the next two years as construction carries on. Plain and simple: the Marriott is only out for the Marriott -- how naive can you be!

Written on Marco Island approves hiring three more firefighters:

"Your obligation is to provide for the safety of the community," local gadfly Bill McMullan told council.
Isn't anyone else sick to death of this know-it-all drone, AKA Mr. Faye Biles? All he does is repeat what has been said and stand around like a pompous self-important pigeon. Personal speaker and mouthpiece for Councilor Sacher, does anyone really need him to show the way? I hope someone googles his history.

Written on Marco city employee suspended pending investigation into zoning change for former business partner:

Aaaaah yes, marcochoosehs I can only hope you are correct with your first few sentences about more attention being paid to city employees who take advantage of their positions by holding second jobs where they are supplying insider information. Unfortunately, as for Milk, I think he has been 'sour' for a loooong time now, or as my dear wife would say, "Karma has come calling at last" -- and hoping someone will look into his longtime association with that particular business. If it walks like a duck -----
Building dept.'s B. Maher was dumped for a lot less that this (but someone had to take the blame).
Sharpen your antennae -- if a temporary city manager takes strong steps like this, you can bet there is a lot more than meets the eye here -- bound to be a fire with this much smoke. Don't expect to know the whole story ---

Written on Going it alone: Marco Island City Council will continue city manager search without a headhunter:

#1: Instead of entertaining candidates and wives, (on our money) after declaring you do not approve of most of them, buy a broom and sweep clean. You can be sure they will be given Grade A accommodations and a whirlwind tour of the city -- better than many of the year-round residents can afford. Why try to woo people you don't feel are good enough for the position? Just give the money to charity!
#2: While you are at it, apply same broom to city council. Save time and energy -- forget insulting them and name-calling -- just dump them.
#3: How naive can you be -- you WONDER why Slavin quit? Did you not hear the 7 'geniuses say how unqualified the list he gave them was, but they would condescend to interview 5 of them if arms were twisted? Why would any professional, Slavin included, agree to be micromanaged by this unqualified group of know-nothings? Shame on them - they all need to go! And good for Slavin -- he had the guts to be ethical and show that money and 'being right' and having the last word are not the most important things -- why get into a contest with city councilors (and risk yet another chart!) - his integrity was at stake and he did the gentlemanly thing by cutting his losses and walking away. Right now he looks a heck of a lot better than what we have to stare at!

Written on Marco Island City Council loses second city manager search firm:

Anyone present at that meeting would not be wondering why Slavin bowed out. Why not ask him personally instead of guessing? Slavin showed remarkable professionalism at that final meeting. Any of the candidates watching that meeting would be deemed criminally insane to consider the position, after hearing that one councilor would favor someone retired and looking for a job for a few years, and the others found the preliminary list of people so inferior and wanting. How insulting! Does everyone sitting on that dais have a perfect work record? Never mind a headhunter -- what candidate in his or her right mind would risk trying to work with a group of micromanaging people whose one joy in life seems to be making boring charts, talking everyone numb, and then trying to squeeze what vibrant personality the city may have left, into those parameters? It's a dog and pony show with personal agendas and egos on display -- whatever happened to the constituents who put them there and expected representation? What are the chances now, of attracting a half-decent qualified individual of integrity?

Written on Two-vehicle accident slows traffic in front of Marco Island Marriott:

The car jockeys from the Marriott staff go flying across the road without looking or using the crosswalks. How do they expect to set an example for the pedestrians? They need to supply their own crossing guard.

Written on Larry Magel resigns from Marco Island City Council:

When asked, City Clerk Laura Litzan mentioned one possible candidate for Magel’s vacant seat.

“One person just came to mind, who I think everyone would say is a great choice. Fay Biles (president of the Marco Island Taxpayers Association) has been to every council meeting since the city began,” she said.

EVERYONE? Are you on drugs?

Written on Keeping it public: Marco Island Audit Advisory Committee hears about Sunshine, narrows list of providers:

SUNSHINE: Is that what those two councillors and the movie projectionist practice every morning at Dunkin' Donuts? You can't tell me they're debating the calorie count or the effects of caffeine. They have openly invited the public to join them there. I'm trying to convince my wife to turn up her hearing aid but she says she won't learn anything intelligent from that group.

Written on From dogs to ultralights, Marco Island's beaches face issues:

Has no one here ever heard of the hookworms (or other parasites) your dog can deposit on a beach - humans walking barefoot on the beach can become very ill. Every day we see the same people walking their dogs on the streets with no intention of stooping and scooping -- keep them off the beach! It's a health issue.

Written on Letter to the Editor: The search for a new city manager:

Aha -- as we feared -- there is a move to make "something old" new again. There is no free lunch: if you want QUALITY, you have to pay for it. We are not saying (not out loud, for the time being...) that the present city council is incapable of choosing a suitable, well qualified individual for the position, but they need professional help to do it. They need a professional team of headhunters to weed through the chaff, discard the wannabes and fakes, closely examine resumes, courses, and college degrees, and put together a short list for consideration.
You seem to think Souza does a great job in parks and recreation; we would suggest that is not a qualification for a city manager, nor is the few months he spent in an interim position here in Marco Island. After a dicey marriage and a divorce, re-marriage to the same person is Russian roulette. We have memories of ex-councilwoman Terry DiSciullo promoting Souza for any and all position that became available in Marco Island, and that alone should send a very strong and clear message. If he is doing so well wherever he is (and he is even just a tad sane) why would he want to uproot himself and head backwards in time, where the same boiling pot of oil manned by seven different actors remains in wait? The LAST thing we need here is some kind of popularity contest among a clump of Marco has-beens. Bring on the fresh, intelligent, qualified people!

Written on Marco City Manager Riviere: Time is right to step down, but island remains home:

Bored? That's a little arrogant when there remains so much to do on a daily basis in this growing city. Yes, we can imagine that he WOULD be doing the same thing, day after day -- the same non-productive things. Like sitting at the Farmers' Market. It wasn't about the money? Then why not serve as a volunteer -- oh, I forgot -- someone has to pay for the penthouse! How about the city manager courses he said he was taking, or was that too boring also?
This man is history, and we can only hope that the current city council will begin an immediate search (some 3 years too late) for a QUALIFIED city manager with genuine qualifications from recognized sources, one who was not recently fired from his position. It would be too easy to lazily choose some person who is one of their mates or already working for the city. It just won't fly, fellows! And we would strongly suggest the current bored CM not have any role in the choice of replacement. He is simply not qualified.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Aren’t we more than a residential community?:

Before you vote for anyone, especially the incumbents, we strongly recommend you ask EACH one exactly how much time he spends on Marco Island all year round, and when he is off the Island, how he gets his city hall package and who pays for the FedEx or whatever delivery service he uses. You may (or may not) find out that he has his hand in YOUR pocket!
Ask each one of them how well he handles his own finances and before he is too quick to point out someone else's money problems, ask him if he is all paid up to the IRS and if the bank owns his house.
Match up what you KNOW - FACTS-- man, with the garbage and lies you read in the fiction they all gave to the MICA Wave. We didn't know they could be such comedians! (or blow such smoke)
Only when it's OUR futures they are playing with, it's not so funny.
We need another Ted Forcht who really cared about what his constituents thought -- because he took the time to ASK them before he voted. As far as we have been able to figure, only two do not have a personal agenda, no matter what the others say. Have they ever asked YOU what you want, or asked HOW they should vote on an issue?
How about transparency? It doesn't exist here. Try asking a specific question about budget and you'll see a perfect example of a buck being passed, and do you know where it will stop? You will most likely be told to go and look at it online, where 'obfuscation for the nation' is in full bloom and you'll be back to square one.
Trust us, buddies, you don't have a clue about just how messed up things are, and if you think any of the candidates is going to be 'a savior' rather than merely a replacement, you are deluding yourself.
Woe is us!

Written on Marco city leader: Tax for 24/7 walk-in clinic could be in place by Jan. 1 :

This is a business. Why must we be the only place in the world dumb enough to pay a business to come here and make more money from us? The present 'urgent care' facility was a gift to the people from Deltona. Make it work.
With a population such as Marco Island's of course there may not be a lot of emergencies every night - (and we should say thank God, not tsk tsk) but we should not be unprotected either. You still need a method of transportation to get you there and if the ONE ambulance is busy, it won't make any difference if there's a 24/7 facility or not. Save the money and buy another ambulance! When our family is in cardiac arrest we want what NCH does best, thanks.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Marco Island City Council and the news media ... :

Before you look at the latest appointment for the city's Code Enforcement Board, we suggest you have the name of your nearest surgeon who can repair your jaw when it hits the ground. Guess who was insane enough to appoint Rony Joel?

Written on Letter to the Editor: No room for horse drawn carriages:

Free enterprise is somewhat like free speech and free lunch: there isn't any as they always come with a price, and that is usually at great cost to someone else.
I wonder if another purely tourist business is needed, especially one that seems to upset so many permanent residents. 1Paradiselost - no wonder you are lost. Instead of insulting Ms. Jean, allow her to express herself - at least she is polite. You think 'class' is a horse and carriage? On what planet? Horse-drawn carriages are not going to improve traffic by slowing it down - from what we see, slowed-down drivers around here become enraged and make s----- decisions like cutting in and out and passing other cars. There is a trolley bus for tourists if sightseeing is the object. As for transportation from one spot to another in the evening, we can't see anyone calling a carriage - its use would probably be spontaneous. It's not all about traffic, eiher - consider the residents whose homes overlook the proposed staging areas. We have owned horses forever, and as clean as you keep them and their stalls, they still smell like horses and attract horseflies. Horse 'Depends' are not always foolproof. Read all about it in detail on the city's website under the Planning Board - funny, but on the map of the proposed route, it doesn't seem to go by the homes of the owners of this business -- how strange. They may counter that there's nothing of interest to see on their street -- well, as I look at the route, I don't see much of interest anywhere on Marco that warrants a horse-drawn carriage ride. We all know the trusty city fathers have most likely done their homework, but it doesn't seem to have involved asking the residents - their voters and supporters - what they want. Let's face it: how many city councilors these days vote on behalf of anyone but themselves. Perhaps the route should be in circles around Veterans Park. Let's see - horse and carriage, two mini-golf courses - why not a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, drive-in movie, Olympic sized public pool, and a few used car lots -- very classy.

Written on CHURCH LADY: Celebrating Passover: Annual seders feature traditional Haggadah:

A Haddadah? Was that designed and written by Claire Haddadah?
Who edited this item?

Written on Rookery Bay breaks ground for Marco Island mangrove restoration efforts :

There are far too many self-appointed experts jumping on this bandwagon. Who are they, where do they come from, and what are their credentials? Just because your surname is 'Cousteau' does not mean you have the same expertise and intelligence as your father. Just because you stand up and waste time at city council meetings, enthralled with the sound of your own voice once you get your hands on a microphone, doesn't mean you actually know what you are talking about. We are aware of people who run around on Marco with cameras and shovels, some with dubious reputations for actually destroying mangroves and Indian mounds -- and taking money to do it -- and all of a sudden they are collecting funds to save the mangroves?? We are happy to see Rookery Bay is involved and hope they keep a tight fist on the funds, and keep them out of the hands of the self-righteous speakers with their hand in every city pie at the council meetings.
Leave it to the environmentalists and government entities unless you are qualified. This should not be a fund raiser.

Written on Marco Island homeowners could face new swale landscaping requirements:

Wait a minute: didn't all that lovely mulch from the medians clog the sewers during the last heavy rainfall? We could not believe our eyes watching it all be replaced. Hey fellas -- there's a perfectly lovely example of flourishing waterless planting right in front of city hall - what more do you need??
We think natural rocks are pretty organic!

Written on Mixed reaction, emotions to Marco Island's speed limit change:

Be careful what you wish for or we could end up with the useless and overpaid city clerk managing the city (God forbid!)-- that is her goal, after all. Soon Herr Doktor will be on Market patrol -- what a great use of taxpayer $$ for him to sit there - so we can all tell him what we think.
So when is someone going to have what it takes to get a REAL city manager?
What a nice surprise for returning visitors some of whom drive poorly anyway - and who reads the signs? You'll know you're driving at the speed limit when everyone else passes you. We're surprised there aren't more speed traps - wait 'til city coffers are empty.

Written on Pruning the budget: Marco Island Beautification Committee works to keep island landscaping up with budget down:

Some environmental group did a great job of landscaping the area in front of city hall with waterwise plants and it looks like shell groundcover that doesn't clog the sewers like that ugly red mulch. We think they used Florida native plants. Maybe the committee could learn from this and save water at the same time. All the plants seem to be flourishing. Would be good for cul de sacs that residents can't be bothered to care for as well as medians.

Written on Personnel changes announced for City of Marco Island:

Why do we have to wait 12 months for these changes to take effect? Budget?

Written on Church Lady: Hari Jacobsen uses her Julliard training to inspire, comfort and celebrate:

In addition to possessing a beautiful voice and being extremely knowledgeable, Hari Jacobsen and her husband Jack epitomize the best of their community by LIVING their beliefs. More than any others they participate in one of the holiest and most thoughtful acts: visiting the sick and taking the time to ask, and REALLY care about how one is feeling. Anyone can (and does) provide lip service: these are truly special people who live by example of their faith.

Written on Marcophiles: The sign glut on North Collier may get a little less ugly:

"And I believe him, being a banker and all."
Oh, are you (writer) a banker too?
Your grammar says you are ....... (briefly, "being" modifies the pronoun "I")

Written on Two arrested after feud with environmental group turns violent :

On Earth Day? Either the elf-like Environmental Denizens (that hang out in mangrove trees) or the Calusa Indian Curse is finally kicking in. The message: don't mess with Mother Nature!
Such genteel behavior, especially if one has nothing to hide.

Written on Officials to celebrate renovations with open house at Marco Island City Hall:

Where are all the yellers and screamers now? Party time on taxpayer money. Since we have no say in how our bucks are squandered, we hope every single person has nothing better to do than to go and freeload -- since you paid for it. Where's the transparency? Why not put a detailed price tag on all the new goodies - TV sets, furniture --FREE--- nothing is ever FREE that comes from City Hall -- it's just creative accounting at work with taxpayer money. Why, the whole job didn't even go out for tender until it was all arranged -- another cover-up. If you believe the $85,000 price tag that is being publicized, we'll sell you a third bridge to Marco Island.
The most expensive office furniture on the planet (Steelcase) -- do you think city staff cares? They'd rather have raises -- just ask them - not the city clerk. Sounds more like "Kiddy Day" -- and the end users of balloons and face paint can't even vote! Don't forget to get over there and have a free defrosted hotdog from the firemen's stash! The whole event is a disgrace in these economic times!

Written on Guest Commentary: We’re not ‘landscaping’ Key Marco:

We thought the Smithsonian was originally asked to visit the site many years ago when Key Marco first was established. Why not ask them how they feel about all of this?
Not every qualified environmental specialist is a politician, even when he or she works for a government agency. Most of them are highly qualified, educated people, REAL graduate biologists who deeply care about the environment and do not make loose and unfounded statements. They sleep at night because their comments are based on fact and scientific information. Because of their knowledge and dedication they make good stewards of the environment and often, we understand, are even heard and respected by the cities for whom they work. It would be interesting to know if Marco's environmentalist agreed with whatever Community Development person gave you permission to do exactly what was done on Key Marco.

Written on Marco Island code board stays together, for now:

We could not believe what we were seeing and thought perhaps our satellite had connected us to another planet. How can such mean and nasty people run a city -- while accusing their code board of having bad attitudes - what, no mirror handy? Maybe they think they should control the poor souls they appoint -- but how about councilors serving at OUR pleasure - we're the poor dumb sods who put them there! Since Forcht lost out, has any one of them cared enough to ask us how he should vote on an issue? Oh me oh my - I do believe they are mind readers who use their own discretion. You mean their appointees should not? In the middle of a vote at a meeting should they make a phone call to find out what they should do? We'd like a list of all the naughty votes out there so we can really know what that board member dared to do that got so much attention. Why weren't the others told to resign?
Love that Jerry Gibson - he knows how to treat a human being with dignity and do unto others. Good man!

Written on Resignation requested: Council to discuss board’s future at Monday’s meeting:

Well marcosandflea (& dc5799)-- wasn't that the day you turned up in dirty shoes and with a spot on your shirt, and Glassman used a green pen to write with?? Like how relevant is any of this petty garbage? My wife noticed that and always said before or since, Glassman always takes notes everywhere-- and since it was a public meeting and there were reporters present -- and what has all this nonsense to do with anything in this article? Give it a rest already. If you didn't want her there at the time you should have asked her to leave. My God you must be tired of carrying around all this garbage! Did you have something to hide? Hey, didn't you see the city engineer who also attended? Someone pointed him out to you too at the time -- I may be old but nothing wrong with my memory. Go pick on him too. Stick to the topic.

Written on Resignation requested: Council to discuss board’s future at Monday’s meeting:

Seems like a lot of fluster over one rather unimportant person, so it begs the question: what is REALLY going on? Since we are into words and definitions today, try this: ex·pe·di·ent (k-spd-nt) AS IN - the City and its councilors and 'manager' do what is expedient -- not necessarily what is morally right, polite, or decent and honest.

adj. 1. Appropriate to a purpose.
2.a. Serving to promote one's interest: was merciful only when mercy was expedient.
b. Based on or marked by a concern for self-interest rather than principle; self-interested.
3. Obsolete Speedy; expeditious.
n.1. Something that is a means to an end.
2. Something contrived or used to meet an urgent need.

WHEN the city does something like this you know it precedes a coverup of some kind. Some decent, idealistic people actually volunteer for these positions thinking -- mistakenly it seems -- that they can do some good. Unfortunately, as shown here, the chain cannot be broken
and heaven forbid an individual should have an independent thought. No one has to name names or be nasty about it - just lay the blame where it belongs and try to see through the trees to the core for once. When blinded by small-minded emotion, you lose sight of the real problem: who will benefit by the loss of a code board - isn't that what this agenda is really about? Follow the dollar.

Written on ‘Happy Hanukkah’ banners waving again on Marco Island:

What attorney in his right mind would want to represent a city whose leaders do whatever they want and make their own rules? It certainly does not seem cost effective to us to hire one that has to commute.

Written on Marco Island's sewer director cut as city continues to trim costs:

"Spartan"? My keister! What is spartan about Steelcase furniture, an expensive renovation and new furnishings, a sparkling new TV set for your office, a lovely corner office, vanity plates (that we no doubt paid for) on a car probably financed by city taxes also. Be very afraid citizens! A leader who claims not to know salaries of top dogs? We wonder what he does all day anyway - oh, TV maybe!

Written on Hanukkah not part of Marco Island holiday banners:

I guess you will need another topic to rant about: my wife just told me she saw TWO whole Chanukah banners on Collier near Bald Eagle. Does this mean someone is afraid of public reaction? Does this mean THE REST will go up shortly?

Written on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep the Marco police:

Talk about city spending and not each other - Smart people spend most of their time discussing issues and ideas, and seldom discuss people unless it's in a hypothetical way or as they apply to a situation. Not gossip. s----- people don't have the abstract thinking processes to discuss issues and ideas.
Concentrate on what has been spent to renovate an old dump of a building, while employees have gone without raises for several years. Justify the expense of luxurious STEELCASE office furniture, known to be the most expensive and luxurious. We double dare you to estimate the cost of the new desk for the receptionist: you may start your bidding at $5,000 and move up. You will all no doubt have an opportunity to check out how your money was squandered when you are invited to the city manager's open house, where he will shower you with gifts, ice cream and popcorn (at your expense, of course) -- if he can tear himself away from the new TV set you all just purchased for him.
And for those of you who have the basic intelligence required to understand it: our police force is the reason Marco is not a crime destination, and if you understand statistics at all - read the numbers -- the crime rate has gone down steadily since the existence of the police here.

Written on Hanukkah not part of Marco Island holiday banners:

Such a tempest in a teapot and such an easy solution: only those who celebrate Christmas should participate in and donate to this "Christmas Island Style". There, now wasn't that easy? Since the others beliefs are not part of it, we are sure they can find better uses for their time and money - celebrate your HOLIDAYS ISLAND STYLE and withdraw support, ESPECIALLY FINANCIAL, from where you are obviously not wanted. Perhaps the Marco tax collectors would like to collect only from Christians also, to pay for their banners. Back to the Middle Ages.

Written on Key Marco feud still simmers for city, Conservancy as group seeks landscaping permit:

Here's a little LIGHT and INFORMATIVE reading for you ajm3s -- see if you can peruse and understand the Key Marco PUD, the City's Vegetation Ordinance - (NOT the Landscape Ordinance) and if that is too light for your reading and super intellectual pleasure we suggest you study the Deltona Settlement Agreement. Go and check the membership of the Conservancy and you'll find many Conservancy members just happen to live on Marco Island.

Written on Key Marco feud still simmers for city, Conservancy as group seeks landscaping permit:

What does it take to avoid paying fines? Money? Influence? Friends in the 'right' place? Seems to us that a law (or two) was broken, some City ordinances ignored, and Key Marco wants to walk away with a clean record. Why would the City allow that? Nothing like using the City for its own purposes and utilities when it suits them but not participating in respect for its government. You'd think those who choose to live in a semi-wilderness environment would appreciate it and not attempt to turn in into a boring, manicured suburb. The reckless ravishing of the native plants was apparently deemed irreparable and irreplaceable: how can you replace hundreds of years of history that you have destroyed? The Conservancy is a wonderful steward of public lands - why would their opinions be ignored? Carte blanche is not allowed in any other part of the City -- why should Key Marco be allowed to do this? When Capt. Horr's Island aka Key Marco was first developed, longtime historians here will recall the hoops the developers had to jump through in order to satisfy various environmental entities such as the Smithsonian, Army Corps of Engineers, and a whole string of others just to get permission to build their bridge. The place never really got off the ground as a successful community, possibly because of poor marketing strategies. Do the current inhabitants and property owners think that by tearing out trees and vegetation they will increase the real value of lots and attract more buyers? Obviously Mr. Riviere is not, as he confesses, an 'environmental expert' - but the City already has one of those and I wonder why her opinion is not quoted here.
Key Marco should not be considered equal to Hideaway Beach - they are quite different in our opinion.
We believe the City's code board agonized for years to come to a fair and equitable decision regarding Key Marco -- and now, as with many other decisions made by its boards, the city stomps all over it - what a waste of time and energy - and what a show of disrespect for hardworking volunteers led to believe their decisions matter. Foolishness to state the Conservancy's position is not in the best interest of the City: at least they are trying to protect what little natural beauty remains around here without turning another residential plan into a commercial eyesore. We doubt that ALL residents of Key Marco agree with ignoring the Conservancy: an organization that always steps up when needed, with an intelligent and educated spokesperson like Nicole Ryan should not be ignored in this way. She has nothing to gain personally and is looking out for the City's best interests. Welcome to the dictatorship.

Written on City plagued by debt; audit reveals potential cash flow problems:

Learn from the past and move on. You elected these people now live with their decisions. Or move. Save your breath and energy and forget pointing backwards. Where are all the watchdogs? Bark while the city spends and furnishes a new utility location trailer with new furniture; bark while the city spends and renovates its mold-infested building while employees who have not had raises in years watch helplessly; bark while they hire yet another new salaried body to oversee the kids at Mackle Park. There is a lot to bark loudly at right now, but we don't hear you.

Written on Marco Island City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

Oh my, when are the Dana promoters going to wake up and smell the cappuccino? Dana did a great job in the position for which he was hired: Parks & Recreation. However, do you really think he came up with that critique of city staff all by himself? If you did, you're delusional. If you think ex-councilor (who can't keep her fingers out of Marco politics and envisions herself as some kind of 'mayor') diSciullo fed him the information, you get 5 stars. The fellow simply is not qualified to sit as a city manager in any way, shape, or form. That goes for everyone in city hall at the moment, from the also-deluded city clerk (whose mirror, mirror on the wall needs cleaning) to some of the aspiring directors whose butts barely missed the slings and arrows that Thompson took for them last night.
Now that the city is about to donate $175,000 to Mr. Thompson as a parting gift, no wonder the chairman is going to 'save a bundle' by appointing a search and hire committee. We can't wait to see the lucky ones who get appointed to that! We sure hope we don't recognize any of them -- especially the loonies who waste time pretending to be 'civic activists' as they repeatedly air private agendas.
We may never know if what was done was 'the right thing' or not, but THE WAY IN WHICH IT WAS DONE was demeaning. Mr. Thompson's rapid and thorough response was not the result of 5 minutes of research: no doubt he was made aware of the 4 votes against him and came prepared to reply to Bonaparte Recker.

Written on Marco Island City Council fires City Manager Steve Thompson:

Hello Sunshine! It seemed to all who observed, that this hijacking was pre-ordained before the meeting. Hard to swallow, that 4 people, without warning, were immediately able to side with Recker, while 3 others asked for time to make a 'thoughtful' decision.
After this humiliating attack, Thompson is fortunate to close the door on a community that vocally opposed him in such a way. Why would he want to be here? Although Trotter may not get his news from the media, enough others obviously knew what was afoot as the city hall meeting room was quite full and speakers had prepared speeches with them. Council may have learned in the past to leave no trace in e-mail, but not everyone is naive. Makes us wonder who is working the marionettes from behind the curtains, and surely the next city manager will be experienced, have a lot of education, and not bring a history of being relieved of positions (fired) with him.

Written on Marco police warn residents of a bail money telephone scam:

This is not so funny when it happens to you and should be treated very seriously. Unsuspecting people get calls that their friends or relatives have either had a terrible accident, have been arrested, kidnapped, or are in trouble. The caller is a pro and often uses a throwaway phone that cannot be traced. He plays on one's sympathy and often picks up on the name of the person involved. He usually says he is calling from a pay phone, or somewhere you cannot call him back. He might ask for bail money and tell you specifically how to wire it - money for an ambulance or medical costs - they can get quite creative. They may speak Spanish if they think you can understand the language.
The scam and several versions have been written up in SNOPES.COM - the home of urban legends and scams. It has also been written up in the AARP NEWSLETTER when the friends of a Tampa woman sent money to help her get home when scammers e-mailed them to say she was penniless and without luggage when an airline lost her belongings in Europe. Those who quickly wired the $1500 can kiss it good-bye!
Many elderly people might panic and rush to help a friend or relative without thinking this through thoroughly: ask the caller some specific questions that only the person involved would know; insist on a legitimate place to call back - such as border patrol, a police station, a hospital -- and watch them go from simple pleading to whining and demanding. DO NOT SEND THE FUNDS!
Only the very s----- and ignorant will find this amusing.
BRAVO TO THE MARCO ISLAND POLICE for taking this seriously and taking the time to alert people.

Written on Marco's finance director retires amid questions of city financial practices:

Hallowe'en is coming -- forget the witch hunt, get off your brooms and use them for a clean sweep. Get rid of every director and person earning over $65,000 at the City and start fresh. Then elect 7 new councilors. If we need a fresh start, (AND WE DO) we need to fumigate first.

Written on Hideaway Beach continues to wash out to sea:

The caption under the photo in the newspaper is deceptive and misleading: there are NO private beaches in Florida. It is overly dramatic and irresponsible reporting to refer to it in this way. However, if this is to be judged by public access as being "below the water line' - we believe this is already washed away at the beach in question.. As we float around Marco Island waterways by boat during the season we see as many boats and people on the Hideaway beach as there are anywhere else. We have never stopped to ask if they are residents or tourists, or why some of them on this public beach are taking advantage of it as an opportunity to walk their dogs and use it as a dog toilet. Certainly no one gets all hot and bothered about Keywaydin, which is only accessible by boat.
Refusing financial aid to renourish this beach can have far-reaching and severe consequences and it seems to us it's not all about sand and the environment. for years - until it became too painful to witness, we sat through hours of TDC and Coastal Advisory Meetings, watching the body language and sour-puss facial expressions of some of their members whenever Marco Island or Hideaway were mentioned. They did not even wait to heqar what the issue was - they already made up heir minds to say "NO" to anything involving us. Is it jealousy and sour grapes? Could be. It's time that everyone looked at the larger photo and cut the political crap. It's not all about disappearing beaches, or action would be taken. People who pay chokingly high taxes and participate in the community for the dubious pleasure of living here are about to lose their homes as the beach vanishes. Wake up! As we have observed, folks who live in Hideaway are no different from the rest of us. They seem to have worked hard all their lives to achieve a certain lifestyle -- good for them! They pay tremendous taxes and frankly, we have heard that many are suffering similar financial problems during these troubling times. Hitting them with extra fees to pay for a beach that anyone can use is criminal.
You may not wish to admit this, but many philanthropical organizations in the community would be a lot poorer in many respects, if it weren't for the generosity of these people, who may be forced to leave if they are faced with even greater financial obligations. Just look at the millions - and we do mean millions - of dollars they have contributed over the years to local organizations such as the Historical Society, The American Cancer Society, Friends of the Library, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, - to name just a few.
If this were about a beach in Naples - granted it receives more traffic - there would be no question.

Written on None:

As always, there's good news and bad news, but it will take a while to sort out. In a few days, weeks, or months - like everything else around here - will it matter? Moss will move on and so will time. He will do the job - he is competent - but we're not sure his fuzzy warm personality was evident in interviews. Question is, who will replace him - someone who felt Naples was the plum job - will he or she settle for the grape - or the raisin?
Unfortunately, when Moss packs his city hall bag, he'll leave behind all the incompetents he hired and was too chicken to fire,We can barely wait to see the list of those who apply for the his position and actually think they can do it - ( or those who are SURE they can do it, but don't apply) -- finally Marco will have something to laugh about.

Written on Sulfides high in small areas:

Now go and download the results - make your own decision on it. Not everything is a "story" -
Yesterday we heard an ignorant person blabbing at great length and volume how he had become very ill and thought he had "food poisoning" from eating lunch in a Greasy Sleeve on Marco two weeks ago. He had a rapt audience, swallowing this tripe. He was sure it was from "what that gas is that's leaking here from the sewers". This is what we deal with: people who don't know anything, acting as if they know everything - and are spreading it around. That is more dangerous than the alleged 'gas'. Too bad he doesn't have some strawberries so it won't go to waste.

Written on Guest commentary: Marco gas: Is it bad?:

We would rather hear from every single doctor on the island and in this area, instead of one (whose history of diagnosis within our family has been so totally incorrect). We need second, third, and as many other opinions as it takes until truth and facts are uncovered. The very competent Dr. Colpher is always on top of situations like this.
According to some of the data from the Tourist Development Board, if one cares to believe it, this area is enjoying the benefits of a busy tourist season, and with tourists usually there is a list of flu and illness bugs at any ime of year. Many people self-medicate because of the high cost of healh care or because they are merely temporarily indisposed, not terribly ill. Then of course - but heavens, we would never find these people on Marvelous Marco - we have those who hear of illness and immediately discover they have all the symptoms including the accompanying hysteria.
Let's see what the facts uncover before making any pronouncements.

Written on Marco Walk almost in compliance, says Olmsted:

We have never had a problem parking here - ever - regardless of the day or time.
Furthermore, this is the first time this location has had any taste and panache - the fountains are lovely, and the entire area looks clean and cared-for. Agami has taken a dead place and pumped a little energy into it. He is obviously no fool and a good business person - who seems to have had experience with some intelligent city officials in other places.
Do you think it's possible that 'someone' changed the rules after the game began?

Written on Marco support staff union attempts hit snag:

We wonder how many people are involved here - is it a massive list of 50? 100? 20? Or none of these?
How much time would it take for an accommodating person to compile this list - and let's face it - how long would it take LL to delegate the job?
We also wonder who is more equipped to comment on whether or not they need a union - the city clerk, or the employees - who must feel their rights are not being addressed.
We suppose she digs in her heels -- because she can. Another reason for a union. Wake up and smell the cappuccino.

Written on DUI suspect rams house:

Don't you have anything useful to say? How , shameful, pathetic, and unfortunately, typical.

Written on On the Town: Look out Naples code violators — here comes Liz:

Maybe she won't be missed by lawbreakers, nitwits, and trash mouths who can only discuss people and not issues, but Liz Carr has historically been one of the hardest-working, honest, and least recognized of city staff. She is often criticized by those who try to get away with making their own rules, but she's a no-nonsense person, always interested in her own professional development; we'd be proud to hire for our firm any day. It is a loss to the city - the good stuff goes north, while the inferior seems to move south.
Good luck to Liz - and may she enjoy the fresh air of a new position.

Written on Collier County launches second phase of bridge survey:

By the way - a quick scan of every major newspaper around the country and the world shows -99.9% of the world is looking at bridges in the same way. But only on Marco would you see a s----- comment like this:
"Leave it to Marco news and politics to twist a tragedy like MN to try to scare people into thinking we now need another multi, multi million dollar project. Ms. Williams, you should be ashamed of your opening sentence. Give the people of that bridge collapse some respect and just report the story instead of making it all about Marco politics in the first line."
THAT'S WHAT'S REALLY SHAMEFUL (and typical)! Creating trouble where none exists.