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Written on New lights mean brighter nights along Bald Eagle Drive for Marco Islanders :

And why not upgrade the lighting in the Bald Eagle/San Marco Rd. area where there have been several attacks on women? Has this area not "proved dangerous"? REFRESHER:10/20/2011 Marco Island Police Department is investigating a battery complaint that is alleged to have occurred between the hours of 10:45pm and 12:00am, on Saturday, October 1st. The female victim believes the incident occurred in the area of Balfour Drive and San Marco Road. The victim/reporter indicated she traveled on foot from the 500 block of Bald Eagle Drive to San Marco Road and then traveled east to Balfour Drive. The victim/reporter indicated she was walking east on San Marco Road when she was approached by two males.

Written on Letter to the Editor: Seeking info on attack:

MIPD Press Release - Battery Suspects Sought .... "Patrol elements of the Department are providing special patrol activities on watch for persons who may be loitering and prowling in all areas of the island." The incident occurred in the area of Balfour Drive and San Marco Road.

I invite city council and anyone reading this blog to walk or drive down the section of Bald Eagle/San Marco Rd toward Balfour after 8pm. That section of San Marco Rd and its' side streets have very poor lighting...perfect conditions for "persons who may be loitering and prowling".

Why is it that the assaults are in this area and not in the S.Collier Blvd. area where the streets are lit up like Vegas?

Written on Prep football: Lely fires assistant coach Johnessee:

WTF is going on...Sorry boys despite all of your hard work and dedication, I don't see a winning season under Miller....Bring back the winners, Johnesse and PRICER.

Written on PHOTO GALLERY: New Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge open for use:

in response to cribguy:

Watch my exclusive new video on the new Marco Island bridge.From Marco to Isle of Capri all around 3 and half minutes.

Sweet......Enjoyed the Ride.......thnx

Written on MIA is ‘MIA’ no more – Marco Island Academy lays out plans for coming school year:

Thank you Marco Eagle for the indepth article on the Thursday's MIA open-house held at the MICMS. Thanks for the quotes, many photographs,the introduction of the princiapal and what MIA has offer the incoming students.


No quotes, no photographs and no mention that Principal Fairbanks, Assitant Prinicpal Ricciardeli and Teacher Jennifer Gaddis gave a presentation on what LELY HS has to offer incoming students.

"Lely High School Principal Ken Fairbanks talks to a group of parents and students Tuesday evening at Marco Island Charter Middle School. The orientation evening highlighted the school's academic, sports and extra-mural activities." (Quentin Roux/ Times 1/27/11

School Representatives will make a follow-up visit in April....perhaps the Eagle will be impartial and report the forthcoming visit as enthusiastically as it did the MIA visit.

Written on Marco Island ‘legend’ Bill Rose dies at 83:

“The guy was a legend,”“He’ll never be forgotten here.” and I can't think of a better way to honor this philanthropist,humanitarian than by renaming city hall in his memory.

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